Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Las Palmas Park again!

Yeah! Summer is here! I LOVE summer...yes it is hot and all that but so far it has been great for me cos I get to go out more! And this year, Mommy is staying with me all summer (not like last year!).

We went to Las Palmas Park again. I like this park. There are quite a number of dog loving people here and the grass is nice and green!

Mommy brought the picnic mat and laid it on the grass just at the edge of the tree's shadow. Of course, I know what's important. HER BAG! (cos there's always some doggy treats for me in there!!!)

Now if just give her my goofy grin, she'll not be able to resist my mind-meld and gimme some treats!

Couple of treats and plenty of drools later, I started noticing this awesome thing behind me!!! See it?

I know what I want for Christmas...This big ol' tree in MY BACKYARD!!!

Ok...I've used up Mommy's goodwill..hee... time to mind meld Daddy into walking me!

"Mommy!!! Can you see me from waaaay over there???"

"How about now???? Can you still see me????"

"What the....! Daddy is cheating! He started running back!!!!"

"Huff puff huff puff....Mommy...I'm coming!!!"

Teehee!!! Silly running face!

What a great weekend! Wait till you read the next post on what we did on the weekend of the 7th of July!!! Stay tuned!