Sunday, 27 July 2008

Mr Greenie Crocodile

My post on Mr Crocodile is different from Clare's destruction of her toy plastic crocodile and also different from her impression of a Crocodile Corgi. My croc was an edible greenie. Yum! Mummy had bought a few for the doggies barkday presents and she kindly bought one for me too. Yay!

Here's me starting on Mr Crocodile (he's still in one piece):

I decided to initiate chomp action from his behind. =P His tail was nice and easily chompable...see the bits lying around?

Oh, Mummy says that if i were a japanese, I'd be very polite cos in Japan, if you slurp and eat noisily it means that you really appreciate the food. =)

Here's Mr Croc's head.

GAH!!! Die Mr Croc! Die!!!! =D

So anyway, I finished destroying the greenie that evening. And erm, nice mummy and daddy let me sleep in the bedroom that night. And then erm, I stole the other greenies from the bag...and ate them on daddy's nice big backpack.

Note the stains and the small green bits just below the bag.

Heh. Well, I'm cute aren't i? I even made daddy's bag my bed and nest. =) See my innocent face? I didn't do it did I? =P

Mr Crocodile Greenie Treats get 4.5 paws out of 5. The missing 0.5 is because it isn't cheap, but other than that, its a great Treat!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Barkday PAWTY!!! (Lucky's, Clare's, Monty's & Jazze's)

This afternoon was just simply pawsome for me! Normally Sundays are quiet for me but this afternoon Mummy and Daddy came back from church and whisked me off to...Earth Cafe for a barkday pawty!!! Wee!!!

Here's the group photo: (All CORGIS!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!)

This is Clare, one of the birthday girls and she's obsessed with BALLS!

Here's Lucky with her Daddy and the doggy barkday cake:

My pal Dexter!!!! I missed him so much.

Here's Monty in Lucky's Daddy's arms. He looks happy huh! Its his barkday pawty too! And good ol' Monty is 11years old!

This is Jazze. Its her barkday Pawty too, doesn't she look cheery? July baby! =)

Here's Rusty (on the right) posing with me. Mummy says we look quite alike, especially the markings on the face. =) Don't we look like two real handsome and fun-loving corgi dudes to you? =P

This is Chloe, my distant cousin. =P She was very well-behaved today and Mummy's very proud of her for being a good girl.

Here's Coco, my new ocassional in-store friend. She turns 1 year old next month. =)

Here's Roo @ 7 mths of age.

And this is Boo, Roo's "sister". She's almost 4 mths and I think she's bigger than me at that age! Whoa!

That's all the 10 corgis involved in the pawty today. Here's Mummy trying to dognap Dexter home. =)

And of course, the feeding...yum! =P Hey, why aren't I in the picture???!??!?!??!???!?! (Mummy: cos you are stealing someone else's food!)

It was a truly funtastic pawty and I hope to meet up with all my friends again sometime. =D

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Showering, and its not mine!

Yeah! I love this entry. Finally, an entry about the dreaded SHOWER and its not mine! =P

Yeps, here we shall witness the showering of 3 doggies. Monty, Jazze and Chloe. Mummy was having a good time taking their photos and trying to capture their "torture". Thing is, Monty likes showers. Funny fella.

Here's Jazze DRIED. Yeah, she escaped getting her torture documented. And she dries nicely don't u think? No hairdryer used on her at this point. Only towel dry. Wow.

Here's Chloe going second. She's blur in the photo cos she doesn't stop fidgeting all over the place during her shower.

This is Monty so tired of waiting.

Wait a second, what is Monty doing in the shower???

Haha!!! He's so impatient that he's sitting right at the shower door awaiting his turn. =P

Anyway, he finally gets his is Monty all happy and getting towel dried!

Chloe watches on in disbelief. (Me too, if I were there! Haha!)

I'm glad I'm dry (at least for the moment). Whew! =)

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Daddy's Sweat...mmmm....

Update on Mummy's injuries: Her cuts and scrapes are healing quite nicely. Bruises changing colour and is alot more yellow now. Oooo... But please pray for Mummy cos her knees (left one especially) are giving her trouble. A bit pain here and there and got "kiap" sound when she walks. Other than that, she's in good shape. =)

Ok, back to the story at hand. I would like to announce to the whole wide world that Daddy's sweat is YUMMY!!!! Please note that its Daddy's sweat only. I tried Mummy's. Not as good. =P

Yum. Check out daddy's funky toe-socks.


Slurp. (spying on daddy's reaction. No reaction cos he is watching the History Channel. Ha!)

Here's a video of me slurping up the good stuff. Its a bit dark cos daddy runs at night. (sorry for poor video quality).

Daddy? Do you feel cleaner?

Heh, grossed out yet? =P

Friday, 4 July 2008

Mummy and the Drain

On Friday, Mummy told me that she had a personal encounter with a nice small drain in Hougang. She saw it, she thought about it a little and then she met with it. (Mummy: Eh, basically, I kinda WALKED INTO the drain even though I saw it was there! Daft huh.)

When she came home she had disguised her injuries quite well and seemed alright except for some blood showing through the dressing. I sniffed her to check that no dog did her harm. Luckily not.

Here's some photos of her injury that she took the morning after, i.e. this morning. First pic is the elbow, second is the right knee.

Now here are photos of her injury that she just took. Again its the elbow then the knee.

Seems like its worse eh? And a nice bruise on her left leg start showing through too.

I think mummy's getting old. She says that she probably sprained her back or something cos her neck and mid back muscles hurt. And her left shin is also feeling bruised though can't see any thing.

"Dear Lord, please keep my Mummy safe. I know she's getting older and she's clumsy, but so am I. Thank you for keeping all of us (Daddy, Mummy, me, Grand daddy, Grand mummy, etc.) safe in Your Arms. Amen." - Benny's Prayer for less injuries for the family. =)