Friday, 25 December 2009

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! Its Christmas Day today here in California and I just wanted to say to all pets and pet loving humans....Happy Holidays!!! =D

Big hugs, flying fur, licks, drool and warm doggy breath to all! =)

Here's me wearing my tuxedo just for u! (Thanks Aunty Lorna for the gift of a formal attire!)
Mummy says I look like a french artiste wanna-be...

So since I'm of Welsh-blood...i shook the hat off and gave my biggest smile!

Like my bow tie?

I lounge well in this outfit don't u think? =P

Have a great day guys! *woof!*

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thanksgiving Roadtrip 2009 - San Diego (Part 3)

Hi everyone! Finally, just before's the last part of the report for my Thanksgiving trip to SanDiego. This truly was the highlight of my visit.

I got woken up and before i knew it, i was back in the backseat. Forgive my groggy look...

Not long after that we stopped and Daddy took me out side saying it was a Dog Beach and how it was going to be SO MUCH FUN! (mainly cos it was an offleash dog beach)

It was cloudy...very windy and very cold.

My leash hadn't even come off yet and I had friends to make!

Oh bother....a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Further towards the water there was this strange mucky clumps of stuff. Mummy says its seaweed. It was EVERYWHERE!

I was in the midst of exploring this seaweed thing when i felt someone sniffing my butt!

Regardless...once again....a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Back to making friends! So many nice doggies!

I had to leap for joy!

Ok, i admit, i did look at the water rather tentatively...but...

it was great! I kept walking in and walking out...and running in and running out...

Yes, it was cold though....brr!


(Mummy: I just had to put this picture in. Benny stuffed his face into the wet sand! We proceeded to shout loudly lest his threw his entire body on the yucky sand. =P)

Hey daddy! Want to join me in the water? Its really truly very FUN!

The sun decided to show itself...suddenly things are so bright. Mummy and Daddy stop complaining about how cold it is.

Making more friends!

And more friends!

And even more friends!

We had to leave cos the parking meter was expiring and parking was truly very expensive there. One more pose!

Daddy toweled me down to remove as much sand and dirt from my back and paws as possible.

Mrrph! My head was wiped well....something about sand on my cheek?

Back in the car i promptly concussed. Zzzzzzzzz

We drove towards home...

More sleeping.

Break for lunch! Ok, so i had to refrain from entering this place called Wendy's. Bah.

More sleeping after my dog treats. My head has flopped off. =P

More driving. Apparantly we passed snowcapped mountains. Not that i noticed.

Made my way to the front seat again...just to snuggle up and, yes, sleep!

Last shot! Our cute car's shadow.

I have so many blog entries to make...about gifts...about the Xmas Holiday trip to Yosemite...whew! Stay tuned!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thanksgiving Roadtrip 2009 - San Diego (Part 2)

Finally! Part 2...(Mummy's been busy. That's her excuse.)

We went to the Pier. Its pretty and big and the weather is pawfect!
Here i'm posing with Daddy in front of a big big boat!

They even had an art piece just for the dogs! Why is there no corgi???

Nice view don't you think?

Whew, just taing a short break in the gorgeous sun of San Diego...

*squint* I think i spy some dogs...and food... (Mummy: Benny gets distracted so easily!)

Oh right. Pose! Big smile!

Look! I even got to spy on this boat that's half underwater! Mummy says its a submarine. Its such a long black thing in the water...looks so scary.

On the other end of the scale, here's a very very pretty old ship. So many lines and ropes!

I wasn't the only dog on the pier. In fact, there were so many dogs! Here's two Maltese-cross dogs that were trying their darnest to say hi to me. Yapyap!

Wow...this dog got it good! He's in the trailer! Wonder why Daddy didn't bring my trailer...=P

Here's a cute terrier.

And let's not forget the chihuahuas!

That afternoon mummy and daddy went to visit the aircraft carrier. No dogs allowed. What a pity. WHen they got home that evening they brought me out again! =D

This time, we went to visit this place called Old Town in San Diego.

Look! A sheriff police (Mummy: we still don't know what Benny was staring at since there's no one in there.)


Pretty fountain! I like the decorations and the friendly people there. About 10 people came to say hi to me the whole time i was in Old Town. Nice place!

These 2 girls were really nice too! I forget their names...hope they tell me!

BIG SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew, by the end of the day, i was pooped. Literally and figuratively.


The last Part of this Thanksgiving Roadtrip will feature my DOG BEACH FUN!!! =D Until the next entry!