Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dental Kong Review

Daddy's been really busy the past week...poor daddy. I can see he's been rather stressed at work so I try to be a good boy and I have been! (Even Mummy was told by Daddy that I've been an angelic doggy to daddy.) No new pics for this problem!

I shall do a product review on the DENTAL KONG! So i got one a couple months ago...something about flossing my teeth? (my breath is fine thanks.)

Over the next couple hours I got to learn the techniques on how to play with this toy. It is pretty neat! First things need to catch it!

Gotcha! Then u proceed to....

Pulling! If you grab it at the rope part it slides in your mouth. Mummy mentioned the word flossing...but which dog does that?!?!?! (*wink*)

Finally the rubber part. Its nice and soft and you can get good grip here for a great game of tug-o-war!

Sometimes you get can rest while holding on. And even lean if your human holds on to the other end.

Or, you can simply plonk your body on the floor while keeping the toy in your mouth for good measure.

Of course, the occasional need to lick one's lips and recharge the saliva in the mouth results in losing possession of the toy.

And it's back to the game of patient waiting to grab the toy at the opportune moment...

Wait for it....wait for it...


And of course....TUG-O-WAR ALL OVER AGAIN!

I actually really like this we confer 5 paws out of 5 for this pawsome tug toy! =D

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My busy week!

I've been having a good time with daddy...he tries to bring me places with him when he can. =) 

So here I am visiting Uncle Joe's nice apt. Pardon the facial expression. =P I was trying to keep a straight face cos uncle Joe is just...hmm...yah, let's leave it at that. Hee. He was nice to let me in his apt and fur up the place. =D

Daddy always brings me to Pet Club. The best dog store ever! Sometimes I find kibble just lying around. Isn't that pawsome?

On the way to shoreline we always pass by Google HQ. See their new colourful bikes? I love the happy bright colours!

At shoreline of my fav walks. The weather is best this time of year!  (Wonder if we'll go camping this year....)

On the return trips we usually walk the bottom gravel path and I get to explore a wee bit....hmm...wee...wee....

Ah ha! I found the PERFECT PEE / WEE SPOT! =D

Oh, daddy got tickets from his boss to go see a ballgame...pity I couldn't go with.

On a different day, I got to have fun at the dog park! 

I found some neat bigger dogs to run and bark with!

Just good pals hanging out! =)

I wonder what Mummy's been up to....

Monday, 16 May 2011

I got featured!!!

Wowie...I'm so honoured! Aunty Laurie picked me to get featured on her pawsome blog today!

What more can a corgi want?!?!?! (Ok, that's an unfair statement. Food is the rhetorical answer. =P) But seriously though, I really feel blessed to be featured on her blog and I am also very blessed to have loving bipeds to take care of me.

If you order stuff from Amazon through her link, she awesomely donates 25% of the proceeds to CorgiAid! We love you very much!

Here's a big corgi nose stub of thanks just to you!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mummy not here....but Daddy is pawsome!

Yes...once again, mummy has vanished from my presence and is drowning in work in Singapore. No time to update my blog. I have so many old memories i want to put up here and someday make a blog book...but hey, i need fingers to do the typing! Big corgi paws don't do so good on the keyboard.

So anyway, I decided to skip the outdated for this particular post cos I want to say how pawsome Daddy has been to me! I wuv him! =D

Daddy brought me out to Fairoaks Park but I shall remember it as the 4-Poop Park. =P

Here I am wondering where can I go poop next....

Giving you my best friendliest face!

Now, back to the normal program!

There's a skate park but I was bz getting my 4-count. =P

And even a baseball park! *stare*

Well, pooping is exhausting work you know. So home we went and mummy got a surprise in the mail! I put on my most serious face and presented it to her...

Tahdah! WaterWorks course completion certificate! Yippee! =)
(ok, so my paws look funny...)

Hope I get Mummy to be a bit free-er soon so that i can update all the now rather stale news...but memories are memories and they shld be recorded! =)