Monday, 14 February 2011

Bad To the Harley Bone!

Introducing the Bad To The Bone toy from the real Harley Davidson store in Las Vegas. Daddy's friend was real nice and bought it for me quite long ago. Mummy thinks is a cute toy and cos it is probably quite pricey, she only let me sniff it...then FINALLY out of the blue, she let me play with it for a while!

Every biker dog's wish... to be Bad to the Bone!

Hear the sound it makes! Real Harley bike sound recorded in it!

I got it for a moment! Time to relish it...

Uhoh...Mummy is saying something about how I can't destroy it.'s this champion biker dog look for the photos!

It gets 4 out of 5 paws just cos it is PAWSOME. I mean, Harley Davidson! Who can argue with such a great toy right? The 1 missing paw is cos...its not for toy destroyers. So yah...if u got a crazed soft toy destructo-maniac for a dog, this toy ain't for him...but you can always buy and keep it for yourself! hee... =P

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!

Have a great Chinese New Year weekend ahead! =)

In Mandarin: 恭喜发财!!! 新年快乐!!! 心想事成!!!

*bark drool snuggle smile*
Ang Pao please? ;)