Monday, 26 September 2011

Bark in the Park 2011

Yippee! I had a pawsome time at the Bark in the Park in San Jose...I wore the nice Bark Ranger scarf that mummy and daddy bought for me from Alaska and off we went!

So many people...

And so many dogs!

So many corgis! I love it!

Check out this pretty bulldog. Cutie!

It was a hot day so I took some shelter in Mummy's shadow.

Plenty of poopin'...I did my part just as this dude did his.

They have CAPS... waterdogs. Cool eh?

Basset hound!


That's not me! Another corgi. I think her name is Penny. =P

Lotsa sniffin' happened that day too.

Short, regular, tall. All inclusive photo.

His owners came to say hi. Apparantly he is a corgi cross with a collie which was why he had pretty long legs for a corgi. I'm already a basketballer amongst corgis so you can see he is uber tall...

And being long has its advantages, especially when it comes to peeking over the table! Treat! Treat!

There were some BIG dogs there too!

Another corgi! This one was part of a rescue group.

Hey, I see something familiar!

Oh...flyball...yes, i have faint memories of this...*mummy shakes her head*
(Just in case you have never seen benny in action in this: )

Even more corgis!

Plenty of goldens there too.

Sweet husky!

And collies of all types abound!

Here's a bull terrier going for a toy!

Just before we left I found one of those massive doggies...

This guy weighed more than 200lbs! eep!

Really glad that mummy and daddy brought me there to meet so many nice people and nice doggies. =D

Thursday, 15 September 2011

My humans go all the way to Alaska and got me WHAT?

So...a few weeks ago I had to get my Kennel cough vaccination and then i started going to daycare at this place called Sweet Doggies. It was to prep me for something...

Then a couple weeks ago, I got left there! WHAT???!!! Yah, for almost 2 whole weeks mind you. I had tons of fun though, and got into a wee bit of trouble but learnt quickly else I got a "timeout". =P Mummy and Daddy spied on me through the webcam. Even grandma who is in Singapore spied on me. I felt it...i sure did!

So on Wednesday morning, I heard mummy's voice...she FINALLY appeared! (and I sprinted to say hi...but got distracted by the pantry along the way. =P )

Then home we went. I was SOoooooo tired. I mean, there were things to do and see, and not to mention dogs to interact with, humans to bother to get hugs. Usually I sleep a lot, but here, I was a busybody. Thus, now that I'm back home, I'm so grateful that I get to catch up on my snooze time!

Mummy decided to bug me though. Something about presents?

They went all the way to Alaska and got me a POO BAG???? Humph!

Here's the close up of my one-and-only precious alaskan doggy poo bag.

Whew! Just a spoof gift! I got a bunch of other things, but being tired and all that....I couldn't even show my appreciation.
(Mummy: This dude was seriously concussed! He didn't even want to go walkwalk...imagine that!)

Nice toy...yawn. It makes a great pillow...Zzzzz.....

(Mummy: He just flopped over and snoozed the rest of the day. Benny will be donning the Bark Ranger bandana this weekend!)

(Mummy: More of the sleeping "beauty")

(Mummy: Nothing could wake him up.)

Hey...what's that. Yawn...even daddy is tired.

(Mummy: rubbish! Clement was trying to bug him to open his eyes!)

(Mummy: Still no effect!)

Eh....*eyelids flutter*...something is buggin' my ear...zzz....

Well that's all the gifts I got! Including this cool zipper pull. The paper says all about us corgis being great at herding, being smarty pants, and being pawsome house pets. =D They failed to mention that we are also champions at snoozing! =P

Thursday, 1 September 2011

CorgiPals Calendar Contest

Yippie! My smile was deemed corgi-ish enuff to be a semi-finalist for the calendar contest!

Take a look! I'm in the month of JULY...which happens to be Mummy's barkday month! Isn't that pawsome? Vote for me! BENHUR!