Monday, 30 January 2012

My New Food Bowl!!!

Haha! High time my food bowl is NEW.... again. =P

Mummy told me that I'm old enough and a good boy enough to get a new one! Spot the difference! Which one is old...which one is new?

Hee...i spy with my little eyes...something that starts with 'B'!

Oops, ok, so I was a bad puppy. See this old bowl i got when i was less than 1 yr old?
Yah, I didn't know it was a FOOD BOWL. I thought it was a chew toy.

Can't blame me right? It looked good enough to gnaw at.

Seriously...what was i thinking. Took mummy 5 years to change my gnawed on food bowl. I better keep the new one in pristine shape!

Here's me with my collection of EatBetter bowls and my one DrinkBetter bowl. =D

*pray* Dear God, please ask mummy to replace my DrinkBetter bowl as well...then everything will be nice and new!

Woohoo! First meal in the new bowl!

Slurp! Lick...lick!

Lightning speed!

Well, I'm thankful! Hope all my chinese friends had a pawsitively fun and happy Chinese New Year! Pull your corgi's ear(s)! hee...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year at the Grand Canyon! 2012! is already 2012! Well, let me share with you about how we celebrated the New Year. It all started with a loooooong drive to Arizona.

(Pictures are big so feel free to click on them to see the whole thing)

When we arrived at this huge place, I was told it was called the GRAND CANYON. I bet it was grand! Daddy started taking plenty of photos...

Mummy tried to do her own panoramas...

And I remained supportive. =)

The air here was so fresh and clean.

Teehee! Quick posed shot with my chinese daddy. I tried to look chinese too! ;)

Back on the pathway again!

Mummy decided then that I should learn to be more adventurous. *!*

*staring at the vastness of the Grand Canyon*

Seriously...this is kinda overwhelming for a small and short corgi you know?

Taking another break along the Rim.

Here's Daddy with his camera again!

Whew! Climbing these steps are no joke!

Will you carry me? =D

Of course we started driving around. The whole place is HUGE you know! The winter chill meant that ice and snow were present!

Panorama time!

Mummy even stopped the car for these 3 deer! They were standing patiently at the roadside waiting their turn to cross. Once the car stopped, they calmly crossed the road. Talk about smart!

Loooby doooby dooo....

Found a monument! Pose!

This is high...and dangerous! Eep! Don't look down!

This is even worse! Daddy carried me the whole way.

I didn't dare move! *gulp*

Panorama of the above!

Whew....that done...i found me a triangulation marker!

And my nose started getting distracted by....

The crow! *stalk*

Couldn't catch it. Back to posing with daddy!

This is me...Adventure Dog! Living on the edge! (yeah right)

Oops...sun is setting...

Quick! Film it! Film it!

Pretty eh? And it got COLD...

Quick! Family photo with the ... Vampire Adventure Doggy!

Hee...well, we actually drove back into the grand canyon just before midnight too! The number of stars in the sky were too many to count! Praises to the Lord for His creations!

Back the next morning...i haaaaad to pee.

And this is it! First pee of the New Year! =D