Sunday, 29 March 2009

Coconut Invasion

A coconut walked into my home yesterday. There were greeting and neck biting. (sound like vampires huh!)

Anyway Coconut seems to be staying with us for a while until her mummy returns from a short holiday. I better get as much out of coconut! So yesterday made her chase me and wrestle with me until she ran out of steam! Watch the videos to see what i mean.

She sure does waste alot of energy hopping here and there don't you think? =P

Now that she's tired, she decided to sit next to the wall near mummy...

Here I am opposite her and sending her subliminal thoughts. I was asking her to move away cos that's my mummy and i want that spot.

Haha! I got the spot within 5 seconds...

Coco moved near the couch...then....

5 seconds later she fidgeted and moved to the other couch. Fidget fidget. Good grief. The whole time her super long tongue was out and dripping saliva everywhere! Arrgh!

See my tongue? Its only out abit. Boy can that girl pant these days.

And course, she fidgeted again and decided to sit in the middle of the floor...just 5 seconds later.

We commenced more wrestling. I had to show her who the boss of the house is!

She tries to flee....haha!

Gah! Open mouthes and flashy eyes! VAMPIRE corgis!

I win! Coco raised her paws in surrender. Heh. =D

Well, at the end of the day, we all sleep. Sleep is good...of course, i can jump on the bed so i'm there and coco has to settle for the floor. =P

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Christmas Fleece Ball

I got this pawsome fleece ball Christmas coloured toy from mummy last year. See it at my paws next to a rope toy mummy also bought for me?

I kinda like running around the house with the ball in my mouth. Sometimes i'd trick some silly human being into holding it and play tug with me...

Until, the fleece ball started to unravel! Oh no!

It totally fell apart. =( Gone. Whoosh. Its guts spilled out. So sad right? Here I am with the gutted fleece ball:

Yah, my tongue's hanging out. was "tasty".

I'm hoping that if i squeeze my eyes shut that a new ball will appear... Peek-a-boo!

Pity, it didn't work. I got the rope toy to play with now though. heh!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bully Sticks

What? Bully sticks? Sounds evil. Mummy said that she was going to let me try some bully sticks before i get to America (cos when i'm there, i'll get to eat even more!). Oh, and she also said that we can talk about what the bully stick is made of. =P You go find that out for urself. This is a PG-13 blogsite. Haha!

So anyway, there I was taking a snooze...when suddenly, something fell out of the sky! (ok, so i'm fell out of the ceiling then.)

I opened my eyes and whoa! Something edible! (pardon my goofy face. It happens when i'm "waking up".)

Dear Lord, Thank You for sending me this pawsome gift, a bully stick, this day. I shall praise Your Name forever! =)

Here's me drooling and salivating like there's no tomorrow. I've never eaten a bully stick before but the smell is soooooooo good!

Here's a breakdown of my gnawing technique. Try one side first - say the right jaw. Bite!

And bite! Never say die! (mummy: Please notice the little muscular "bump" on benny's cheek. Yes, that's his immensely powerful and well-trained jaw muscles! Hohoho!)

When the right jaw is tired, simply switch over to the left jaw. This is why the Good Lord has given us 2 sides to the mouth. =)

Use PURE BRUTE FORCE! I learnt this from my daddy, whom I miss very much.


This new treat thingy took me quite a good while to finish. This is me 5 mins later:

And more still 12 mins later.

Well, I managed to consume the treat in 15 mins or so. I bet I can do faster next time. I wonder when another stick will come my way... =P *wink wink*

An interesting raw hide treat that did leave me kinda tired. I give it 5 out of 5 paws for being earth-friendly, all natural and organic! My favourite so far!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tania the Tenacious

I'd like to introduce everyone to a very vocal and tenacious golden retriever. She's not even 1 year old yet and she already suffers from a rather aweful case of Hip Dysplasia on both hips. I really sympathise with her cos I have a mild case of HD on my left hip.

Tania was very fortunate to have been taken into the arms of a pawsome loving family. Her mummy makes very nice trinklets. You can find it at Trisha's Trove.

Here's Tania's "I'm SO innocent and angelic"face.

This is Tania's more usual happy-go-crazy expression:

Listen to her greeting vocals!

Tania's also obsessed with a few things in the store. One of them is the Bopper (the other is our green doggy bowl): rolls funny!

I love this video of her!

Until next time folks!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Will I miss coco-NUT???

Coco-NUT, that's the name of my sister corgi. She's very manja and likes to bug me, just like most little sisters i suppose.

And just like most younger siblings, they love to copy your behaviours. Watch her copy my facial expressions...

See? See? *good grief!*

Then as usual, she starts poking.

Whoa! Attack of the CocoNUT!

She's also got a thing for my ear flaps. Then again, I kinda taught her that wrestling technique. Heh. Here she aims for my right ear.

Oomph! She doesn't wanna let go!

She really doesn't wanna let go...oh boy.

I decide to roll over to yank my ear free. Good technique you know. =)

Watch this video. I'm really tired from all the day's activities here:

Grrr...teeth baring moment!

Alrighty little missy, let me show you who's DA BOSS!
(Eh, can anyone tell head from butt on coco? teehee!)

Yah! I'm winning! and without using the earflap technique on her too.

And this video shows me, Benhur, teaching cocoNUT a lesson after a good rest:

She's given up. Woohoo!

Yah, ok. I think I will probably miss my sister the little CocoNUT. Guess I'd better play with her more often in the next few weeks! =D