Friday, 29 June 2007

The World's Ugliest Dog

Mummy showed me this picture in the newspaper. She said its a picture of the world's ugliest dog for 2007. She was mumbling something about how it looks a bit like a gremlin. I don't know what that is. What do you think?

Either ways, he is a dog. And I bet he has a big heart in there and has his owner tied around his paws. I mean, if he got rescued by his owner from the breeder and the owner sent him to a pageant...he must be loved like mad.

I may not be the world's ulgiest, handsomest, smartest, dumbest, craziest, nuttiest, fluffiest, whatever-est dog. But I know that my mummy and daddy loves me alot. And speaking for all the dogs out there, we RULE!!!! =)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My Lipton Pee...

This just happened. Mummy and Daddy went out for lunch and whilst they were outside, I smelt the tea. I've always wanted to taste it 'cos I keep seeing Daddy make this sweet smelling drink from the yellow box on the kitchen counter.

This was moment arrived. The box was a little nearer to the edge than usual. I jumped up on my backlegs and I managed to see the box so close! I tried and tried again until it came between my jaws and I pulled it down on to the floor. In the process, I saw the one packet of seaweed that was barely within my grasp. I tried for it and it paid off!

So there I was, having the time of my life! I flung the yellow box around and out flew packets of the tea with string and paper tags flying everywhere! I tore up the bags and more of the great smells came out! I tore up the bags, and the papers and the seaweeds and had so much fun!!! I was exuberant!

BUT...then, they came home. And soon I realised that I did something wrong. I got a scolding.

Look at my great art! I mean, I had my Lipton Hirameki Lipton pee making session!!!!

Well, Mum took a while to clean up my Lipton pee of art. Anyway, now I feel a bit funny. I feel like there's a slight buzz going on. I'm very alert and full of energy.

Mum says she's going to help me spend that energy by letting go out and run around. Ok got to go...yep yep. got to to go...

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Another Dexter Weekend!

In my previous entry, I wrote that Dexter was coming right? Well, he's here! When his parents brought him over and the first thing that Dexter and I did was wrestle like mad! We just carried on and on with Dexter's Mum on the sidelines cheering him on and telling him how to win me.

Teehee! It was too much fun! Yesterday, it was more wrestling combined with a game of catching as well. Fur and drool everywhere! Mummy took as down for a walk in the evening and I peed and poo-ed outside (Mummy: I'm so happy Benny's learnt its ok to do it outside!!! Yay!!!!) then Dexter sniffed at my poo and he poo-ed too! Hahaha!!! Mummy was wondering how we managed to have so much stuff in our system. =P

So we played and played then we just hung out together. Here we are near the window looking at the birds outside.

Then we played somemore until Dexter ran out of gas. He always runs out first. Mummy says its just me. I have too much play energy. =P Here's Dexter asleep with his tongue out. Mummy loves these pictures!

Then we got fed. Once again, Mummy put me in the kitchen behind the gate. I finish my food first as always then have to stare at Dexter eat his kibble. I could help him with it you know? Dunno why Mummy never lets me help.

Finally, we scruffed around somemore, tumbling here there and everywhere. Then at night, we both knocked out..... well, there's always a tomorrow for more games! =) Mummy said that Dexter goes home tonight. I will miss him as always... I love my buddy Dexter!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

My new boarding friend - Furby (updated)

Not too sure what is happening again today. Uncle Gerry suddenly appeared with Furby! I know that Furby is not his dog but is Auntie Grace's pet. Anyway, Furby is funny you know. He came in and sniff and sniffed. Then he peed!!!

So the humans scrambled to clean up the pee in the living room and Furby just looked around...walked around and...then he peed!!!

Again, the newspapers came out to clean up the puddle and he walked around somemore under the dining table....and....then he peed!!! See?

So after 5 accidents in about 15 mins, Mummy managed to clean up before another accident from Furby and brought him downstairs to walk. She tells me that Furby has a gigantic bladder! He apparantly peed outside another 9 times! The last few times just action no water. Haha!

So now he is back in the house and peepee free. Teehee! Funny dog eh? I think his bladder is way bigger than mine. So here we are hanging out together and checking each other out.

Then he moved towards Mummy when Mummy walked so I'm peering over and wondering why I'm so far away??? (Mummy put me in "stay." Bah.)

Oops, he peed again. Mum was right. He has an amazing bladder. Its HUGE. Hahaa....! Anyway, Furby's only staying one night. Then tomorrow I'll get to play rough with Dexter again! Yay!!! Furby is nice too, but I can't play rough with him. He's small and Mum doesn't want me potentially injuring him. So...oh well. I have to be a good boy.

Here's one last picture of Furby...or at least, its just his hair. Makes you wonder how he can see eh? (Benny's Mum: Furby is a pleasure to walk. He doesn't pull on the leash. Teach Benny for me ok Furby?)

Updates: Here's a pic of Furby having his meal with me being stuck in the kitchen. I could help him with the food, but Mum doesn't let me.

And well, see? We are still pals and hanging out together.Haha...well he's gone home...but guess who came to stay next? Dexter is back! Haha!!!! Wee! Until next time!

Monday, 18 June 2007

The Correct Way of Playing with the Tennis Ball

Sometime ago I wrote on what happened to my favourite toy - a nice green tennis ball. Since then, I managed to almost chew another one apart if Mummy had not spotted me gnawing on it. (I had pried it from under the tv console where they think I can't reach! HA!)

Mummy nagged at me and well, just so as to show her, I do know how to play with the toy another way. Honestly though, I think its a bit bit less fun. Haha...but this way of play engages Daddy! And that's always a good thing. =)

Ok, you see my attention focused on the ball?

Here's me again with daddy playing what they call sock-her. (soccer) I just call it fetch!

Its a wonderful game and usually ends up with me drooling and and tired. Notice at one point daddy is wiping his feet on my towel? Haha!

Here's a video of us playing. Its a bit dark though...hope you can see it.

And that's why this game of socker, gets 4 paws out of 5 for good fun!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Playing with my Buddy

Today was a great day, just as was yesterday and the day before! Today, I woke up to find that Dexter is still with me! Wowie! So, I carried on playing with my pal. He is such a sport with me. Here we are chilling out together:

And here we are resting after a long spurt of play...

And here we are resting again at Mummy's feet after another spurt of play.

Well, we dodn't rest all day of course. Here's Dexter looking like a giant hamster while he is hogging my plastic bone. The fella is crazy about his bones!

Here we are rough-housing...AGAIN. Notice Dexter's butt on the left side of the pic and my butt in the AIR on the right side of the picture. What a move eh? I learnt more WWF moves from Dexter than I have from anyone else.

We tumbled all over the place and here's Dexter on the ground showing his pearly whites. We growled and grunted and drooled everywhere. Just awesome!

Then here we are side tracked in our play. Where's the bone?????

Finally, we are resting after an eventful day. *pant* *drool*

Thursday, 14 June 2007

My brother Dexter

Today turned out to be a real surprise. But before I launch into the details, I wanna wish my Uncle Z a very happy old old birthday! And also to sweet girl Luckie the Dachie a lovely 2nd barkday! Wishes of health and happiness to everyone!

Ok, back to business. Today, Dexter is in my home. I don't understand it but he is here! His parents dropped him off with all his cage and food and then disappeared! (Benny's mom: Dexter is boarding with us but Benny still doesn't get it. Ha!) So, here we are in the morning.

Not long after we started playing, mummy piled us into our carriers. Dexter's carrier is tinier than mine...but so is he! Dexter gave Mummy his rump for the second photo! See it? Its black!

Suddenly BarnBarn's mum's car came to pick us up! I love her! She's the pumpkin, yoghurt, peanut butter woman. She's Aunty L. She's great....she drove us to this place with a swimming pool. Here's the buttshot of the day, Aunty L (artos) with Barnbarn:

We needed to exercise Dexter's recovering injured leg and they wanted to see if i'd like it. Here's Dexter in his suit and Barnbarn showing off that he doesn't need any float.

Great. Now here's long suffering little ol' me. I'm trying to swim. Its hard when there isn't enough fats to float me, at least that what mummy thinks. I bob left and right, up and down. Phooey. Hey, mummy can't swim too! Look who's talking eh?

For my pains and struggles in the water, I got pumpkin from Aunty L! See? Told you she's real nice. In fact, she even gave me Barnbarn's share. Don't think he's too happy about that. I ate 1/2 of Dexter's too. He didn't want any of the second bits. Honestly!

After this, we had a shower, dried out, Barnbarn went home then the humans went to eat lunch. After that, it was on to a grooming store called Pawfectly Yours. It was mainly for uncle Trax, but Dexter and I got the dreaded nail trim session.... Dexter is cool with it but I'm a fidgeter.

Here's Dexter just sitting there letting her do whatever she wants and I'm wondering why.

And before I knew it, it was my turn! Why? What did I do to deserve this...first she tried to see if I'm like Dexter.

Then she let Mummy help hold me still. I can't help it. I jerk my limbs up and down cause I'm nervous. (Benny's mum: when I first got Benny @ 4 mths, he would totally freak out if you just hold his paw. Took me a few weeks to gain his trust and trim 1 nail.)

Gee whiz huh. But after that brief moment of "shock" for me, it was uncle Trax's turn. He was also zen for the moment. I missing something?

Well, in the mean time we gotta PLAY!!! And of course, Dexter was great with we PLAYED and we PLAYED and we PLAYED! So much fun!

Finally, we got home and we rested. Well, Dexter rested. I was waiting for him to play again. Mummy told me to let him rest...gee whiz, its not like he's 50! Okok, guess I'll just have to keep an eye open and wait for him to wake up!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Botanical Gardens Day!

Ok, no such thing as a Botanic Gardens Day, but that's what I like to call it. It's my first time all the way over there and my parents were excited for me to meet so many new friends, both human and dogs.

We were one of the last to arrive (grrr....) but I got such a warm welcome from everybody! It was 'Hi Benny!!" everywhere...people giving me love and I think for a while there, Mummy stopped holding my leash...hmm...I think Dexter's Mum was hogging me. Haha...I like her. She's so nice and gentle.

Here's pictures of my friends! First up is of course big Barnabas. He is the boss. I learnt that. =P And there's Trax there too. Barn2 is trying to become topdog over Trax...haha!

Here's a beautiful butt shot of the hottest butt in the group. Its Bingo! I don't know what Bingo is staring at though...

Here's my new buddy! His name is Dexter. We look like siblings eh? I'm trying to get him to play while the humans are trying to get us to pose. Play or pose...hmm...of course PLAY!

Then there are the dachies! Here's 3 mth old Reina. She is TINY...but the in the picture, she is BIG!

And here's the cool couple with Luckie who is celebrating her birthday on the same day as my uncle! (see previous blog entry) You can see Luckie's dad doing his photo art thing and Luckie and Luckie's mummy doing some posin. Cool...

And I met a cute little man along the way... also reminds me of the many little human beings I met a few months ago! ( Childcare centre blog entry)

Well, I got great food from Barn and Trax's Mum! I was supposed to share, but I eat fast you know.... =) See the yellow mush on my nose? fast!

And finally, here's the "group photo" that never happened. Haha...yah, us dogs couldn't stay still for our lives.

Well, let's meet up again ok? But perhaps make it last longer? Huh? Huh? Huh? Oh, and the pumpkin, pancakes, muffins...they were great!