Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Pressies!!! (Part III)

This segment is about the toy that Lucky's dad gave to me. He knows I like to play fetch and he gave me the jumbo-sized rubber bone toy! Its huge!!!

Here's me fetching the bone...the camera flash gave me googly eyes! =P Mummy says I look scary like one of things that go-bump-in-the-night!

Here are some butt shots. These are good cos then I don't get the googly eyes.

All said and done, I love the toy! Thanks to Uncle Eugene! Lots of love and drool to him...and Lucky! =) Here I am posing with my well drooled one toy...notice the sheen on the bone? =P

This toy gets 4 paws out of 5! It is quiet enough to throw around the house =D and also fun to chew. =)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Pressies !!! (Part II)

Aunty Sharon from USDB had been telling me that she was going to make nice Christmas treats for me 'cos I'm one of her biggest fans. =) I'm so glad she remembered to make it and that she hasn't forgotten me. I love you Aunty Sharon!!! (and Butter, Brandy, Apple and Teddy...and all the human big sisters and big brothers who took care of me during my brief appearances at the bakery. teehee!)

Anyway, one day, this thing called a muffy cake magically appeared in a paper bag and I smelt it. No mistake about it...I knew it was mine! I heard something said with my name in it! Woohoo!!! (Mummy: Benny gets really excited when he smells food and hears his name. Drool fest!) Here's the cake still in the paper bag.

As ALWAYS, i gotta pose with the pressie. Its hard. I can see it...I can SMELL it...arrgh! Can't look at it.

Mummy kept calling my name and asking me to look at the camera. Its hard... maybe I can hypnotise her into letting me eat the cake...look into my pleading eyes...pleeeaassseee....

Finally! The OK to go at it... =P

The muffy was great! I got one piece at each meal for the next 2 days. Yum.... *slurp*

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Pressies!!! (Part I)

Dear everyone of you wonderful humans and doggy friends, this is the first part of what I hope is a long series (hint hint ;) ) about the lovely gifts that I got from you! I say, what nice people you are. Teehee!

First person I wanna give a big big big big hug and tail wagging to is Auntie L. She's Barn2, Marky and Clare's mummy. She's my special pumpkin ice lady. She's the one who introduced the whole icky swimmin' thingy. She's the first truly crazy corgi person I got to know since I was a young-un. Thus part one of this series goes to her. =D

Here's the bunch of stuff she gave me...and they all came in a Christmas stocking too! My very first. =) As always, Mummy is making me POSE WITH the presents. Arrgh...the torture!

Here's all the pressies out of the sock: There's the green slippers...hmm, I wonder why Mummy needs an extra set. =P The red bow!!! Oh, that's been destroyed already. Paiseh. Reindeer antlers =) Mummy's going to make me wear those soon. Nice rope toy. Christmas Dog Carol CD. Book for mummy to read. Nice pig ears...they smell goooooood....

I've waited REALLY long to get a taste of my pressies. I mean, why is Mummy torturing me. So lately, I've been giving her the "pity me" face and the "pretty pls" eyes. It worked! I got my first Christmas present today...2 days early! Bwahahaha... =P

I got the piggy ears that I've been drooling at...See me POSE WITH the item again. Arrgh! First from so far away you can tell I'm not too thrilled, but when Mummy put it between my paws... SMILE!

Finally, she let me at it!

Here I am chomping and chewing. There's the left jaw chewing action:

There's the right jaw chewing action:

There's the full cheek chew:

There's the nibble and paw grip:

I love you Aunty L! I took 11 mins to finish the ear. =) *Slurp* *burp!*
It gets 4 paws out of 5 for the great taste and chrunchy-ness! Mummy says its not cheap though... so big thanks to Aunty L!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Crazy Corgis again!

It was utter madness on Wednesday. The store was overwhelmed with visitors and friends! There were tons of gifts...some squeaked and squawked. I didn't like those.. here I am hiding under the chair... better safe than sorry you know.

but ANYWAY, i had tons of fun with Dexter and Cody. I had so much fun that the nice red bow Aunty Lorna gave me broke. =( Oh well. Clare and Lucky got along great too! For pictures and more from Clare's point of view see her blog. Here's the link to Cody's Blog for his entry.

Again, there was pee and poo. Hahaha!!!

But this time, we had some nice Sheltie friends join us - Perdita, Pepper and Pongo. =) They were shy but curious. Probably wondering what's wrong with us rambunctious young corgis. =P here I am trying to get to know 2 of them. They are SO FLUFFY!

We were treated like pop stars. Photos here, photos there. It was so much fun and attention was given to us everywhere we went! =D

Well, until next time! Whoa...pressies in the blog shld be next. Mummy!!!!!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Ella the Rottie

Mummy's been going on her own car rides the past 2 weeks. I don't get to go with her sometimes but when she gets home, I sniff her and smell 2 dogs. They smell big. They smell interesting and funny...but they sure smell BIG.

She told me that she's been doing house visits for this big big dog that is probably a Rottie mix. She is old and has bad hips. And she's about 35kg! Yeah, she's big. Apparantly she has a nice grin too and talks alot.

Ella, the Rottie, now loves Mummy. Its all the massages I tell u. I want more. =P Anyway, Ella was unable to walk on all fours when Mummy met her for the first time. Now, 2 weeks later, I hear that she's walking on all fours and even down steps. Three cheers for Ella! I hope she starts feeling so much better soon. =)

Here she is:

Here's Ella with Brandy (who was adopted from ASD and feature in their calendar).

Here's a video of Ella "talking" to Mummy. I think she's scolding Mummy for ending her physiotherapy massage session. Haha!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Corgi Craziness

This morning on the way to work, Mummy told me that since I've been a good boy and am wearing the bright red ribbon, that I get to PLAY all day today!

And boy did I take her word literally and PLAY!!

First, little Lucky Sta(r) came for her massage session. She's gotten a wee bit bigger but still a bit timid. Note to self: must continue to train Lucky to wrestle and become a champion! Here's Lucky with Clare...they're moving so fast its all a big blur!

It was so fabulous when everyone arrive cos both Clare and Dexter scrambled out of the car and into the store! So there we were, all four of us. 2 are sable (red and white) and 2 are tri-coloured. The older 2, Dexter and I, are boys and the mirror images of us are the younger 2, Clare and Lucky!

So here we are going at it. I'm playing with a giant hairball (Dexter) and Clare's cheering us on!

Then Dexter gets the upper hand...and Clare's still cheering us on!

And here we are checking each other out. Poor Lucky was mildly sedated from the massage Mummy gave her as well as she got overwhelmed at the number of us 'big' adult dogs in the room. =P

Here's Auntie L giving us FOOD!

Barn2 came in today as well. I had to give him a wide berth. Mummy and Aunty L were disciplining him for growling at me and Lucky...Uncle E was praising Barn2 for his Darth Vader looks and trying to distract him from staring at us sable PWC. =)

Here's a crazy picture: You can see Dexter and me in the bottom left corner of the picture. And if you peek past Aunty L, you can see Barn2's big ol' furry behind. Further up is Clare getting her nails done by Aunty R and being held by new Aunty L. THe missing one is Lucky who is being coddled by her grandma on the chair.

Anyway, Christmas is coming by! Soon, I'll start posting pictures of the gifts I've gotten.*hint2*. =D

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Tomato Video

Benny's Mummy:

I was sifting through some old photos on the computer when I came across this rather old video of Benny nibbling on his cherry tomato. Do note that tomatoes are potentially poisonous to dogs, mainly the seeds. So do not feed the large ones ok? Benny only ate about 2 or 3 cherry tomatoes a day.

Everyone who is familiar with Benny's eating style knows that he CHOMPS down everything he gets in mere seconds.

This video shows Benny's rare side...he takes almost 2.5 mins to finish one punt-sized cheery tomato! Probably cos he wasn't familiar with how to eat it. This was one of his first ones. He got faster as he figured it out. =P

Monday, 3 December 2007


The last few days have been ultra-mega-windy outside. I don't like the wind much. It moves things and sometimes it moves alot of things very fast and very far. Strong winds make me a bit nervous.

On Friday, Mummy was giving Monty his therapeutic massage when suddenly we all heard a whoosh and then thud! Something hit the roof of the store. We (Monty, Jazze and I) all started barking to alert the humans just in case they didn't hear the noise. (Mummy: My heart jumped when I heard the crash. Had to go and check it out. Luckily nothing seriously damaged. Whew!)

Anyway, just as I was checking out the main door of the store, which is my favourite place in the store - Mummy left the door open...hmm...look left, there's a broom. What is Mummy thinking?

Look right... hey, uncle B has come to do something. The bright blue car is his...oh, wait, there's a huge branch on the roof!

Wow, Uncle B is a very strong man. He's bringing it down...look at his pose and stance. I wanna be strong too and move trees!

And here it is almost down. Fortunately, looks like the roof is ok and the tiles intact. Mummy can relax now.

Hope the tree has decided to stop shedding its branches on us. =)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

The girls...yes, BOTH of THEM!

On Wednesday, I got a chance to meet the up-and-coming world conquerers at the same time. Yes, not just Clare...but we are talking about 2 of them. Clare & Lucky!

Actually, Lucky had just finished getting her massage (at Pawsitive Sensations) from Mummy when Clare came by to visit! Ok, before I get ahead of myself, here's the sweet little thing...Lucky (the wings are loaned from Aunty L.)

The cutie pie looks belie the terror that is within...I mean, what kind of babe rolls around in her, uh, poo? Hahahaha!!!

Here she is dominating Clare. Crazy huh. Afterall, Clare has a scary korkor called Barn2...obviously Lucky hasn't met the man. =P

Here's the expression Lucky gave me when I came to the store after she stopped playing with Clare... She must be wondering what the heck am I. Cos, I think, I'm the first "adult" doggy she's met.

She became a wee bit shy. See Clare and I just romping and playing? Lucky's at the back seeking her Daddy to save her. I hope she gets braver...cos its more fun when there are more pals in the group to play together. =)

We all had so much fun! I hope Dexter comes the next time Clare and Lucky are around. Dexter and I are best of pals and Mummy says that Clare and Lucky are just like the female puppy versions of us! Can't wait to meet again!

(by the way, you can read the details of the events from Clare and Lucky's points of view)