Sunday, 29 April 2007

The day at the SKC Dog Show

Yesterday Mummy brought me to the SKC Dog Show at the Expo. I made so many friends. People and dog alike....I was wearing the Outward Hound Dog Backpack too which was great for Mummy cos I carried my own treats and wipes. I even did my thing and advertised for Pawsitive Sensations.

It wasn't as crowded and there weren't that many stalls this time around compared to the one held in Feb.

Anyway, I met old friends like Paw and Baby who had come for a massage session before by Pawsitive Sensations. Paw and I went all out and played like nuts again. Baby seemed to remember Mummy from the massage session and let Mummy hug and rub her belly.

I also met new friends all over the place...and so many corgi loving people came to say hi to me and take my photos. teehee. Am i handsome or what...(Mummy is frowning at my ego statement). The one in the picture is Chester, plus really friendly human and her dog who thinks she's a corgi so that's what we'll call her. ;)

This video features mostly Chester but you can also see me trying to play with Baby. I wanna have more fun!!! More outings....!!! MUMMY!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Banana Raid

Mum woke up this morning and found this:

Obviously she wasn't happy. I think she though that I managed to crap all over the floor with no evil smell emanating through the house. But then she saw the plastic bag on the floor and the raffia dawned on her that I ate the whole bunch of bananas.

Well, I tried hard to reach the bananas on the kitchen counter last night and... SUCCESS!!! I pulled them out of the plastic bag and well, started munching. The little black strips you see in the photo above are the remaining skins of the bananas. =)

Mummy says my tummy is a wee bit bloated. I don't think so. I still wanted my breakfast, which she promted reduced by half. Bah. See my belly for yourself and decide.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Pet Movers Dog Run

We just came back from the PMDR. I'm actually fast asleep now from the exertion and my dreaming my thoughts over to Mummy for this entry.

It was a beautiful dog run! I loved it! We met a cool looking Border Collie called Archilles and he instantly became my bigger brother. There was running, playing, sharing water, more running, rolling in sand, walking in mud....

They even have a tap where u can get water from for ur doggy....well, I would've drunk from it but archilles' Mum brought nice cold water instead, so I drank from his bowl. hahaha....

There are also a few agility training aids there. I of course was clueless to what these things were for so I did my best and ran around them. That's the right thing to do yes?

Anyway, I definitely want to go back there again and I have a feeling that Mummy will be bring treats or fetch toys so that she can do more training on me. Woohoo! Ok, back to dreaming.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

BBBB's on Bones - Part 4

Galileo..... have you seen those alien looking bones from Nylabone? My daddy bought me one from USA around Christmas last year. Its cheaper than buying it here in Singapore.

This big assed bone was dense and rock solid. When I first got it, I went all ballistic running around the house with Galileo in my mouth, flinging and throwing it on the ground....ha! You should have seen my parents faces when they saw me do that. It sounded like rock pounding on rock! I was having a blast. Of course, the amount of noise I was making meant that I had to keep it quiet so after a few quick "shh!" from Mummy, I leant to play with it quietly and gnaw on it.

There are 3 knobbly ends to this thing. With my small mouth (*wink*) I targeted the smaller knobs and here's what it looks like at present. =)

Mummy loves it cos its the most durable bone. Although the initial cost is higher, it has lasted so much longer than the other I give this a 4.5 paws out of 5! Wee!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

I'm a Cockroach Killer!

Mummy hates cockroaches. She usually screams bloody murder and hollers for Daddy to come and get rid of the critters when she sees one. I've decided to be a true dog friend to Mummy and become a cockroach killer.

My first known attempt was a few months ago...sometime last year. Mummy came into my den and found some roach legs on the floor and me looking mildly satisfied. I believe the words that came out of her mouth were...."GROSS!" Thereafter she'd see me chase a few nymphs around.

(Note: its not that the house is infested. This happens everytime the surrounding area is fumigated. Mummy is trying to get me to stop eating it for fear of getting poisoned. Kill them yes, eat them no.)

More recently, a huge flying roach started flying around the house and Mummy again screamed bloody murder and ran into her bedroom. I freaked out too!!! I saw the roach but chose to stick close to Mummy and ran with her into the forbidden room. We were petrified. Only Daddy could save us.

And finally...this morning, when Mummy awoke to clean up my poo, I was a model roach killer. I killed the bug and left it there mostly whole. Ok, the legs were gone. Haha...nasty enough for you? Mummy wanted to take pics but decided it was "GROSS!!!"

Monday, 16 April 2007

BBBB's on Treats!

I love eating. Which dog doesn't? Haha...but cos I'm a CORGI, its even worse. We can eat ourselves silly and still ask for more. That's why Mummy is very strict about my feedings. She makes sure I'm not fat. And because my coat isn't very thick, which is good cos the weather here is hot, I look like a slim corgi.

A slim corgi??? Egads! haha. But I still love food and I try my best to beg for it, usually to no avail. Sometimes, Mummy and Daddy are kind and they give me bits of pear and raw carrots. I love it!

Oops, pardon me. I digress. Today, I'm going to talk about these lusciously green treats called Bone-A-Mints. They are Wheat Free and they are supposed to give me "A Cool, Minty-Fresh Breath".

Mummy bought the minis for me and I can't help but wish they were bigger. Can you see my facial expression? Its like say...YUMMY...but THAT'S ALL???

Anyway, they do give me good breath and I eat them quite neatly. No messy bits all over the place like some of th other greenies.

For a quick fresh breath greenie that is a no mess, this is awesome pawsome. The smell of my breath isn't over poweringly minty. Its a mild toothpaste smell. My mum approves.

And so I give it a rating of 4 paws out of 5.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Cool Dog Site of The Day

Isn't this cool? My business (Yes, I am the RESIDENT DOG. Its an important position.) got selected for the Cool Dog Site of the Day on 15th April 2007!

It'll be ultra-fantastic if ya'll could go to the site and vote for us! Voting starts during the month of May. We'll remind you... =)

Our website is

The URL to go and see us on the list is
How psyched am I!!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

BBBB's on Bones - Part 3

This is one of my favourite bones. It doesn't last that long though. I usually go through the FIDO NYLON TUFF+ within a month. Its the toughest bone that FIDO has already.

What do I like about it? The taste I guess. I gnaw, chew, nibble and inadvertently swallow the bits. Sometimes I cough and Mummy will take the bone away from me so that I don't foolishly continue chewing while coughing. Yah, I tend to be quite pig-headed sometimes.

I do have a strange habit of first biting at both ends of the bone then choosing one end for its inevitable destruction. You can see it in the picture. I removed the entire knob. By that time, Mummy throws the bone away cos I eat it alot faster along the stem and cough more often.

Safety first says Mummy. I love Nylon Tuff+!!! I want somemore.

I give this one a rating of 4 paws out of 5. It tastes great but doesn't last long enough for me.

If anyone has recommendations of bones that can withstand my insatiable chewing habits, pls tell me. Or if you want me to test ur bone's strength and durability, I'd be more than happy to give my 2 cents worth on ur product.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

My Trip to Dog Runs

This is my first trip to dog runs in Singapore. I was so totally psyched about the whole thing. My uncle Z (mummy's bro) came too! We checked out all the public dog parks in one day. Here's my take on it.

The first public dog run we visited was at the Animal Resort. It looked kinda nice but I didn't like the other animals there. And I mean creatures like...goats, horses, emu-like bird things...teehee. The grass in the dog run looked a wee bit overgrown and the place didn't smell great with all these other animals' droppings.

The second one is the Bishan Park dog run. Watch me run!!! I loved it here so much. There were 2 separate runs side by side. Mummy let me go in the smaller one and uncle chased me around. We had so much fun! I love it I love it I love it! I hope to go back there again... Mummy and Uncle noticed large red ants on the gate door though. So must be careful.

The Katong Dog run was nasty. I didn't get to go in because the grass was mostly overgrown on one side and there was a bare patch on the other. Looked like it wasn't used that much. Also, we were real lucky to have found a parking lot in the first place.

The West Coast Dog run was really huge. I didn't get to see it upclose because it started to pour. What I saw were tall grass and some young trees planted in it.

Well, I really hope to go back and run like crazy in Bishan. Maybe with other friends too eh? Shld be great fun! After the whole thing, I was so pooped I almost couldn't run anymore. Mummy gave me a relaxation massage at home to rebalance my energies and I was so contented. This is one of favourite days ever!

Monday, 9 April 2007

My Bane - Torn Newspaper

I got caught a couple weeks ago for my bad habit of tearing up newspaper. I like newspaper. It gives me information and knowledge about the current affairs. Sometimes, the paper tells me what is on sale or how investments can grow. Ultimately, I love newspaper for the fun of tearing it up.

Mummy and Daddy don't see things my way though. My guess is because when I'm having fun I, uh, get carried away. Who doesn't? Teehee. So I swing my head this way and that and the paper tears and flies.

So I got caught and Mummy scolded me. Seems to have worked...I've been good since. For the moment anyway. =P

Thursday, 5 April 2007

I'm on YouTube!

I am making my mark in the movie world. Mummy will be uploading regular short movies of me onto YouTube!!!

Of course the first one she just HAD to upload was about my interesting THIRD EYELID (add loud bellowing sound effect).... She finds it gross, intriguing and alien. Its just my eyelid. Sometimes, when I'm sleeping I can feel her hovering close to my head, staring intently at my THIRD EYELID. Anyway, you can see my videos here:

Fortunately, I managed to convince her to upload me playing with my favourite HIPPO toy! See and hear its weird noises right here:

Bookmark me okie??? I wanna be a movie star!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Flower Power

Few days ago, my Grandma and Uncle came for a quick visit to see me (my Mum keeps saying its to see her, but I seriously doubt it). Anyway, I got to walk them out of the home to say goodbye but in the midst of all the fun and great smells, I didn't notice when they left. Apparantly they did say goodbye to me, but I don't recall it cos my face was all over the floor and sniffing stuff.

With the rain pouring down around us, the smells are muskier and stonger and more intriguing. I had to sniff extra hard to get a proper whiff you know. Then I chanced upon the pink flower. Its a bougainvillea flower! It tasted great. I put it in my mouth and chomped on it with some bits of it sticking out. I carried on chomping (tastes better than newspaper) and then gulp, its gone.

Its yummy. I want somemore flowers. I like flowers - they smell and taste great, plus doesn't it say somewhere that there's nutritional properties? haha...

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Benny Turns 1!!!

Hello! I'm so happy now, I just celebrated my first birthday yesterday with some new human friends. Mummy, Daddy and the new friends all brought me pressies and we played and I ate freshly baked doggie biscuits too!

My new friends bought me this lovely huge yellow striped bone-shaped soft toy. I loved it from the start. It soaks up my saliva and is squishy. Fun to play fetch with too! Mummy says I spoilt it in under 3 hours. Rubbish. I only nibbled it open and pulled out the fluff inside. The friend spotted me chewing on the fluff and Mummy took it away from me. Bah.

Mummy and Daddy gave me a weird Hippo soft toy thing. At first, I was scared of it cos when the middle of the toy is pushed on, it makes a low loud honking sound. But now, I learnt that its tail is just pawsome to chew on and I've nibbled a small hole on its back leg. I'm hoping to yank the tail and ears off soon. Both toys are so much fun to play with!!!

I give both toys a rating of 2.5 paws out of 5. They are fun, but playing must be under supervision, and they really don't last long at all. Costly toys (for Mummy).

The doggy biscuits and treats were fantastic to eat! Mummy tried a bit and she found it a bit bland but I love the peanut butter fish things and the ham dog bones. Love it! I give these treats 4 paws out of 5. For great taste and ...uh... great taste!

I wish everyday would be my birthday.....