Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Friend the Cop Dog

A few weeks ago, I went all the way to the north of the island and met a cool old dude. His name is Head. He used to be the head of the gang of dogs at the police academy for dogs. Is that cool or what!

Mummy and Daddy kept asking me to be gentle with him. WHY!!!!???? The dude was trained to chase and snarl and be mean to big bad men! He's so huge anyway, probably could squash me if he wanted to.

(Mummy: Head is an old dude. 10 years old in fact. A retired K9 police dog. Very nice personality.)

Here's me hiding under Daddy's legs. I didn't really understand what to expect...

And here's me and Head caroling together after I got to know him better.

I hope to meet him again soon...he's so cool and brave. (Mummy: Unlike Benny, the big chicken.)


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

He looks scary Benny. I got a bad phobia of big dogs after that attack. I am still jittery when I go for walks in the evenings but Mumsy has been giving me the Bach Flower Remedies.

Oh, my Mum says her aunt has a retired K9 police dog too! And she says he is much smarter than me. BAH!

Barn2 said...

The "Secret history of Corgis" states that "corgis are undercover police dogs... They look like German Shepherds but they are shorter....They are often found under the covers (of blankets,of beds, of daddy/mummy/vet's arms....)
hee hee...
I made it up.