Monday, 20 February 2012

Tug-O-War with Daddy!

It all started with this teeny weensy piece of fabric. Know where it's from? It's actually part of the moose toy I've been playing with! That's an antler i think...i kinda tore it off.

Daddy was shocked at how the moose is now one antler less. But Daddy...we can still play. Really!

Mummy, will you play tug-o-war with me?

Mummy ain't doing that great of a job with one hand on the camera!

Tug tug...

Daddy! Let's show her how it should be done! I know you have "death" grip powers!

Daddy actually gave up saying something about painful fingers. So we tried a different toy!

This was once a stretchable more piggy head though. That got torn off too.

Hey can you spy the wee piece of red cloth/moose antler in the back? hee... tug tug...

Come on! Pull harder! I can win!

Full-body extension...paws all wide and low to the ground!

Ears forward too! Best way to hear the "ripping" sound...heh!

Nuts...on rare occasions I do lose my grip. *pant pant*

Here Daddy is trying to entice me into playing with the big stripey bone...

I go for it! Wonky eyeballs won't stop me!

Nonetheless, this stretchy toy is still best for tug-o-war! See my pawfected tugging stance?

View from the other end...

Well, tah! Until next blog entry! Happy feb! *tail wave*

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was looking for candy...

Guilty. That's me. Mummy is super upset with me now... but I couldn't help myself! I smelt the M&Ms that she gave Daddy!!! I didn't get any....

So while they went out for dinner I started poking around and pulling the stuff that was near the M&Ms. (Mummy: We had purposedly hidden the M&Ms elsewhere already but didn't think he was so crazy about them to do this!)

I didn't find it downstairs so I went upstairs to where Mummy had hid it before giving it to Daddy and tore some more stuff apart. I found some other new candy!

There were two of the things above but in blue colour. Um, yah...i took them apart and ate all the gumballs. *burp*

Now, I'm getting scolded. Mummy says I should be ok since there's no Xylitol in these gumballs cos that ingredient is really very toxic to us doggies even in small quantities. pics of me. I was a bad boy. =(