Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hiking at a Park! Wee! For Fathers' Day!!!

Fathers' Day we went out! Daddy and Mummy and I went to this nice park called Arastradero Park. Uncle M came too cos he needed some sun to help him fight his cold.

Here I am staring at this gigantic Park Ranger truck. Cool eh?

And off we go!

Look what I found! Its the Mother-lode of all dung!!! Wow!!! Isn't it ...impressive???!?!??!?!?!
(Mummy: we kept stumbling into large piles of horse dung along the way. This park is open to equine use too.)

I'm so impressed. Here's a close up!

Here's what most of the scenery looks like... Nice lush open fields... Its full of foxtails though so I wasn't allowed to run through it. Mummy says that the seeds will likely poke my eyes and hurt me.

The start of our hike.

The pause in our hike. =P

We had quite a long uphill walk. I was so tired that I stopped the moment I found shade. Here's me giving Mummy the "Aren't-I-smart?" look.

Eep....squint squint. Its bright.

Looky here! I met a Shiba Inu (i think?) or a german Spitz (maybe?) along the path. We exchanged sniffs and greetings.

His humans were friendly and liked me! They wanted to get a corgi someday...and one with the tail intact too. Heehee!

Further down the path we see a mysterious tree stump. So artistic looking eh?

Yay! Posing with my Daddy!

And posing with my Mummy!

Family portrait!!!

And here's me with Uncle M. =) Hmm...two really goofy looking guys!

Whew. Here's my face away from the wind look. It sure is bright isn't?

Walking with Daddy is wonderful...except when every one else is so far behind! Come on Mummy, hurry up! Alphamale is walking off!

Dum dee dum... just moseying along with Daddy...

Daddy: You looking at me? You looking at me?
Benny: Doh...eh? What? *squint squint*

On the path back, we saw horsies...

we met this ultra-fit cyclist dude 3 whole times (and that is him circling us 3 times obviously)...

Okie dokie...last pose next to the signpost. =)

Hope to do this again soon! Yay!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

My moments with Daddy

I still can't get enough of the Alpha-Male in my pack. I find it such a privilege to get personal time with my daddy.

See? I'm watching him...watching him eat chips....YUM!

Ok, so he did scold me once and give me a "Do-Not-Even-Think-About-It" look. =P

Sometimes we play! Here I am with my invitation to Daddy to play.

Right...i forgot to smile...

Not enough..better get up then...

Look cute and wag the fox tail! Yeah! Okay!!!


The play so so so much fun that i knocked out soon after that...in my personal corner.

A good snooze in Benhur's Corner. =)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My First Corgi Mtg in Mt View

Last weekend Mummy and Daddy slept in late and we almost missed the corgi meet up at Shoreline Dog Park. Whew, fortunately they really moved fast and we got there in time to see to many doggies!!! New friends, pee, poo...sand...dirt... =P

Here's the sign at the parking lot... park park park.

Mummy and I stare at the huge fenced in area! This side is the small dog area...

Admittedly, i got too excited and let go before i even made it to the gate. But hey, i always got more! =)

We entered the large dog area first. There's so many different kinds! I never met many of these breeds before and they were all nice and friendly. Mummy even got a few kisses from some of them! (Mummy: its ALOT OF DROOL!!!! =P But they really are very friendly.)

Check this out! A watercooler for humans...and one for dogs! This was the pawsomest thing! You guys back home in Singapore should tell the NParks people to install this. =D

Oooo! Corgi alert! Everyone there thought i was a Cardigan Corgi cos of my tail. hee...mummy had to explain several times that i'm pure pembroke (ok, so i'm tall with a tail and extra large ears...but really. i am a pembroke) and i was born in Australia after they banned tail docking. So i got to keep my foxy tail. Like it? I love it!

See the little fella on the right of the pic? Isn't he brave? hee...

You smell my pee...I smell your pee...

Oh, meet Rondel (i think that's how to spell his name). He was "stalking" me for a while... exit stage left...

Exit stage right....

Run over to catch a quick drink! Slobber drool!

Time for some roughhousing with Rondel.

Whoopy! I miss this type of play. =P

I was having so much fun i had to do the rub-a-dub-dub!

Here's a close up of Rondel's head. He knew how to walk over to Mummy and ask for hugs. Cute fella. Hope to meet and play with him again soon!

Well, after all that excitement, i took a second poo (Mummy: fyi, he did a 3rd and 4th one too soon after). Erm, i seem to be feeling a strong piercing stare at my behind.... anyone else see it?

Oh, i peed at that fence too...not more than seconds later, these 3 fellas came by. The black lab took a wee over my wee. Bah.

Then he kicked up a nice sand storm...hee...funny!

Mummy said we gotta go to the small dog area soon so I checked out the picnic table first. Guess why? =P

Okok, time to go!

Oh look! More corgis! All Pembrokes with the cute short tail.

Look at these two...aren't they cute???? They are so small (like 75% my size) but they are also my age! And they are ball obsessed!


Daddy loves this pic. Flying corgi!

Hmm...why are they running towards me?

Happy corgis with long tongues.

Finally everyone got tired and these two are so smart they sat in the shade.

Well, it was a lot of fun. I ended it with a nice trip home and shower cos mummy said i rolled in the sand. Phooey.