Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas is Coming Soon!

Today Mummy came home in the afternoon and whisked me off to work! I was so happy to see her! I noticed that the store looks different, its so festive and happy looking, like as if there's going to be presents and pawties... =P

See the decor???

Ok, i opened the door to show u a clearer pic.

Me posing with "Merry Christmas" decorations. =D

Me with nice Mr Snowman. Mummy loves this decor that she got a few years back in usa. Sentimental values you know...

Ooo! Pokey and I got stockings! Tons of thanks to Aunty Lorna! (*Hint!!!! Stockings!!!!*) =D

Haha! I can smell the fun and excitement in the air...I love it! *wink*

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lucky the "Princess"

We used to call little Lucky, THE PRINCESS. Ha! I think that title has since expired and I'll call her Lucky the Terrible. =P

She came to visit a few days before mummy and daddy left on vacation and here's my report on what happens when Lucky's in my house. First, she walks like she owns the place. Then she pees here. And pees there. She's smart...she pees on the newspaper first then pees elsewhere after that. Haha! Oh, there's more. She poos anywhere but the newspaper! She pooed in the living room and the balcony too. I think she was marking. Boohoo...the house is mine leh... *wail*

Anyway, here's Lucky spying out the powerplug in the living room.

Here's Lucky staring at mummy and daddy's room, probably wondering what havoc she can create! =P

Alrighty, I'm watching you...

In she goes to the kitchen...

I follow...

and when we get out, wrestling match! Arrgh! She's winning!!! (Mummy: ok, Benny's spinning some crazy story but truth is, Benny realised that if surrendered often then Lucky would keep playing with him.) (And Lucky is very cute and not as "terrible" as he depicted. Not that terrible. Haha!)

Let me show you my laser eyes!

Here's a video of one of our wrestling matches:

By the end of the day, I look like this.

Yah, she was exhausting! =P Aunty Linda, Coco, don't you agree??? =D

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dog Dvd Review: Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership Series

Wowie! Some really nice people sent us the 3 DVD Box Set by Uncle Cesar Millan. He is a well-known dog whisperer who understands us doggies very well and helps humans to understand their doggies, especially those who seem to be behaving badly.

Here's the Box Set. On the cover Uncle Cesar is with some really good looking dogs eh?

As mentioned, there are 3 DVDs. Volume 1 is on "People Training for Dogs", Volume 2 is on "Becoming a Pack Leader" and Volume 3 is on "Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond".

Here Mummy is using me as a DVD stand?????

I feel like a DVD model. Is that a good thing? =P

On to the DVD... its really easy to watch. Nothing too tedious or heavy to learn. Uncle Cesar mainly tells the humans that we are DOGS, not HUMANS. Haha! I think Mummy has been trying to tell that to some owners already (erm...Barn2, ask ur mummy to watch this? =P). He also emphasizes about the importance of exercising us doggies, giving us the necessary amount of discipline and then loving us like crazy. In that order of course. =)

I love how Uncle Cesar repeats the important facts throughout the whole series. Calm assertive behaviour is critical by the humans in order for us doggies to follow you as the pack leader. Uncle Cesar doesn't act too aggressive at all (unless absolutely necessary) and he doesn't use human words to speak to the doggies. Its quite amazing.

Mummy's favourite parts were where there were actual cases and doggies being shown - mainly vol 2 and 3. In particular vol 3 cos it was about adopting new doggies into homes and how Uncle Cesar advises to do it. Again, he points out rather critical issues about establishing leadership from the get go and how to select a dog that has the same or lower energy level to the family. I now know that Mummy and I are perfect for each other cos we are both medium energy level beings. Haha!

I wish Uncle Cesar would come and visit us someday in person and not just a boxset dvd eh?

See Uncle Cesar? I'm a good Corgi. I listen to mummy and daddy quite well. I think my patience for all the posing speaks for itself doesn't it. =D (ok, so i was duped into thinking a treat was coming my way)

Did someone say TREAT???

This DVD Box set is an excellent gift for anyone who is a doglover, regardless of whether you've had a dog for a long time or are going to be a new dog owner. There is something for everyone to learn and it will be of great benefit to you and your dog as a family/pack unit.

Overall, this awesome pawsome dvd gets 4.5 paws out of 5 from me. We only wish that there were a few more doggy case studies added to the extras/special features portion of the dvd. =)

You can get it at and it comes with a bonus DVD too. =)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mummy and Daddy are Home!

Hey everyone,

I know its been quite a while since my last blog update. I blame Mummy. She went away to some other country that has tons of sand and old buildings with some shaped like a triangle thing.

Well, at least she took some pictures of doggies in that country. (Mummy: Uh, the country in question is Egypt btw.) The doggies look so comfy and chilled out! I wonder if they would've played with me? Oh, and I noticed how their ears are flopped over. Isn't it funny?

Eh? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooh, my herding instincts are kicking in!

This doggy is just sleeping in front of a row of ram statues...zzz...

Just resting on the floor... See the floppy ears?

Baby goat on donkey? Eh?

Here's one just mingling with the crowd!

And here's a mummy doggy roaming a rest stop. She was real nice but a bit shy.

Humph, guess i'll have to work hard on convincing mummy and daddy to bring me WITH them on their next vacation huh!
(Mummy: Benny had a nice vacation of his own staying with his grandparents who showered him with love, attention, food and plenty of walks!)