Monday, 31 March 2008

My PAWTY!!! (Part 1)

Oh yeah! I finally had a bonafide barkday pawty of my own! Yeah, my parents didn't have the big pawty last year, but this year they made for it by getting my friends together and we had a nice pawty!

So it was Sunday and the clouds were gathering early afternoon. Mummy had faith cos she prayed hard and asked the good Lord above to stay the rain by 3pm-ish so that we could have our pawty. I like the good Lord above who made me 'cos He showed His love for me by having it not rain in the late pm over the Botanic Gardens that day! And it was pouring like clockwork the days before. Now isn't that just awesome pawsome! =D

We found a nice area under a lovely big tree and doggies started coming. Paw and Baby and Harmony were the start to arrive. Soon, everyone else came...there was Rhubard, Lucky, Sasha, Luke, Monty and Jazze, Snowy, Hammer too!

I know we were trying hard to play together but the food treats that Mummy prepared for the pooches were distracting us. Okay, distracting me mainly but what's else is new. =P

Here are some of the highlights. See all the nice humans who appeared? Some are my uncles, Grandpa (he's holding my leash), greatgrand ma, and parents of my guests.

Here's Paw, Baby and Harmony. The trio is usually together and they invade each others homes too. Haha. Lucky bunch. Paw's has Harmony. Mummy says he's very handsome.

Here's Sasha trying to get my attention. Usually i'd play, but i smelt the food...sorry sasha =)

This is why I got distracted. Here's Mummy preparing the bags of treats and Daddy waiting for a photo opp.

Here's Luke watch me drink water.

And here's Luke drinking my water!

This is Lucky lying down in the flying fox position. Doens't she look comfy?

This is Hammer who has a nice mohawky thingy. He's checking out Paw, who is half a mini-schnauzer and half a cocker spaniel.

And this is Rhubarb taking a well deserved break after much sniffing around. Doesn't he look like Dexter? =P

Here's Jazze who arrived way ahead of Monty. I wonder why... =P

And here's Monty. He looks tired after a long walk across the park. I think he marked almost every blade of grass on the way. =P

We had our big group photo first. It turned out quite messy and Monty was barking / scolding all the paparazzi throughout the whole thing! =) I wasn't particularly cooperative though... =P Isn't it just hilarious to watch the humans try and get us to sit still?

Part 2 coming up soon! Action and food shots! =)
Part 3 will be about pressies. Teehee... =)

Saturday, 29 March 2008

My Barkday Rawhide Bone

Today was another one of those can-see-can-smell-but-cannot-taste it days.

I smelt it. I smelt the delivery of all the nice treats and food from USDB that Mummy got for tomorrow's celebration....I SMELT IT! Arrgh...the torture!

Anyway, this is the biggest, literally, surprise I got yet. Aunty Sharon from USDB sent me a humungous, mega-sized, enormous rawhide bone. Its so big I can't carry it. Mummy calls this thing a caveman club. Seems right. Regardless, it looks delicious. See it for yourself. And Mummy wants me to tell you all that its not an April Fools' joke. =P

Its about 1 metre long! My length!


Ack, I can feel it with my ear!

Oh brother. Sian, i can feel it from my head to my butt! I want to gnaw at it...gimme gimme!

Mummy: Poor Benny, the present previews are beginning to irritate him. Haha!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Barkday is Coming!

I know that something is happening...something big. Mummy keeps saying something about me growing up and having a fun celebration somewhere soon.

More importantly, I can FEEL the piles of pressies slowly ammassing themselves. (Is my English getting chim? =P I'm well-read. Haha!) Ok, I admit, I kinda SAW the stuff that Mummy and Daddy got for me but aren't letting me have so I think its not because I'm a naughty boy but because its meant for a special day.

Let's have a sneak peek at the goodies that I have been drooling at for the last week or so now: THere's some fishy stuff, there's some new meat Ive never smelt, called Bison. And there's a lovely looking pork bone. *drool*

Better have a quick sniff...

Ack, Mummy's taking a video. I better be on best behaviour! ;) Got to try and look indifferent...might help me get treats. *gulp*

Good grief, after all that and I got nothing?

Isn't this bordering on Benny abuse? Do I get to complain...*wah*.... (Mummy: Benny got his duck treats after the photo shoot. What a foodie. He must wait till his barkday to get a whiff of the rest! )

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Barn2's Nemesis - Marky

I finally got to meet Marky face to face! I quite like him, though was really sure if he was nice at first and I think he thought the same of me.

You see, Marky happens to live in the same house at Barn2. Lucky for me, Marky noticed that I have different colour markings so he didn't get suspicious of me at all! Yay! (Marky doesn't like Clare too, probably cos she looks like Barn2.)

Here we are together in the same room...=D He likes me! We pose together for a photoshoot...Ok, I admit, I was a bit distracted by the pumpkin-peanut butter ice treats. =P

But then Marky got happy and decided that it would be fun for him to play with him. Erm, yes, I play with other big doggies but Marky was a wee bit rough and "swatty" with him paws and sniffy.

I thought I would be safe in Aunty's arms but Marky's really tall! Help!

Haha... I made the game a hide and seek! Teehee! You can't reach me. =P

I'm so glad to meet Marky. I think he is a nice dude...uh, until Barn2 came by the glass door then the 2 of them went crazy at each other. Luckily the glass door is strong enough to withstand their onslaught. =)

Until next time! (photos are courtesy of Aunty L's camera. Thx!)

Oh and for the record of the time of fun I had with Ode (who had to stay in the next room cos Marky didn't like him too)...see this:

Monday, 17 March 2008

A belated Christmas Gift!

I got a belated Christmas gift from Rex and his mummy! =D Its a soft toy...Ooo....destruction time! The toy supposed to be a reindeer but I think he looks funny. His body is a tennis ball and his feet has nice ropey stuff. I also like his eye balls...they are nice and googly. =)

Here's Mr Reindeer nice and new and clean and DRY.

Here's me with Mr Reindeer, still nice and DRY. I did get one lick on his face though.

Yay! Its mine. Chomp reindeer nice ropey feet...

Slurp... nice wet ropey feet...

CHomp chomp...wonder if I eat his feet whether its tasty and filling. *burp*

AS you can see, I really like his legs when I first met Mr Reindeer.

I decided to try his neck and scarf.

Not so good, let's try his arms.

What about his backside? Its nice and round. =P

Finally, I found something more fun to nibble at..his eyeball! Yeah! =P
(Mummy: THis video contains some rather gruesome gnawing of the eyeball. Please watch at your own risk. If you are a reindeer lover, I think better to not watch ok?)

Oops, does he look distressed?

In the end, Mummy saved him from me. All his limbs and eyes are intact. He's just kinda soggy...=D Teehee.... ;) HE's a great toy, I think he's supposed to be a tug-of-war toy too. Which Mummy says is sort of cruel, so she won't put Mr Reindeer through it. Lucky him. Haha!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My Premonition

My "gift" has been discovered! I have premonitions! =) But what good is it when you can't TALK and TELL your human about it right?

Here's the perfect example of what happened just last night......

Mummy and I went to the university to pick up Daddy after his class ended. We've done this so many times before that its kinda routine now. This time though, something weird happened and I knew it before it occurred. *creepy music plays*

I sit at the back of the car and watch the lights whiz by. Sometimes, I put my front paws on the middle thingy that is between the driver and front passenger seat. This way I get a good view of the front and can look at Mummy / Daddy when they are driving. I can also drool on their hands. =)

This time, I felt something scare me. Ok, so I'm easily spooked...but I was so scared that I rushed from the back seat and tried to jump into Mummy's lap while she was driving on the way to the school. She scolded me hard (cos its dangerous) but I couldn't help myself and i just shivered and sat in her lap. Safer with an angry Mummy than with the creepy thingy behind.

(Benny re-enacting the moment of 'fear')

(mummy: I looked at the backseat...there was nothing! I couldn't figure out what freaked Benny out.)

Everything was fine. We picked up Daddy and drove home. On the way back, some lousy driver stopped in the middle of the road so all the cars slowed down and stopped too. We also slowed down (mummy: didn't have to jam brake...just slowed down)...then it happened. THUNK!!!!

Ack. A motorbike crashed into our behind. The brakelight is broken and there are scratches. The good thing is that no one got injured. The biker guy was ok and infact, his bike couldn't start properly after that. He was nice though and responsible enough to accept that he'd have to pay for the damages.

So anyway, that's me and my premonition. After all that, I was ok. I sit in the backseat again. No problems. I think next time Mummy/Daddy will be stopping the car if I freak out. Haha!

Monday, 3 March 2008

My wrestling pal, Ode

Before I start, it is my duty to inform everyone of Pawsitive Sensations' new promo for Mar/Apr: 10% off diarrhoea remedy and constipation relief remedy. The latter I used during my macademia nut ordeal. =P

Ok, back to business. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about my wrestling pal Ode. I haven't seen him for a while, but here's our most recent encounter with each other.

Here's Ode using his mummy as a cushion. Look at his "vicious" teeth. Haha! Actually his drool is nastier than his bark which is nastier than his bite. =P

This is our boxing stance. Hi--Yah! Grrr.... (note: our baring of teeth is all acting. No corgis were harmed in the making of this blog entry)

Kangaroo boxing stance no. 2. Hug each other and erm...then...uh....growl?

Here's me reaching in for the "kill". Gah! The drool!

Oh no, his angry...better steer clear of the flying drool.

K. Also better let him win - sometimes. =) Safer this way.

Here's the ultimate way to "win". I sit in YOUR MUMMY's lap! And she's hugging ME. Jealous? =P

Oh wait...i smell peanut butter-pumpkin-yoghurt treat. Distracted! Arrgh...have to give up my throne.

Hey Aunty L...where is it? Where are you hiding it? *sniff*

Ah well, after the long bout of drool wrestling, we had the treats from Aunty L and then a good snooze. =) See you again Ode! Until the next match...