Tuesday, 30 September 2008

F1 hype

I heard alot of talk about something called F1. What's that? Daddy even has a tag thing around his neck thats all about the F1.

And here's one of the nice cars that come along with the F1.

Got me all excited cos I finally figured out what it means!


FOOD is number 1!!!

Wow! Yeah! Woohoo! Talk about how awesome it is to have the whole country understand what I've been trying to tell my parents. Yeah! Foooooooooood Rulez!

Food Galore!

And just as i was enjoying the moment and memories...the whole F1 hype suddenly stopped a couple days ago. Why???!??!?!??!?!?!?!??! (and is Daddy laughing at me?)

(Mummy: Poor Benny wishes that F1 would last forever. Fortunately he isn't the organiser eh?)

Monday, 22 September 2008

Corgis and their food.......

Doesn't the title tell you everything about this blog entry? =) Yeps, yet another one of those corgi gatherings at the Pawsitive Sensations store. The great thing was that Monty's pawsome mum was around to dish out the treats!

Ready, Get Set, Go! And the begging starts! (at least, Lucky and I are doing the begging)

Clare and Coco realised that they were losing out! Quick! Beg!

Here's the doggies with their special uncalcified and non-splinting spare rib treats:
Chloe, Jazze, Monty and Coco!

This is Captain UnderPants! Also known as Clare. =P

And here are my favourite pics of Lucky! She loves to hide under the bench to eat...here's the butt-end of her greedy self...

And here's her super duper happy face after having eaten her treat! Look at her eyes and beeeeg smile, I think she's hoping for more. Ha!

Here's my classic tongue slurping face. I'm cleaning up the crumbs off the floor as usual. Waste not, want not.

And so, after that frenzy, Coco and I were left in the store. We were exhausted and sleepy. Coco knocked out first. Whew!

Ok, I've decided that she's not so bad afterall for a younger sister. I'll tolerate her. Heh heh.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Roo Boo & Pokey!

Roo and Boo popped by my place again a couple of weekends ago...but this time, for some strange strange reason Coco also showed up at my home! Wah! That Coco...poke poke here, then poke poke there. =P

There's Boo, Roo and the big fluffy poking machine. Hmm, Coco looks kinda large from this angle eh? Like a giant fluffy guinea pig!

There's me, Roo (& mummy's foot) with the head end of the poking machine.

See? See? Here I am, being a good boy and smiling for the camera. She sneaks in and POKE POKE!

One of the rare non-poking moments. I think I'll just call her little Miss Pokey.

At the shop, every body then concussed. I wanted to sleep but Roo was really close to me. He kept moving his position such that his head would be right where mine would be if I wanted to sleep.

Wonder if I can sleep like a Sphinx. =) Peace and quiet..... All the kids (and pokey) are sleeping... Whew!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Labrador Park with Grandma and Grandpa!

Last Monday, I went to this nice park called Labrador Park. I thought that I would get to see loads of Labradors...but uh...no, i was the only doggie there. Anyway, the pawsome thing was that I got to go with GrandPa & GrandMa! (which means FOOOOOOD!!!!!)

Grandpa....please drop a piece of the nice spare rib you are eating...please?

Grandma...what about u? (mummy: I was holding on to his leash the whole time we humans ate lunch. Benny drooled until my mum gave him her specially prepared benny lunch.)

Here's me posing with Gramps. He loves to walk me...

Here we are walking along...there's people fishing!

More walking. Decided to stay on flat ground and away from the forest on the left. =P

More posing. Funny tree roots eh?

Gramps made me pose next to this uh, world war 2 box thing.

See? More posing. Haha...i bet Gramps has tons of pictures of me already!

After all that walking around and mucking in the sand and drizzle (yet, it rained!), mummy gave me the compulsory shower and furmination.

Gramps and Grandma! Look into my eyes...we should go out again...without the rain...so we can have fun, and food and no shower! =P

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My Friend Alfie's horrid accident

Dear everyone,

I got to know Alfie from early last year. She's a real feisty jack russell and her mummy & her had an incredible connection.

I'm really sad to hear last week that Alfie got attacked by a German Shepherd that was off-leash at a park. Unfortunately, even though Alfie was brought to a vet immediately, she passed away in her mummy's arms on 020908 at 0715hrs. She was only about 5 yrs old.

We had hoped to meet Alfie this weekend as her mummy was going to bring her down. This news really saddened my mummy who can't help but cry. =(

You can read more about the incident here: http://joeyjrt.blogspot.com/2008/09/not-for-faint-hearted.html

Alfie's blog (someone is presently helping her mummy write it) is here: http://lovablealfie.blogspot.com/