Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Poor Me!!!

Poor me! Complain.Whine! =(

First of all, mummy's been busy selling away all these nice all natural treats right in front of my face! I don't even get a lick. Poo.

Second of all, mummy says I'm too fat. And you know what is happening now? She's controlling my diet strictly. Even the usual generous humans aren't allowed to feed me too much! Pah. (Mummy: Benny's 15kg! He should be 14 kg only for his size. Anyway i still give him treats, just lesser that's all. And he has to run around more. =) )

Thirdly, I got showered 3 times in one week! Its sheer torture! Mummy says its because I'm scratching too much. What?!?!?! =( *grumble*

Fourthly, yes, i admit, I'm itching all over! Apparantly, I'm allergic to something in the shampoo the groomer used and I broke out in hotspots all over the place. Last tuesday was the shower by the groomer. Friday evening Mummy showered me to rinse away any remnant irritants. And today she gave me a quick rinse down cos I licked myself smelly (so she claims) and dirty.

The worst is on my left elbow. I've managed to lick and chew my way to about 7 spots just there. I even chewed and scratched it bloody today. Heh. I have more than 25 spots all over.

These spots are the typical ones on my hips and back. The blackish spots are the blood clots. Heh.

Here's the one spot on my right cheek. I can't lick it, but I always manage to give it a good scratching with my back paws. =P

I keep getting scolded by mummy for chewing and licking. She's been busy spending time cleaning my hot spots with medication and giving tons of love. The vet decided its too wide spread that she gave me 3 days worth of steroids, 5 days of antihistamines (after the steroids) and 8 days of antibiotics. Mummy wasn't too happy, you can imagine...especially about the steroids. Ah well...

Here I am tonight, after the shower...

Poor miserable me. =P Boo hoo!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Dopey - A young me!

Today I met a very very young and small puppy. Only 3.5 months old. Mummy says he looks quite I did when I was a small boy, 'cept I had a bigger head, my ears were both up and I have a diamond on my head.

I think he's cute and fun to play with. He learns really fast too! He wasn't barking at the beginning of everything but by the end of the day, he was kinda an echo barker! Haha!

And he was also trying really hard to learn my method of ear-yanking-drooling play. What a smart fella...I'll teach him every thing i know. =P Be a GOOD big brother is what Mummy is telling me.

Here's the wee little fella's ass.

Okay, shouldn't introduce the butt first. Here he is running back!

He's small enough hide under the bench! Now Lucky only ocassionally hides under therecos she's grown and upgraded herself to hiding in the middle floor. We big boys (Ode and I) end up standing outside the bench and pleading them to come out to play!

I bet he's just taunting Ode. (Ode think's Dopey is a girl...he even ignored Lucky most of the time, who was wrestling really roughly with me! Eep! Big girl!)

Here's Dopey's proceeded to hide under the retail stand. Brilliant!

Well, Dopey see you again next week! Be a good boy and stop bullying your parents! (Yeah rite.) =) Here's a photo of me as a puppy...see any resemblance? =D

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Better Owner, Better Dog Seminar

Today Mummy disappeared really long and left poor me at home... (mummy: oh brother, he had the company of his daddy and uncle! He wasn't alone, just looking for sympathy votes. tsktsk.)

Mummy gave me the lowdown on what the big hoohah was with all her photos. She was invited to give a short talk on doggy massage at the National Library for the "Better Owner, Better Dog" seminar! The nice people who arranged the talk are from Pets Magazine. Here's Mummy (representing Pawsitive Sensations without me) with the team:

Here's Mummy giving the talk. She's so small and the podium's so high that you can barely see her behind the laptop!

Notice that I'm the doggy model in the video! Aren't I a good boy???? See? I helped! =D All in all we hope that the message on the pawsitive effects of massage therapy on dogs got across and that everyone remembers that there is this alternative avenue of therapy available.

Oh, Mummy even got a really nice looking doggy soft toy (i think that secretly it was for me, but mummy says its now. So selfish right...) with flowers from nice Aunty S! She's the one who makes the organic doggy shampoo that we help her retail. She's really good at the aromatherapy spa stuff. Sniff. Sniff.

Ok, so I was sniffing the doggy's butt in the pic above. Blame instinct. Mummy made me sit nicely and pose with it this time.

So it was an exciting day for all the doggies! And we all hope for more such events to spread the new trend in educating the public on how to take care of their doggies!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

All Natural and Organic Treats!

Mummy was so excited when we received the Nature's 1 Spare Ribs treat from Ode's mum for my barkday. Why? Cos its the newest all natural and organic treats from New Zealand. Mummy's getting fussy about all the additives and preservatives that goes into many brands of dog treats so she's saying that this great discovery deserves a big shout! WOOHOO!

Honestly, I don't care about what goes into the treat. If it tastes great, it tastes great right? (Mummy: That's why we humans have to help keep them healthy by being discerning with the food we give them.)

Here's the Spare Rib in its packaging next to Zuke's jerky:

Here's one rib....slurp.

Into the basket I go. Its the best place to eat the goodies. =) Crunch Crunch! Can you hear the sound?

Man, I was so tired after that first one. Here's me all happy and sleepy and satisfied. Mummy and Daddy gave me one spare rib every night as a night snack after that. =)

This is the bestest all natural-est treat-est ever! It gets the full 5 Paws out of 5!

Oh, and I got Mummy to sell it too! There's quite a few other types like Lamb ears, tripe etc. Check out Pawsitive Sensations or email us (zoe@pawsitivesensations.com) for details k? We are going to selling them at 15% off the usual price cos we want every one to be able to afford it. Try it, your doggy will LOVE you for it! =)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sasha's 1st Barkday Pawty

This sunday afternoon Mummy and Daddy rushed home to whisk me off to Sasha's barkday pawty! It was at Pawtobello and I've never been there before but I sure had tons of fun! And yes, I ate alot. (Mummy: Benny was going around stealing other dogs' food. So shameless! His tummy was SO HUGE by the end of the pawty. Read on and you'll see why.)

We arrived and immediately I said hi to Sasha! She had 2 other doggy friends. Here you'll see me, Rudolf (Shiba Inu) and Sasha.

Here's Goofy (Cocker Spaniel) and Rudolf having a discussion on how to get their food asap. =P

Finally us doggies got our dishes! Erm, see the rice on the floor? That's my fault, of course! I knocked my food bowl out of Sasha's mummy's hands just as she was about to put it on the floor for me. It was part of my scheme...I got an extra bowl because I did that! Haha! I ate most of the rice off the floor anyway. =P

Is there more food there?


See how Sasha's face disappears into the bowl?


Goofy enjoying the cake nice and slow...me waiting for any crumbs to fall my way. Obviously I've finished my portion already. =) (sorry i got you and Rudolf mixed up along the way. =P)

Sasha's face disappearing into her cake bowl.

Here she is with her nice humans! She even got a banner on the wall!

Dear Sasha, thank you for inviting me to your first barkday pawty! I truly enjoyed myself! Give your humans big hugs and licks for me k? See my blissful look during my car ride home? Yups, I had a good time. =) (mummy: Benny's going on a diet soon...wah, there's a bulge on his tummy!)

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Kong Ball Treat Dispenser

I found a toy that I truly and utterly LOVE! Its the Kong Ball Treat Dispenser thingy!

Its one of the most-est amazing-est inventions cos when I nose and prod it along, a nice treat falls out and yum.... Watch this!

Here's me with the Kong again.

Rolling along , I smell the treats, come on out! and into my tummy!

Here you can see me going nuts sniffing like mad. I'm drooling too... =P

And in last installment of videos, you can see that I've gotten the last treat, almost got tricked by mummy but had to be sure and must check Kong for anymore treats before leaving it behind.

In case you think I'm slow at learning how to play with the ball, the video shows only my second time with it. I am NOW a fully-fledged EXPERT in getting the treats to come out. =P Truly. Seriously.

(mummy: I like this toy too. Only problem is that Benny is smart enough to know when the ball is empty and there are no more treats. He'll leave the ball alone and stare at me. So the games lasts only as long as there are treats.)

I give this Kong toy 4 paws out of 5!

Friday, 4 April 2008

My Pawty!!! (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment about my 2nd barkday. This is about all the lovely pressies I got from all the most wonderful and dog loving and Benny loving humans. =D I know I'm quite pampered and Mummy is doing her best to not spoil me. I'm still a good boy. Teehee. =P

Here are all the pressies I got from Mummy & Daddy, just to recap:

Here are the pressies I got on the day of my pawty:

These are from Luke and his parents...so nicely packaged and inside there are meatballs and meatloaf! =D

These are from Paw, Baby, Harmony and their mummys! Dehydrated, all natural treats! Meat and salmon. Yum!

These are from Hammer and his parents. Tug-o-war toy, ball, treats and food rolls! Woo hoo!

These are from Sasha and her nice parents. There's a backpack thingy so that Mummy has no excuse to let me bring treats around. And some toys too!

The mysterious brown packages are from Monty, Jazze and their nice generous mum. Inside I found a doggy bed! (How did she know that my blue bed is gone? Whoa...) Treats! and a Kong toy!

I got more pressies along the way. The spare ribs on the left are from Ode and his mummy. The Zuke lamb treats energy bar thingy on the right is from Lavander and her mummy!

This funny looking octopus toy is from Barn2, Marky, Clare and their pumpkin-peanut butter ice making mummy. =)
Oh and I got more fish jerky! I love this stuff. Mummy can't stand the way I just drool when I smell the fish. treats. =P The new pack is from nice uncle Andrew and his gf. I got more meatballs from them too!

Uncle Josiah gave me a piece of dehydrated pig's ear too! I finished in about 18 mins. It took longer than expected cos Mummy kept interrupting me. Bah.

I'm truly grateful for all the love I got. I thank God for all the love you are showering upon me. You guys are just awesome pawsome!!! THANK YOU!