Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm getting too old for this s***

I'm getting my furry butt whooped by two crazy corgi puppies!

So on tuesday I got to go have a fun afternoon with them again and this is what happens AFTER that.

First, the instant crash on the couch.

Then that night, while my humans are watching a movie on TV, I decided to put the tv console to good use for my tired short legs...

Oh and wires can be such great leg dangling devices! Zzz....

Until next time... wait a second...isn't my barkday coming? *hint hint*

Friday, 9 March 2012

Corgi Playdate!

Just a few days ago, Mummy said that she's going to bring me on a playdate with other corgis. She mentioned something about them being puppies...what?!?!?! I'm ancient compared to 7 month old crazy puppies! i'm OLD.... *boohoo*

But that's ok. They turned out to be really cute and quite fun too! I was to be a good role model and to teach them good behaviour and wat not. =P Heh heh!

Well, this is what the two puppies do when I'm not there...

And so I'm here! From left to right: Jemma the "blonde", Nigel the "tri-colored artist" and me, Benny the "red-haired" =P

Mummy's trying to distract us. Not bad huh.

But then the playing ensued!

Jemma likes to flop on her back when she's near me. She pretends to be all docile...and sweet...

And when the moment is right, attack!!!!

Nigel is the official sound-maker.

Then we moved outside for group training. This is our SIT-STAY. We were facing the sun. Hence the squinty moody faces. =P

Then we had to do a DOWN-STAY. The puppies learn pretty fast!

Then it was back inside! The puppies were relentless I tell you. No peace for me!

Jemma: Play! Play!
Nigel: Bark Bark!!!
Me: Can we stop soon? I need a breather!

Double team!

Here you see me really trying to communicate to both Mummy and the puppies that I wanna sleep... See my pleading eyes???

And here, they finally got it! Yes! Peace and quiet...snoozing...a break...excuse me...zzzzzzz.....

And the miracle of nap time!

I had a blast! And i think Jemma and Nigel did too. =) I hope to meet them again soon!