Sunday, 24 June 2007

Another Dexter Weekend!

In my previous entry, I wrote that Dexter was coming right? Well, he's here! When his parents brought him over and the first thing that Dexter and I did was wrestle like mad! We just carried on and on with Dexter's Mum on the sidelines cheering him on and telling him how to win me.

Teehee! It was too much fun! Yesterday, it was more wrestling combined with a game of catching as well. Fur and drool everywhere! Mummy took as down for a walk in the evening and I peed and poo-ed outside (Mummy: I'm so happy Benny's learnt its ok to do it outside!!! Yay!!!!) then Dexter sniffed at my poo and he poo-ed too! Hahaha!!! Mummy was wondering how we managed to have so much stuff in our system. =P

So we played and played then we just hung out together. Here we are near the window looking at the birds outside.

Then we played somemore until Dexter ran out of gas. He always runs out first. Mummy says its just me. I have too much play energy. =P Here's Dexter asleep with his tongue out. Mummy loves these pictures!

Then we got fed. Once again, Mummy put me in the kitchen behind the gate. I finish my food first as always then have to stare at Dexter eat his kibble. I could help him with it you know? Dunno why Mummy never lets me help.

Finally, we scruffed around somemore, tumbling here there and everywhere. Then at night, we both knocked out..... well, there's always a tomorrow for more games! =) Mummy said that Dexter goes home tonight. I will miss him as always... I love my buddy Dexter!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Awww looks like you two had so much fun! I can't wait to come to your place now Benny!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
Dexter came over again? Or was it the last time? A bit blur now..hehee...he's like your BFF!!
Best Friends Forever! hehe..Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie style. LOL!!
Thanks for your pressie...!!! I like it..looks like me!

wally said...

Wow! THat looks like one fun house with the both of you.

I always help my sissy finish her dinner. I'm helpful that way. And then I always wash the dishes quite thoroughly.


Benny said...

Cody, I can wait to tumble fun with u too!!! You shld be bigger by then and we can have tons of fun!

Luckie, hahaha...yeps, Dexter and I are close. Mummy sometimes calls us Yin and Yang cos of our markings. This is the second stay over for Dex! Wee!

Wally, I wash my dishes so clean too! I wonder why the humans still wash it again after that. Hmm... =P