Sunday, 28 October 2007

My sudden visit to the vet

Mummy suddenly decided to bring me to the vet last Friday... (Mummy: Benny's baby canine fell out about 4 weeks ago. It got shifted to the side by his adult tooth and didn't fall out earlier. When it fell out the hole remained open and try as I might to clean it to help it close, didn't work.)

I was happily playing fetch with the tennis ball when Mummy mentioned something about blood on the ball. She stopped playing, picked up the phone and then off to the vet I go. about quick. (Mummy: I was afraid of infection and now I could see a piece of some tissue in the gum. Couldn't remove it without causing pain to Benny so no choice.)

The vet was again the nice lady, Dr Grace Heng. I like her. But this time, she wanted to see my gum too. Fidgety little me wouldn't let her. Mummy left the room and uh....I don't remember much else. Mummy? (M: Benny had to be sedated. The tissue was removed. =) Funny part is that the sedative was to wear off in about 30 to 40 mins. Benny remained limp and concussed for a good 2 hours. I had to carry the half-dead dog to the car and to the store to rest. What a dog.)

Eh, what she said. I don't remember much 'cept sleeping. Here's some proof of me sleeping... hahaha!

I'm tired!!!

See how swollen my gum is? The goopy stuff is the meds.

I'm tired...just gimme the meds... zzzzz

I really tired...leave me alone. Zzzz...

Mummy gave me aromatherapy at the store, Pawsitive Sensations. It was to help with exhaustion and stimulate cell regeneration. It smelt great and I loved it! Its part of the massage services at the store now and Jazze gets the treatment too.

Lastly, here's a video of proof to show how knocked out I was. This was about 1 hour after I was supposed to be awake. Haha...guess I just love to sleep.

Mummy says that when I finally awoke, I missed half of Monty and Jazze's therapy session already. I tried to walk but looked drunk as the muscle relaxants still hadn't gotten out of my system yet. I stumbled about for a while but ended up falling asleep again on the middle of the floor.

Well, I feel so much better now that the thingy in my gum is gone and I can eat and play happily and am WIDE AWAKE. =P

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Benny's Tail

Mummy likes to sing "Love is a flag flown high..." song. She says that my tail is like a flag. =) I think so too! I love my tail, cos I can tell everyone how I feel and Mummy can spot me in a crowd of dogs just by looking for my flag!

Here are some sightings of my bushy tail...

This one is asleep.

This one is in action!

This is my happy flag tail.

This is another happy flag tail.

The feather in my cap, uh, i meant ass.

Talking about that, Aunty L made a nice collage about my tail! This is from favourite pumpkin lady. =)

Aunty L calls me skywalker cos her Barn2 is the Darth Vader evil one and I'm the scared whiny one. Bah.

Until next time!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Benny's Ass

Mummy thinks I have a funny ass. Ass??? I thought that's the animal but it happens to be another name for my behind. What's so funny? Daddy thinks I'm a joker too. I don't get it. So I'm going to post pictures of my ass... you tell me if its funny. Comments will be by my parents of course, since they find it hilarious.

(D: This photo was taken last night! Hot of the presses! Benny's other half of the body seemed non-existant behind the coffee table. Weird doggie!)

(M: Here's Benny's WET ASS.)

(M: This is Benny's YOUNG ASS. He was only about 5 mths old!)

(M: The FLAT ASS. Looks like road kill! Haha...!!!)

(M: The usual HAPPY ASS.)

(M: Another common sighting in the house...the SLEEPY ASS)

(We hope to get more ass shots soon... =P)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The transformation of Pawsitive Sensations

I was sitting at the store today when Mummy told me about how the whole place looked 2 months ago before I was brought to the store. I think it sounded kind of awesome pawsome to see the business change from home to store. So here's a short tribute to my business, Pawsitive Sensations.

Here's the business when it was done home-based. Monty was the first regular patient here at Pawsitive Sensations. He has since improved with a happier personality, brighter coat and walks well now. He has also learnt to tolerate sweet little me when I lick his face. =P

Here's me at my daily walk around the compound. Ooops...not related to the business. Sorry. Haha.

Anyway, here's the store that I didn't get to it is in the middle of renovations. There's no glass door, glass wall or window! Haha! I wish it's like that now so that I can come and go as I wish. =P

This is after we painted the interior (by ourselves with help from family and friends!). Moving in some furniture.

Here's Daddy sweeping the floor. Look at all the stuff on the counter. This was the night before we opened. =P

This is the mini retail stand of the products we carry. =)

And lastly, this is me! I pose in the store and try my best to look cute and lovable. Am I doing well? =) Come visit ok?

And here's what I do after a hard day's work... =)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Pawsitive Sensations Official Opening

What a busy day the 13th of October was! Mummy brought me over to the store and before I could say "food!" my grandparents appeared and I got to know more of Mummy's uncles and cousins and friends.

Soon after that more friends appeared. I sniffed some of them before. They were Mummy's friends from long time ago school years. I smelled one that had doggie scents. Hmm...sniff sniff. Mummy got so many hugs and pressies! I got loads of free walks by different people and in my excitement, I crapped twice on the road outside! =P Oops...teehee.

Then a whole bunch of corgis suddenly appeared before me! Barn2 came and he was nice to me. =) Maybe someday we really will play together eh? Dexter came too! We had so much fun rolling around on the ground. Wow, just like the good 'ol days eh?

Soon after that Cody appeared too! Wowie. Daddy hadn't seen him in a while so Daddy didn't recognise him cos Cody's grown to almost full size now that he is 8 months old. =) We were all hoping he wouldn't gas us this time around...

See how Dexter's Mum is holding him back so he can charge up his power before pouncing on us? Cheating one. Haha!!!! Boy we had a blast!

And here's us with owners all posing. This is the proper posed picture.

Then there's the candid one. (From L-to-R): Dexter's hungry...Mmm... Benny simply bochup. Sick of posing for so long. Cody's eagerly waiting to play again. Barn2 is giving the Darth Vader evil eye to Benny. Bwahahaha! Owners are totally unaware. Typical.

It truly was a fun day and I was so tired out by the time I got home. Zzz... Thanks to all the uncles and aunties that gave me hugs! =) Thanks to all the friends who gave Mummy's store more pressies for decoration and use. We love you all! *slobbers and licks to everyone!*

Hope to have another great day just like this one real soon! Wee!!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Waterdog Wanna-be but Cannot-be

I decided to try out the whole schwimming pool thing. I mean, all the other dogs seemed to have great fun, so why not... Besides, it was a horridly HOT day out so I guess no harm trying.
(Mummy: Benny's trying his doggest to sound like he didn't stink at swimming. So let's just smile at his attempts. =P )

It all started with me getting wet and going all out to play with the dogs to the point that the handlers decided I was being a "nuisance" and riling up the other dogs too much. They put me in this place they like to call DETENTION. I don't see why its called DETENTION. Don't get it. I'm happy whether I'm in there or not in there. I can still see my friends and we talk to each other still.

Here I am in the DETENTION area. See my wet face? Haha! That's from my first dunk head first into the water. Show you more later.

Regardless, I always get let out eventually and then its back to playing in the pen with my pals.

Here's us running around with several attempts to jump into the pool. Hey...I got short legs ok? Its a genetic thing...

Here's a better attempt at getting into the pool. I hung on for as long as my whiddle front legs would let me. Its such a disadvantage, these short legs... *whimper*

Finally! I'm in the water...around i go... I did 2 rounds. Honest! Of course, the good thing is that I can actually stand on my hindlegs in the pool.

But need a bit of help getting out here. Big thanks to dog handler Selena for giving me a boost there.

Shake it off! You can see Yang Yang (Clubpets cover dog!) try his best not to get wet. Haha! The two of us are good friends.

Well, I had a blast! Hope to get back into the water real soon...bwahahaha!!!!

(Mummy: Benny had too much fun. The day after this, he played too hard and tried swimming. Ended up drinking so much "pool juice" that he got sick in the tummy. Vomited and had diarrhoea. He's well now, just needs to learn to mellow out. Yah... good luck to me in getting him to do that. )

What did she just say???? BAH. I'll just play without drinking the "pool juice". Can't be that hard. Oh, this saturday will be fun! We are having a mini-celebration to officiate the opening of Pawsitive Sensations! Yay!!! Ok, I better not get sick tomorrow. Must be on best behaviour. Got to show humans I care....I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!! =P

Sunday, 7 October 2007

In the Front Seat

Mummy and Daddy used to keep my in the carrier during car rides, but recently things have changed. And for the better!

First, they let me ride in the carrier but with the top flap open. So I got to stick my head out the top of the carrier. Problem is, we corgis got short legs so I got tired of sitting up and would end up curling to the bottom of the carrier anyway. Of course, if I tried to climb out, I got one of 'em big scoldings from my parents and threats to close the top flap. I'm a good boy. I stayed in the carrier.

A week after, Mummy decided I was an angel enough to let me sit on a towel in the passenger seat next to her as we drive to and from work. I got the big "DOWN" "STAY" commands. Everytime I nuzzled something beyond the seat area Mummy scolded me. So i had to curl up tight. (Mummy: Benny has a great wet nose. I don't like a soggy dashboard/ gear shift / etc. )

Anyway, here's proof that I'm a SAINT of a dog. See? I'm sleeping. (Mummy: Benny SNORES!!! and LOUDLY!!!)

Until next time! Zzzzzz.....*snort snort*

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Friend the Cop Dog

A few weeks ago, I went all the way to the north of the island and met a cool old dude. His name is Head. He used to be the head of the gang of dogs at the police academy for dogs. Is that cool or what!

Mummy and Daddy kept asking me to be gentle with him. WHY!!!!???? The dude was trained to chase and snarl and be mean to big bad men! He's so huge anyway, probably could squash me if he wanted to.

(Mummy: Head is an old dude. 10 years old in fact. A retired K9 police dog. Very nice personality.)

Here's me hiding under Daddy's legs. I didn't really understand what to expect...

And here's me and Head caroling together after I got to know him better.

I hope to meet him again soon...he's so cool and brave. (Mummy: Unlike Benny, the big chicken.)

Monday, 1 October 2007

I have morphed! Into two!!!

Hi everyone! Something strange happened the other day. I disappeared from the shop all day...and when I reappeared, I became a PAIR of CAVALIERS!!!

Gah!!!! I didn't really understand what was going on. My triangle ears vanished and in its place, long sweeping floppy ears took shape. My hair was no longer short, I got longer smoother coats. And my fur pattern became patchy.

The weirdest thing...I kinda became 2 dogs! I could see so many things at the same time. Because of that, I turned a bit shy. If you had so many changes, wouldn't you become all shy too? =P

(Mummy: Benny's spouting rubbish again. He's just jealous that Brandy and Butter came over to the store and hung out. He missed interacting with them that's all.)

Here I am...I mean, we are...erm, watever:

On a different note, Aunty Lorna updated Barn2 and Marky's blog. She spoke about Chinese names...I have none. But for information on my middle name, !Xobile, read this.