Saturday, 22 September 2007

Cody the Gas-ser

A few days ago, Aunty Jace brought Cody over to the store to get a session of therapy to relief stress from the "husky attack" he encountered. For the account from Cody's point of view, read it here:

Anyway, he brought with him his brother, Chester and his friend, Nikka, from obedience class. They were cute but Cody was the most interactive and fun to play with. Chester was a "hider" and would sit under the chairs and watch was play. Nikka was a curious puppy. Very young i say.

Here's me spying Aunty Jace's bag for food with Nikka watching closely.

Here's Chester hiding under the chair...

This first video is of all of us trying to play together. See how every single one of our tails are waging and flailing in utter joy? =)

After a while, Mummy said that the massage session needed to start. So in went Cody and his parents into the treatment room. The session was good for Cody, but not so great for the humans in the same room. See, Mummy told me that Cody was bloated and with his digestion problem, she massaged and treated his stomach and intestine area. According to her, Cody was a fantastic patient and burped into his Mummy's face, then soon after passed a whopper of noxious gas into Mummy's face. Hahahahaha!!! That is the funniest thing I ever heard. Wish I was there to sniff it all. =P

Anyway, after all that massaging, Cody was allowed to play with me again! Yay!!! He was a happy camper and even ate one of the pieces of the pork loin done by Aunty Liz. Why is that amazing? He is the fussiest - pottiest- and now, gassy-est corgi around! Yah man...

Here we are roughing it out.

This is me with the upper hand.

This is Cody with the upper hand.

And here's the 2 of us just resting before the next bout. How fun!

Hope to meet Cody back here again soon...I can't wait! Miss you lots already Cody...just as I miss Dexter (saw him today!!!!). =)


Barn2 said...

Cody has quite a lethal weapon in his arsenal. Hee hee.
After we left your place today, we (Dexter, his parents, Mummy and I) went to Bishan dog run for the corgi gathering. We found another wrestling corgi : Ode aka the Shredder- who couldnt keep his jaws and paws off Dexter. Should have you, Cody, Ode and Chester together. What fun!
I will just stand by and bark you all on.....

Anonymous said...

Do you do massages for dogs only? How about other pets? Like bunnies?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny, yeah I had lotsa fun that day. Like i said in my blog, i m trying to brain wash my hooman to bringing me over to your place more regularly!

Anonymous said...

{Nikka was a curious puppy.}

Was? Dearly departed?

Benhur Xobile said...

Oh boy!!! Yah, it will be so much fun if all of us rough and tumble boys are together. Uncle Barn2 can bark orders at us from a distance. =P

Erm, Pawsitive Sensations ( specialises in massage therapy for dogs only. Sorry...bunnies not included, though i think i was called a bunny once. Hmm...

And of course Nikka is alive, healthy and well. She's a sweet pup!

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