Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The transformation of Pawsitive Sensations

I was sitting at the store today when Mummy told me about how the whole place looked 2 months ago before I was brought to the store. I think it sounded kind of awesome pawsome to see the business change from home to store. So here's a short tribute to my business, Pawsitive Sensations.

Here's the business when it was done home-based. Monty was the first regular patient here at Pawsitive Sensations. He has since improved with a happier personality, brighter coat and walks well now. He has also learnt to tolerate sweet little me when I lick his face. =P

Here's me at my daily walk around the compound. Ooops...not related to the business. Sorry. Haha.

Anyway, here's the store that I didn't get to it is in the middle of renovations. There's no glass door, glass wall or window! Haha! I wish it's like that now so that I can come and go as I wish. =P

This is after we painted the interior (by ourselves with help from family and friends!). Moving in some furniture.

Here's Daddy sweeping the floor. Look at all the stuff on the counter. This was the night before we opened. =P

This is the mini retail stand of the products we carry. =)

And lastly, this is me! I pose in the store and try my best to look cute and lovable. Am I doing well? =) Come visit ok?

And here's what I do after a hard day's work... =)

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Anonymous said...

Benny, as an official working partner of Pawsitive Sensations, you should have a uniform or scarf of sorts. Your mummy wears a nice K9 Kampus T shirt. Do the working K9s there like you have a way of showing that you are the mascot/partner of the unit you represent?
-Aunty L

Yup, missed you today young Benny....Barn2 (heh heh)