Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sonoma Loves Corgis!

*with regards to my previous post...mummy and daddy has since made sure that they close the door to the pantry tightly when they leave me alone at home. I had diarrhoea for 2 days. And gas. It was spectacular. =P*

Back to the main program! Mummy had her eye on visiting Sonoma for a quite a while now since we've all never really been to wine country. So off we went last weekend. The weather started off really bleak as we drove towards San Fran.

Crossing the Bay Bridge to avoid traffic at the Golden Gate Bridge.

I really hope it gets nice and bright soon. Cloudy days are so......grey.

Looks like there's a wee bit of sun peaking through at the end of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge!

Woohoo! Clear blue skies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to become the backseat driver! =D

Quick faster...(but safe pls) so we can get to the nice place...

And here we are! First thing I get put on is this humongous blue thing. Whoa...!

I mean, don't we corgis already have size/ height issues? Excuse me?

*sigh* Mummy said I had to look as adventurous as possible. So here goes!

Thank goodness Daddy joins me! See? I'm not the only wee one. =P

Look look! Free admission and Pets on leash welcome! How pawsome is that!

Before you know it, we met the only dog there allowed off-leash - The CornerStone Gardens resident dog!

Yep, he made sure I knew he was the boss. Yes sir!

Look at that muscular body. Yikes, i ain't gonna mess with that. =P

The gardens are pretty. They showcase landscape designs by different people.

There was a tomato garden too. Lotsa different types of tomatoes...

And this gourd. Cool eh? it could be a neck garland for me...i'm sleepy.

Here's mummy and me in between grape vines. (what's with the reindeer antlers on my head?)

Nice round grapes!

Pretty pond...wonder if it is shallow.

I am king of the vineyard! =D

Happy day! Wish I had all this land to myself...*dream*

Look what Daddy found? This is an onion flower. And there's a ladybug on it!

It was hot so I took cover next to the Daisy Border.

Then Daddy and I had a nice chat just like 2 old chaps in an English garden. It was nice. Missing the tea and biscuits though.

Then Mummy decided she needed to hear what we chatted about. =P

Now if there were 3 chairs over by the lake I would've just hung out with both my humans simultaneously and not have to repeat everything we chatted about.

Down the path we found this beautiful tent. I bet some weddings were held here. And I bet they were pretty.

So don't forget the place. Cornerstone gardens in Sonoma, California!

We left the gardens and moved on to find downtown Sonoma. Along the way, we found a train station?!?!?!? (It's a mini amusement park)

In downtown Sonoma itself, plenty of nice people all stopped to say hi to me. One nice lady even said "Sonoma loves corgis!" =) I liked her alot.

There was a cheese factory...the smell made me want to go in, but no hope there.

Heyhey! Servant quarters! This is part of the historic park there.

Yah, failed attempt to look adventurous (again!). I was trying to explore the building that housed the servant quarters. =P

Period car! How awesome is this Ford? I wonder if it looks like I'm in the 1900s. Hee...

There were other dogs at the park near City Hall.

This one reminded Daddy of his first doggy. She's a silky terror, i mean terrier, named Terri.

Strangely enough, the area just around City Hall had this sign. Phooey.

So we continued to walk by and explored the 42 Unique Shops & Services. Most importantly, there's a doggy bakery there!

Inside the bakery we met an Old English Sheepdog. Look at the size of his paw!!!

I was an angel and successfully CON-vinced my humans to purchase biscuits for me! When we exited, I met a mini-me!

Look at this fella...he is big for 4 mths old. Mummy got me at 4 mths and I was definitely smaller than this dude. He had SO much energy and was bouncing here and there and everywhere!

Well, the day trip had to end some we left and started the drive home.

Mummy was still taking pictures...of...herself?

I had to snooze. I was pooped. And ran out of poop.


I got my treats, my fun day out with my humans and met nice people and doggies. It was the PAWFECT day trip. Sonoma really does love corgis!

Monday, 15 August 2011


I won't be posting pics of the nasties I've been making.
Mummy's upset with me cos I bit the bag of uncooked rice and ate some while they were out. Why did I do it? Can't explain that. But man, do I feel sick now. Stomachache....diarrhoea....lethargy. Yuck.

On top of that, Mummy says no food for me for the next 12 to 24 hrs. Yoghurt and honey only, she says. Gee whiz....


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fortnum & Mason Treats for Happy Hounds!

Yippee! More gifts for moi =D
Mummy's pawsome friend (whose barkday was Happy Barkday Aunty S!) bought these high-class doggy treats for me when she was holidaying in UK!
Fortnum and Mason *droool* The bone toy is from Aunty E...she bought it at Crate and Barrel but that's for another entry.

See the picture of the dog on the packaging? is DROOLING. So what do you expect me to do right?

Mummy's telling me it is ALL mine... mine... bwahahahahaha!

And then she says, " only one biscuit for today Benny!" The shock!

I couldn't stand it anymore...too a good sniff from the corner of the box.


Admittedly, it made me a bit high already (Mummy: i sniffed it too. Smelt great...and smelt healthy too!)

Still high...

Alrighty! Time to EAT!!!!

Here's the ingredients:

Weee! Can't wait for my next treat! =D Thanks again Aunty S! ;)