Saturday, 25 September 2010

My failed attempt at the City Fair

A really strange day started a few weekends ago. There was a nice fair going on in Mountain View that I went to last year. Mummy and Daddy was excited and packed me into the car and off we went. I had a funny feeling about the fair....

First photo opp, the super well polished fire engine. Very nice. Mummy was oogling at it for a while.

Well, it was a nice warm day and we strolled towards the fair.

I started my sniffing while daddy tried to get me to appreciate art.

Okok, we'll go YOUR way. Some nice people said hi to me and found me "cute". =P

Big photo number 2. Mummy wanted me to pose in front of this mega red car. Do I REALLY HAVE TO? *pleading eyes*

This is her best photo. I basically smiled and posed in all the wrong directions. =P Like I said, i felt weird being there.

More walking along the pavement... and then....

We had to leave. =( Boohoo...apparantly, the fair this year was declared as "No Pets Allowed". So sad. I wish all the dog owners would make sure their pets behaved responsibly. It was possible that some of the animals spoiled artwork and stuff at the stores or felt a mess of poop or something last year that made them declare it "pet free" this year. We didn't really see any very obvious signs and they were apologetic when asking us to leave. Still...

Note: Mummy always makes me walk to poo and pee before going to any fair and she doesn't let me sniff stuff (like benches and definitely nothing in the stalls). Guess not everyone is like that with they doggies. Boohoo....

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Yet another doggy day at the doggy park

I love going out to meet new friends! Like this fella, a pug. Mummy still finds them funny.

And there's 2 pugs in the small dog play area. Hee...they are healthy and lean too. Nice.

Well, first things first.

Erm...minor distractor. But I still have to pee. (and yes, i'm making a face)

With that done I shall proceed to take a look around.

Ooo! Interactive small dog!

Toy Poodle...


Think I scared them cos I'm bigger so I hopped on to the large dog play area and yes, i peed in front of the poop bag post.

Time to scout the area!

One big black dog.

Oops...i'm surrounded!

Whereever i went, I was followed. Whereever I peed, it was peed over. boohoo!

Ooo! Brave small dog in big dog area! BARK!!!

Great, i got his attention.

Think I can get his owners' attention too!

Success! Rub a dub dub!

Here's a good looking Golden!

I got his owner's attention too. Hee...

And of course, whilst quenching one's thirst, one should get as much human attention as one can get. =)

Yep, I love the dog park.

Who wouldn't? =)
*click on panorama for larger view*

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Its been a crazy time! The day I got back from the kennel (which was the day after mummy and daddy got back from Greece) I was told something about Fumigation. The next week, some of the apartments started looking covered.

Thought I smelt something funny...

Nice colours don't you think?

These are the fumi-people.

Yawn...i thought it was no big deal. Then....

Mummy said we had to leave for a few days too. Eh???

This was on our door the morning we had to go.

And off to Motel 6 we went! They are a dog friendly motel. The room was big enough and I quickly found my fav sleeping spot.

Slept as much as I could between the long walks Mummy tried to take me on.

Thankfully it was only for 2 nights. Whew, got my space back. =)