Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Animals of Greece

So yah, this blog is about OTHER animals. Not me. OTHER dogs. Not me. =P

While Mummy and Daddy were away in Greece frolicking with other doggies I was at the kennel frolicking with other doggies. Not too bad. Their next trip, I get to stay with our nice neighbour! Yippie! Even better!
Back to the OTHER animals.

Doesn't he just look thoughtful?

Pigeons...are everywhere. This one is in Athens.

At Mykonos island, the resort hotel they stayed in was right next to this goat farm.

This little terrier mix was running freely at the pier. He was fast, running in and out of the water.

The famous Petros the Pelican.

On the beach while Mummy was away, a doggy came by in an attempt to take possession of the beach towel. Hee...

This is in Ephesus. The nicest most complete ruins. The dog there was fighting with the cat over kibbles that someone left on the floor.

And of course, Mummy missed me so she sneakily took a photo "with" the doggy. Haha!

Look closely. A dog is ON the ruins!

This is on Patmos. While Mummy and Daddy were indulging in Greek coffee, this little fella bounded into the store and was happily greeting everyone with his crazy tail. *wag wag*

Yah, he needs to lose a few pounds. =P

Cats....plenty of cats.... in Crete.

Another large dog just chilling outside a restaurant.

In the cruiseship they like to make animal towelshapes. This is obviously our fav. A doggy!

Yah, I think she missed me. Hee...

Even more doggies! Just chilling with the tourists.

Handsome BIG dog.

Yes. This is doo doo. Donkey doodoo.

They rode a donkey down the Santorini pathway. *smell the doodoo*

Poopy donkeys. =P

And finally a byebye from the friendliest looking scruffy fella in Athens!

I'm glad there were many doggies in Greece. It reminded Mummy of me. =D

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The wandering flower

Hey everyone! Mummy and Daddy came back from Greece recently and that explains why i haven't blogged in a while. The people at the kennel do not have the same abilities as mummy who receives my though shapes very well. Anyway, they (Mummy & Daddy) want to showcase the dogs they saw in Greece but before that post, I want to show you the wandering flower. =)

I'm not too sure what the flower was doing. I was asleep.

Seriously.....Zzzzzzzzzzz.....then my left nostril got itchy...

Something moved to my cheek.

My face stopped tickling but something went up towards my ear. Hmm...

Blasted flower! Stink-eye!

I quickly swatted it down to my paw...

And almost into my mouth. Slurp!

Yah, ok, just joking! I didn't eat the flower. =P

Until next time!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Where are my posts????

Mummy has been shamelessly drowning in work the past 2 weeks. But is that truly an excuse to not type out my thoughts for me? SERIOUSLY....

Anyway, in the meantime, here's a link to Tania's Blog. She's this cool Golden Retriever back in Singapore that gets her swimming and massage therapy from Pawsitive Sensations (our business). I kinda miss the van. We call it Sky...it has my smiley face on its bonnet.

Well, in the meantime, just to let you folks know, Mummy has a bunch of nicknames for me. Not as many as Gibson though.
  1. BenBen
  2. Poopy
  3. Smelly
  4. Doggers
  5. Froggers
  6. Proggers (mummy's current fav name for me)
  7. Stinky
  8. Handsome
  9. Ugly
  10. Dogbeeto (daddy's current fav name for me)
  11. Frogbeeto
  12. Oi
  13. Mr Prempy
  14. Frempy
  15. Crampy
  16. Dude
  17. Yan3 Tao2 (mandarin for handsome)
  18. Sleeping King
  19. Space Taker
  20. Drool Face
  21. Food Face
  22. SmartyPants
And just for the record...my official name is Benhur !Xobile Setho. Yah, wonder if they remember that.