Thursday, 31 May 2007

Benny meets Gerry

Last last night, my other uncle returned from overseas and bunked in with me. His name is Uncle Gerry (pronounced Jerry). I think he is daddy's brother.

When he came over I was asleep so my reaction to him was very muted. Uncle Gerry thought that I never wag my tail. But I was sleepy! So, from then on, I had to make him change his mind.

Uncle Gerry likes me. =) We played with my bone today and he made me chase it around his long legs just like Daddy used to! Then he held it there and I chewed and chewed and chewed.

And chewed...

And chewed...

Until I ran out of energy. I fell asleep...can't wait for the next game!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

My Beloved Tennis Ball

I love tennis balls. I love gnawing on them...I love fetching them when people throw them. Mummy's been telling me that the tennis ball is a fetch toy, not a chew toy. I really do'nt understand why not?

You see, the tennis balls have this fantastic rubbery kinda chewable texture and the furry green surface is just awesome when it comes to soaking up my saliva. Yah... I fetch the tennis ball 90% of the time. The rest of the 10% I tend to chew on it.

So what happened yesterday morning was that Mummy threw the ball and I fetched. It was fun!!! Then she let me gnaw on it..and i think she forgot what I was doing cos only 1 hour later did she stand up, look at me and I followed her as per normal. But this time, I was showing off my art work.

What do you think? Look at the pic on the right; can you see small black flecks on my bed? Those are the bits I chewed up.

Here's where mummy made me pose in with my prize just out of my reach.

And here again, you can see me in the background waiting for my prize. But I never got it in the end, I think mummy is going to get me a new tennis ball!

Wee!!!! The ball gets 5 out of 5 as a toy! Great fun, great exercise and reasonably durable.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

The Trip to Grandparents' Home

Couple days ago, Mummy went to bring Grandma out for a girls day out and Grandpa said that he wanted me to keep him company. Mummy thought it was a good idea. Smart woman. =P

So I spent the afternoon at my grandparents' place. I love it here...I get to eat dried fruits and grandpa brought me out on a walk! I lost steam outside and grandpa had to carry me somewhere quiet to rest before playing again but, its so good!!!! Except for that one moment when I was attempting to do my dog thing and rub myself against a few musky and fine-smelling lumps of cow dung in the grass. Grandpa suddenly swooped out of nowhere and carried me off to a smell-less area. Oh well. Missed my man-perfume opportunity there.

So here I am back from the walk at my grandparents' home chilling out.

in the living room...

on my grandpa's lap...

outside my grandparents' bedrm...(i was waiting for grandma to finish her nap see?)

sitting next to mummy using the computer to type this in...

I hope to return again soon! More treats...more walks and next time, I'll see if I can get grandpa to carry me the whole way eh?

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Pet Movers Dog Run - Second Trip!

Wee....!!!! Last weekend, the day after getting to go to the talk on the Rescue Rangers, Mummy and Daddy brought me to go visit my new friends at the Petmovers Dog Run. It was great! The place was crowded with dogs everywhere. Big and small, furry and hairy, brown and black and white and grey.

Wowie. It was just amazing. (by the way, the post on the shower thing was just after this dog run trip.) I played with my friends in the smaller area that had the smaller agility course for tinier dogs. Honestly, small??!??!???!?! Puh-leeez.

I've never seen an agility course before but I did what they wanted me to do apparantly cos I got lots of treats and praises when I jumped over the boards, walked through the tunnel and up and down the ramp. Between you and me, I just looked at the treat. (Mummy: yep, he did. Benny couldn't be bothered about where his feet and butt went and almost fell off the ramp twice. haha!)

This is a picture of Cody, Chester and me (left to right). There are the 4 mth old versions of me!

Here's another pic of just the 2 of them. I love those two brothers...=)

And here I am with Mummy up the ramp...treat treat! See the number of dogs in the background? Woohoo!!! PLAY!!!!

Here's Furby's mum (see Furby?) asking me to jump over with a treat. (Mummy: Benny's front legs are in the most cute and funny position!!!)

Here's Furby showing off that he can leap over 2 boards. I have short legs ok...and I think just walking around is safer and more prudent. =) (Note: Furby isn't well now...let's keep him in our thoughts.)

My airborne stance. Nice?

Here's Cody and his parents...What a cool looking family eh? Just chillin'.

Lastly here's me, going at it with the larger dogs on the outside.

Cool for the shower back home. Phooey.
Well, for more pictures go to this blog. Its by my Daddy.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Rescue Rangers

Last weekend is like the bestest I ever had. Mummy and daddy took me to this place where they were trying to recruit (what I like to call) "rescue rangers", there were so many doggies around! There is this man in uniform that talks all the time and when he does everyone listens, even us doggies!

But finally after all that talking I got to go off leash and play around on this big roof. I met soooo many friends , we must have played for an hour!

The recruiter came over and gave me a personality test, I don't know if I passed or not. But I didn't care, I just wanted to play...

We had a discussion after we were all played out and figured we all want to be a rescue dog so we can play like this more often! Let's meet up to play again!!!

p.s. If you want to see ALL the photos that my Daddy took...go here

Sunday, 20 May 2007

The experience after a fun day

I had alot alot alot of fun at the PetMover's Dog Run with my pals...C & C (Chester and Cody). Mummy tricked me into jumping over boards, going through tunnels and walking up and down a narrow ramp. You see, I'm what Cody's mum calls a 'foodie'.

Yes, i'm the goon who can be tricked into doing practically anything as long as you wave food treats in front of my face. I can't help it. The food you know, it has a hypnotic effect on me. The danger around me is ...uh, what danger? Food .... yum... food....

So anyway, my experience starts after Mummy and Daddy tricked me into jumping into the pond at the dog run. They hovered a nice piece of treat over the water and I volunteered to throw myself in. Then they made me swim around just to see if I would. I came out asap. I'm not a waterbaby.

By the time we got home, I thought I was dry but Daddy said 'shower!'. So here's the pictures of me SUFFERING in the shower. It starts like this....body gets wet first...

You are laughing aren't u. Here i'm going lathered up. I actually like this part cos it feels like a good scratch. (notice how my head is hanging outside the shower area. I'm planning my escape...)

Still smiling? I'm staring intently at the doorway now...

And then I got my tail end rinsed off....quick the door!!!

*Mumble* Grumble* Guess Daddy caught me planning my escape...had to get my face washed first.

I'm dry now and I smell good. No more swimming pools for me (except if there's food hovering over the surface.). Thanks for laughing with me...or at me. =)

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Bunny Face

Oh great, this is another one of those - Benny looks like a ...... entries. Mummy, u must give me a session of therapeutic massage for this. I'll be emotinally scarred for life!!!

So here are a few funny pictures of me. This is shows me under the dining table with Daddy's big foot playing wiht my big paw.

These are pictures of me after a good game of fetch with a tennis ball in the house.

Mummy says, look at these pictures of cute dwarf bunnies...and she says, Benny's a Bunny! *man, its time for the massage therapy now!!!!*

The irony is, at the childcare centre, some of the aunties there thought they heard that a BUNNY, not BENNY, will be interacting with the children. Great! =P

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Kids, Treats and Me

This afternoon I did something different. Mummy brought me out and to a strange building in the middle of a money-making district of Singapore. I didn't see any other dogs or smelt other dogs in the area so I was quite excited.

Here's me waiting for something to happen near the lobby of the building.

Suddenly, Mummy brought me to the second floor and I heard children! So many kids...I wanted to play and say 'Hi!' (see me eager eyes and face???) but Mummy held me back first until the children sat down quietly.

Then Mummy started telling the small children about how to be kind to animals and doggies. No shouting, no throwing things and no kicking animals. She told them about how to be polite and safe when meeting other doggies or pets in the street - must ask permission, be gentle, don't touch the head first, etc. So much talking...I couldn't wait for the interaction to begin! I wanted to say 'HI!!!!"

And finally it started when Mummy took out the TREATS!!! Beef liver love those. Then, the kids got a chances to feed me the treats and touch me. I was surrounded by kids!!! I got so many treats!!! I was very gentle with them. I didn't jump up and I took treats from their hands very carefully.

Look! Kids!!! Here's where I left them touch my back first because they were shy...

And here's more!!!!!!!!

Then Mummy spoke talk talk. I wanna play with the kids more! I like this picture of Mummy. She looks so weird and the kids are listening to her and I'm just staring at the kids and willing them with all my might to give me more treats.

Here's a video of me and mummy during the session. Its a bit dark at the first parts but you can hear the Oh yah, I didn't bark at all...probably because I was too busy thinking of the treats. haha!

It was fun! I hope to meet more kids someday and teach them about how nice we doggies are, and how to be kind to animals and to keep your pets for life. Oh, and by the way, one of the kids said 'Bye' to my mummy but called her 'Benny'. Hahahaha! Kids are so funny.