Thursday, 11 October 2007

Waterdog Wanna-be but Cannot-be

I decided to try out the whole schwimming pool thing. I mean, all the other dogs seemed to have great fun, so why not... Besides, it was a horridly HOT day out so I guess no harm trying.
(Mummy: Benny's trying his doggest to sound like he didn't stink at swimming. So let's just smile at his attempts. =P )

It all started with me getting wet and going all out to play with the dogs to the point that the handlers decided I was being a "nuisance" and riling up the other dogs too much. They put me in this place they like to call DETENTION. I don't see why its called DETENTION. Don't get it. I'm happy whether I'm in there or not in there. I can still see my friends and we talk to each other still.

Here I am in the DETENTION area. See my wet face? Haha! That's from my first dunk head first into the water. Show you more later.

Regardless, I always get let out eventually and then its back to playing in the pen with my pals.

Here's us running around with several attempts to jump into the pool. Hey...I got short legs ok? Its a genetic thing...

Here's a better attempt at getting into the pool. I hung on for as long as my whiddle front legs would let me. Its such a disadvantage, these short legs... *whimper*

Finally! I'm in the water...around i go... I did 2 rounds. Honest! Of course, the good thing is that I can actually stand on my hindlegs in the pool.

But need a bit of help getting out here. Big thanks to dog handler Selena for giving me a boost there.

Shake it off! You can see Yang Yang (Clubpets cover dog!) try his best not to get wet. Haha! The two of us are good friends.

Well, I had a blast! Hope to get back into the water real soon...bwahahaha!!!!

(Mummy: Benny had too much fun. The day after this, he played too hard and tried swimming. Ended up drinking so much "pool juice" that he got sick in the tummy. Vomited and had diarrhoea. He's well now, just needs to learn to mellow out. Yah... good luck to me in getting him to do that. )

What did she just say???? BAH. I'll just play without drinking the "pool juice". Can't be that hard. Oh, this saturday will be fun! We are having a mini-celebration to officiate the opening of Pawsitive Sensations! Yay!!! Ok, I better not get sick tomorrow. Must be on best behaviour. Got to show humans I care....I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!! =P


Barn2 said...

Proud of you Benny Boy! You worked hard at getting into the pool and you swam!!!. Well done. Tell you what: I wont snap at you next time if you promise me that you wont try to chew my ears....

Yang Yang said...

Whahaha,how in the world did my photo get there?

But you are right,Benny and i are bestiest friend!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny, we corgis only miss having longer legs when we have to do stunts like this! But hey, u are morphing into a water baby!