Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas 2010!

There's a secret santa present waiting to be opened over here in cold cold California.... BUT mummy & daddy are both away in Singapore. Bah! I have to be a good boy and wait. Mummy says that i have to be patient cos more presents are coming my way...really?

Why does it look like I attended the corgi pawty in Singapore? =D

Woot! Hi to my twin-brother-from-another-mother, Rusty! many presents from Dexter's family, Aunty Lorna & her gang of 5, Lucky's dad, Roo & Boo's family and Rusty's family! I'm so fortunate! I bet they are great gifts. I'm waiting patiently and I swear I was a good corgi boy all through the year. *promise* =P

Stay tuned! Mummy says she's gonna post photos of the pawty soon!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving! My very first all-american Thanksgiving was wonderful! My pawsome neighbor Aunt R invited me (and asked mummy and daddy to tag along) to her family's thanksgiving dinner this year. It was really very nice of her family to welcome us. =)

So here I am, being a well-behaved and good considering amount of enticing smells wafting through the air. I'm gazing at the kitchen...

The humans seemed impervious to my eye-power so I up-ped the power by channeling more signals through my huge, directional ears.

Whew, gotta take a rest. I'm sure I can bend these humans to my corgi will...a short break gazing out into the yard should be enough.

And its beginning to work! I got some humans' attentions but I keep my focus on those handling the food. *drool*

See my focus? I'm gazing at the lady at the oven. That's Aunty R's daughter! Her name starts with R too, so i'll call her small-aunty R. I'm willing her to OPEN THE OVEN DOOR!

How's that for POWER! Here's the turkey...

The stuffing in the turkey...

Potatoes, sweet potatoes and more stuffing...

So Aunty R started carving the turkey. That's uncle M helping her. And I'm helping her too...I'm the hoover. (unfortunately she's really neat. Nothing to hoover for me. Bah.)

Seriously, I mean, i was jobless. Nothing to hoover. Look at how clean the floor is.

Aw, come on small aunty R...gimme a lick, i mean gimme a job to do. =P (no such luck)

Well, here's some of the rest of the spread the humans got to happily eat.

And that's me, giving mummy my best sad puppy look. She's immune. I got one meesy lick of sweet potato...

Alright, honestly, i got more treats. I got my own dog treats to eat too and here's Aunty R feeding me...

And even a big hand came down from heaven to feed me! Oh wait...that's Daddy's hand. Good enough for me. =P

Well, the last thing the humans ate were the homemade pumpkin and pecan pies! I believe i managed to hoover a few crumbs off the floor at the end of the day. =)

Hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving! =)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Converting a cat lover...

First of all....Happy Thanksgiving! =) I will post about my thanksgiving dinner next time.

As promised, this post is about an old friend of mummy's (from primary to junior college days) who came to visit and stay with us a couple weeks ago. Aunty M is really a cat person. She loves and adores cats and is even a bit afraid of us doggies. So mummy tasked me to make her love dogs, or at least, love me. =)

Wasn't hard. I'm an old-hand at first, thing is to greet with a goofy enthusiastic face that says "I'm friendly!" Apparantly it was a little overwhelming so i had to tone it down and slowly hypnotise her with my eye-power. Watch this:

Aunty M, you will realise I'm totally harmless. Aunty M, you will now scratch my chest.

Now Aunty M, you will pat my head (incidentally, the first dog's head she's ever patted. =D ).

Now that I have her under my powers, i can look away and pose for a picture with her. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

She even got all up close and personal with me.

I like her. She would throw the ball and play with me too. She's nice. Hope to meet you again Aunty M! Last photo of 2 very tired people and one very skillful hypnotising corgi! *wink*

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Its Winter-Coat time!

I've been shedding like a mad-dog. Is it my fault? No way... =P Its the all-natural doggy response to the reduction in daylight hours. The horrid wet weather hasn't helped and the rain means the construction completion will be delayed. Ugh.

The trees have been changing colour which is kinda pretty.

The daffies in the yard got confused and bloomed 6 mths too early. Hee...

Mummy can't stand my crazy shedding so she sat me down and started furminating me. Phooey.

Evidence of my mountain of fur. =P

Seriously though...look at my eyes. I'm totally innocent of causing mummy's allergies since I didn't do it (on purpose anyway. hee...).

Next post will be about me fulfilling my duties to the dog-world and transforming a 110% cat-person into a dog-person. =D

Thursday, 11 November 2010

First reroofing?

Mummy's been pretty miffed lately. Our apartment estate is undergoing reroofing works and its been 2 weeks worth of dust and noise. They've finally started on our block yesterday which ended up with mummy sneezing like its spring.

Today, they tore off the old tiles and are hammering stuff everywhere. Thump thump...thump thump. Ever since 8am. =( The whole building shakes too. Yeah, I'm hiding under mummy's chair.

See the dirt that fell from the skylight which they are replacing... this is the sink.

This is just a small portion of the floor.

This is the skylight. You can see ALL THE DIRT its just holding up there. Arrgh.

Dear Lord, please help them to finish the works quickly. I can't go out into the yard too...not fun. =(

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Woohoo! My first Halloween!

Remember how I have that tuxedo and am a secret agent? =P
Well, Mummy said that since its Halloween, no one would believe that if I wear my tuxedo today for Dog Halloween Faire. Mummy even went around telling everyone and no one believed her! So i got to live it loud in my attire. =)

Here we are at Sunnyvale, almost at the Faire!

First costume we saw is this handsome Golden in a pumpkin suit. He was real sniffy...

Here we are! There's plenty of people here cos the farmer's market is just across the street.
See the green thingy? Its a guy in a Heineken beer bottle costume. So weird!

We even found a rebellion pilot!

A lady bird kid stared at me but I gave her a wink to deflect her off my secret identity. Can you spot Buzz Lightyear? =)

Oh, did i mention that in my secret agent outfit, I have special kits to help me. Like an Xray viewer! Here's proof:

We wandered around and even met creatures from another planet! EWOK!!!!

Well, gotta make the drop discreetly. A secret agent is always on duty.

And we are also always looking for new recruits! Think I scared him away though... Poor puppy.

Keeping a check for weapons...xray power again!

=) Ok, so my handsome good looks and oozing charm couldn't help but attract gals. Little red riding hood! She's a corgi too!

Think he is trying to be a bumble bee...wings a bit small though.

Found another bee...and...a bunch o' grapes. *slurp*

YeeeHAW!!! Cowgirl! Her owner was in costume too.

Love this dude. Mail-dog!

We even met a celebrity in the dog world! The world's ugliest dog!, Rascal! He was real friendly. Notice the sausage leash?

Now this dude was givin' us the EYE.... better move it along....

His gal wasn't so sharp though. =P

Arachnid alert! Oh wait a minute....a 12-legged spider?

This strange dude has feelers and buggy eyes.

I could've sworn an iphone was using an iphone to take a pic of me. THIS one is strange. Hippo right? With undies? I really doesn't know what to make of it.

This 2 are probably agents too. His handler is in "disguise". Green dragons....riiiite....

Quick! RUN!!!! Cruella da ville and edward scissorshands have teamed up! HIDE for furs-sake!

Whew. I made it...ran out and now am pooped.

Last shot of Sunnyvale! This is the Caltrain station. Its next to where we parked.

Back home I almost got my paws on the loot. Humans made me pose...but in my special suit, I have special hidden mind control powers.....

Heh heh....*arrgh* almost made it but I mistimed it and mummy snapped out of her stupor too early. Bah. =P

Happy Halloweeeeeennnn! *Hoooowwwwwl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*