Sunday, 28 October 2007

My sudden visit to the vet

Mummy suddenly decided to bring me to the vet last Friday... (Mummy: Benny's baby canine fell out about 4 weeks ago. It got shifted to the side by his adult tooth and didn't fall out earlier. When it fell out the hole remained open and try as I might to clean it to help it close, didn't work.)

I was happily playing fetch with the tennis ball when Mummy mentioned something about blood on the ball. She stopped playing, picked up the phone and then off to the vet I go. about quick. (Mummy: I was afraid of infection and now I could see a piece of some tissue in the gum. Couldn't remove it without causing pain to Benny so no choice.)

The vet was again the nice lady, Dr Grace Heng. I like her. But this time, she wanted to see my gum too. Fidgety little me wouldn't let her. Mummy left the room and uh....I don't remember much else. Mummy? (M: Benny had to be sedated. The tissue was removed. =) Funny part is that the sedative was to wear off in about 30 to 40 mins. Benny remained limp and concussed for a good 2 hours. I had to carry the half-dead dog to the car and to the store to rest. What a dog.)

Eh, what she said. I don't remember much 'cept sleeping. Here's some proof of me sleeping... hahaha!

I'm tired!!!

See how swollen my gum is? The goopy stuff is the meds.

I'm tired...just gimme the meds... zzzzz

I really tired...leave me alone. Zzzz...

Mummy gave me aromatherapy at the store, Pawsitive Sensations. It was to help with exhaustion and stimulate cell regeneration. It smelt great and I loved it! Its part of the massage services at the store now and Jazze gets the treatment too.

Lastly, here's a video of proof to show how knocked out I was. This was about 1 hour after I was supposed to be awake. Haha...guess I just love to sleep.

Mummy says that when I finally awoke, I missed half of Monty and Jazze's therapy session already. I tried to walk but looked drunk as the muscle relaxants still hadn't gotten out of my system yet. I stumbled about for a while but ended up falling asleep again on the middle of the floor.

Well, I feel so much better now that the thingy in my gum is gone and I can eat and play happily and am WIDE AWAKE. =P


Barn2 said...

Hi Benny, glad you are now awake. I should have been there when your Mummy took the video. Would have helped her in trying to wake you up.
Hee hee.

Barn2 the Darth Vader of your dreams.....

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hey Benny, i was frightened when i watched ur veedeo... You looked like you were awake but have no control over ur body. I hope you are feeling a-ok now.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
I am glad you are ok now. Hmm..your teeth look very clean and shiny. Are you sure they didn't do anything else to you?

Stareyna said...
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Stareyna said...

Was hopping in and chance upon your blog! Benny you're one funny ass (: love your page, book-marked! Just a little more about me, my puppy coming soon in 2months time (: m.schnauzer girl. In the meantime, keen to get some tips from you (: Keep updating, hope you get better soon! Do take care (:

YangYang said...

Hi Benny,good that you are feeling better!I was not allowed to go to school today as its a wet wet day.We'll play next week ya?