Friday, 30 May 2008

My new Galileo!

I recently got a new GALILEO bone...what is that you may ask? Refresh your memory by reading my original blog entry written in April last year on this fabulous bone.

It was getting a wee bit tiny and the shorter it got, the harder for me to grab hold of it with my albiet big paws but short legs. So Mummy finally took pity on me and got me a new one! Yay!

See the Old versus New and difference in length:

Notice how nice and smooth the new one is, while oldie is all chewed up. Hehheh...:

The name of the new one says "galileo"

The name of the old one says "cali" =P

Yum...i got my eyes on you!

Let's see, cali or galileo?


Well Mummy, do I get a third bone if I destroy this one too? =)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Our outing to Earth Cafe

First off, Mummy apologises for not updating sooner. This time I'll forgive her cos I saw how sick she was with the flu. Poor Mummy with high fever...hmm...could've sworn Daddy had that a few days before her. =P No Daddy, Benny not blaming u for mummy's flu. =P

Anyway, Mummy's feeling a bit better so here's the blog entry on our fun lunch at Earth Cafe.

First thing we did was take nice group family photo (L to R: Dexter with mummy, Clare with mummy and ME! with mummy).

Then we corgis were unleashed to wreck havoc in the Cafe! There was wrestling...

See Clare the terrorist corgi with the evil flashy eyes!

THen I initiated a game of catching. Woohoo! Exercise Dexter! Burn some calories b4 we eat!

Oh look! I stumbled onto the KITCHEN!

Guys! Come look!

It pays off! We looked hungry and famished and the food came!

Here's the video of us having our scrumptious meals:


The humans got to eat too!

See how happy and incredibly FULL Dexter and I are...(clare's hiding somewhere. Haha...)

WHen can we go back? Hmm? When? When? Yummy....

Saturday, 24 May 2008

My third Furmination in 1 week

It has been a spectacular week for me and my shedding hair. Only problem is that I don't seem to be able to leave as much hair behind on the floors, chairs and beds as I used to.

I bet its all that weird raking and furminating that Mummy's been doing on me. Here's just some pictures of the 3rd furmination I got this week. Mummy's always so happy when she's done. I don't really get it...but oh well.

This furmination was done in about 15 mins...we were waiting for Aunty L and Aunty R to come and pick us up so we could go on a fun outing. More about that another day.

See how nice and smooth my coat is? (Oh, Monty's mum told us today how happy she is with the furminator. =P Instant slimming for Monty! Teehee!)

Well, until the next blog entry...soon! It'll be about Dexter, Clare and my journey to the Earth Cafe. Yum....

Sunday, 18 May 2008

My Furmination

Oooo....Mummy got this cool tool that is really popular in the USA. Its called the FURMINATOR. Check out their website:

This is me after a 20 min furmination by Mummy (who btw, was too bz watching tv while furminating me! concentration by Mummy. Terrible right?). My coat isn't that thick but I just started to shed again so Mummy's quite excited at being able to remove all my dead hairs so that it won't go all over the house. I'm happy cos the combing was quite comforting and I'm so much cooler now without all my thick undercoat. =)

What? My hair's tumbling away in the wind! I'll eat them! Chomp Chomp! and my dead hairs.

See? My tummy even looks slimmer! Its a slimming treatment. Hahahaha...!

This is the nest of dead hairs with the furminator on top.

Lucky and Monty's parent's each bought the furminator from us. (we selling for a while until end June or until out of stock @ 10% off the recommended retail price $79.90, i.e $72) I hope both the corgis will be happier in this awful weather.

Until next time! hungry...=P

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Longer-bodied, shorter-legged dog

Mummy's been really busy with a project recently and sick. At least that's her excuse for not sitting down and typing out my thoughts. Bah.

Anyway, I recently smelt the scent of another dog on mummy, especially after she returns from her housecalls on saturday. I sniffed and sniffed. The smells were all really low to the ground! I thought i was, this dog, called Odie, is a wire-haired Dachshund!

Its been a long time since I played with a Dachie but hey, sniffing is better than nothing right?

Here's Odie (he's a lucky doggy to be rescued by his current wonderful owners):

He looks like he doesn't have a tail right? WRONG...! Its just that he was wagging it super duper fast cos the humans were tempting him with the sparerib. Here's Odie with a tail upclose and personal:

And here's Odie happily crunching the spare rib he was tempted with...sigh, I WANNA SPARE RIB!!!! *wah!*

Mummy...look into my will give me spare ribs...more spare

Friday, 9 May 2008

Cave Dweller

Mummy thinks i'm a cave dweller. Eh, no. I just like the safety that darkness and walls provide to me. Cave? Nonsense.

I'll let Mummy tell you the story this time around:

Benny did something quite weird last night. The weather was mildly stormy and there was more thunder and lightning than rain. Benny's not particularly afraid of lightning but last night he decided to act out.

Benny's acting out is very calm. He started walking around the bedroom and pacing. Then he lay down under the table. When I got up to go to the bathroom, the dude followed me in! (talk about privacy issues!) Benny only does strange things when he is stressed out.

The best part is that...Benny didn't come out of the bathroom when I walked out and tried to entice him out. See his face?

And here's the comfy bed he was initially on for about 2 mins only.

Let's see...between the toilet and the nice comfy bed...any normal sane doggy would pick the bed yah? Not Benny! =P Here's Benny giving the upturned nose to my offer to put him on the comfy bed. Haha!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

More about Dopey!

More about Dopey...I think i'll make him my little brother. =D He keeps bugging me to play with him. Mummy tells me I was just like that when I was a pup. Guess that's a good thing eh? Teehee.

Here's pictures of Dopey sitting close to me throughout the day. We sit together, we lie down together, we snooze together. Just like brothers! Cool huh!

Today ah gong Monty was around so we took a group photo. Monty's angry at the camera (he doesn't like cameras) but he's patient and just tolerating all the nonsense coming from the crazy humans and Dopey. =P

Hey FOOD! Dopey and I are alert to that, but Monty's too bz being suspicious of the camera. Oh well...

Until next time! =)