Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Its Chinese New Year!

Woohoo! Chinese New Year! Do you know what that means? There's plenty of food, loads of visitors and friends, angpaos galore! And did I mention, plenty of food? Ok, so its human food. Smells great! And sometimes, they drop stuff on the floor...teehee!

This year, I got to using a backpack that Sasha gave me for my barkday. Its nice and red and there's a nice pouch for angpaos to be placed in! See?

Nice aunty C gave me my very first angpao. =D

Soon we were off and arrived at somebody's home. I walked around and sniffed the place. There was a dog but I was bz sniffing and saying hi...

The humans were bz preparing stuff and watching tv. I watched them as they watched tv...

I watched with more interest on the things happening near the dining table. It smelt nice!

Yes, that table is SO much more fun to stare at.

Ooops! Look who is here! Its Puffy...oh, this is HER home.

She got groomed recently. Looks cute huh. Mummy says she's older than I...strange, cos she's so...frappy. =P

Well, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Puffy and I spent it staring at the humans and their plates full of goodies. =)

Monday, 19 January 2009

GrandPa's 61st Birthday!

Last week, I went out with Grandpa and Grandma and Mummy! It was to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. He sure is an old man...mummy says he is about 8.7 doggy years old. Wah.... ah gong, not bad, you still looking youthful. =D

We went to the Marina Barrage. It was so far away and the drive there was dusty on the outside and there were so many big big trucks. The Marina itself was beautiful though. And with not many people there, I got to roam about and meet nice strangers too!

Hey Ah Gong! Mummy's taking a photo!

Ok, we pose. This is at the "lookout" thats next to the car park.

Oooo....restaurant! Yumm....are we going in? (mummy: you must be dreaming)

Ok fine. We walk onto the "gateway" that separates the reservoir from the seawater.

Here we eat! The humans had their lunch and I got mine too. Nice Ah Gong to feed me! =)

Ah Gong was trying to teach me how to pose. He says smiling is too goofy looking. Not "sey" enough? Especially since my tongue keeps hanging out. Hee...

Even Ah Gong couldn't help but laugh at me!

Last pose for the day! Happy birthday Ah Gong! I love you!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Z-Ridges Rule!

I, Benhur !Xobile Setho, hereby announce that I declare that I love Z-Ridges Chews!

Here's what the bones look like:

The front of the pouch:

Oh boy, mummy...do you HAVE to read the back? Can't you just give me the whole bone?

(Mummy: RUBBISH. See the instructions? For a dog Benny's size, he gets 1/2 a med bone. Too bad Benny.)

What? Half? Mummy...why?????

Daddy, can you tell her to be a more generous? Puhleez?

(Mummy: No hope. See your greedy eyes? Ha! I'm going to break it in half now...)

Fine. She wins. I got half a bone, which was still great (better say so, in case i get the minis!). Watch me chew and see my stance! =P


I give the Z-Ridges 4.5 bones out of 5. It is nutritious and yummy and good for my breath! The missing 0.5 is only cos its kinda pricey, but Pawsitive Sensations will be launching our own online store featuring this pawsome product very soon and with discount too so that more people can afford it! =)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sadness... A Tribute to Monty

Sadness filled my heart cos I saw Mummy's frown and felt her woes. Her got news that Monty had passed over the rainbow bridge this morning at 2.30am.

We are blessed to have known such a personable dog as Monty ( i call him grandpa). Monty was 11.5 years old. He was a funny character with a stubborn streak. He gave us "looks" and barked commands. He was the grandfather of the bunch and even showed his mettle by growling on saturday at us, a bunch of young-ling corgis who had invaded "his shop".

Dear grandpa Monty, we know that you had a good life and a loving owner. May God bless her and may you and her meet again on the other side. We love you forever! As a small tribute to Monty, we've dog-eared the index page of Pawsitive Sensations until the end of January.

Here are some nice photos of Montgomery Chew as we should remember him. =)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year! 2009!

Hi everyone! Today's the 11th day of Christmas and the 4th day of 2009...time sure flies by huh? Mummy and Daddy are getting older and so am I. Hope we age gracefully. =P

Last month ClubPets featured CORGIs!!!! We Rule!

Here's the article. They covered both the Pembroke and Cardigan breeds. We are intelligent and good for families! =)

Here's my handsome face...heh. (yah, ok, so it was the "slipper chewing photo"...but I look smart rite?) Below my photo is a picture of young Rusty. Don't we look alike? (yup, he's also very handsome. haha!)

There's also a picture of Dopey (top) and Ode (bottom). Great smiles!

Left most pic is Dexter with his classic smile. Right most on top row is Barn2 with his "nice" look. (haha! Only sometimes cute...until he sees me or Chloe. =P ) And below Barn's pic is Cookie!

I wasn't the only one featured in articles. Mummy got a picture too, with Snowball! This article came out on Christmas Eve 2008, on The New Paper. It talked about physiotherapy and massage therapy for dogs in Singapore! Pawsitive Sensations was featured and Ella's Daddy's testimonial also came out. =)

Here's the article up close. You can click on the picture to read it.

What an awesome pawsome way to end 2008 huh? Can't wait for whats in store in 2009!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (i wonder if clubpets would've put this picture up instead. hee!)