Sunday, 31 August 2008

My TV Debut and Trip to Botanic Gardens

Announcement!!! Me, Benhur !Xobile Setho, will be making my tv debut this Tuesday on Channel U at 8pm. The show is called On The Beat 3. You may remember that last year we almost got featured on season 2 of the same show but last minute it wasn't shown. Fortunately, we got a better shoot this season and this time its at the store! Yippie!

Here's Mummy (yes, ok, she's also in the show) with the 2 hosts:

So do catch us on tv yah? (Mummy: Oh bother. Yes, we were on the show and with my skeletal standard of Mandarin I essential stumble conversationally. Haha. =P Malu-ed.)

On to something else...Mummy brought me out to Botanic Gardens last week. THe weather was great, but I had to pose for SO SO SO many photos!






Enough of posing!!!

We went home and I knocked out...

With floating feet too! =P

Friday, 22 August 2008

R & B (Part 2)

And now to continue the story of R & B. Here we add in another youngster, Coco who recently turned 1.

Coco is what my mum likes to call an Alligator Corgi. She plays the alligator game. Poke poke poke (and its really fast too!). See how I squint my left eye as she tries to poke me?

Gah!!!! Alligator attack!!! Help!!!

Meanwhile Roo and Boo watch on. Roo whined incessently so Mummy let him join in our game.

Yeah! I get to show Coco how to wrestle properly instead of just poking.

Oh dear, Roo is getting double teamed by us. Coco's real smart and learns fast. She immediately attacks little Roo.

But hey! You can't play wrestle with Roo and try and poke me at the same time! =P

Meanwhile Boo lies down quietly and watches us go crazy with each other...

Roo "pun-jaik" first. And as you can see, Coco is in a "ready-to-launch" stance.

After an eventful day, Roo, Boo and I rests quietly at home. Zzzzzz.........................

Here's Boo's zombie face

Well, I really had a great time. See my face? Hope to meet them all soon again! Corgis rule!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

R & B (Part 1)

No, I'm not into music but R&B is a shortform for Roo & Boo - 2 puppy corgis! Roo is a sable pembroke pup who is about 7 months old. He is the brother to Dopey (if you remember Dopey). Boo is a black and white pembroke pup who is 5 months old. She is a feisty one and she barks very loudly. Roo is more whiney than her! =P

Here's photos of them in my home when they came to visit. =D This is Roo (left side).

This is Boo (right side). These 2 make it hard to take photos cos they can't sit still. Haha!

Arrgh! Upon meeting these 2 pups, they were full of energy and it burst onto me. Roo and Boo keep double teaming on me. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty kids, time for me to teach you a lesson!

Heh! They run out of stamina...I win! Here they at snoozing at the store.

More to come in the next blog entry where we throw in Coco (just turned 1 year old!) into the foray of the corgi mess! Woohoo!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Dog Massage Video in Singapore!

Hi everyone!

This short entry to let everyone know about the latest project Mummy has since completed with a team of people.

Do take a look at Dog Massage Singapore and spread the news around to those who have a dog. They can learn the basic relaxation massage techniques and sequences from the video and Mummy's the one who teaches it, right here in Singapore! =)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Monty's nice Mummy (MnM)

I was told by my mummy to title this about Monty's nice Mummy. She's a nice lady...I like her cos she normally feeds me ALOT. But on this ocassion, I wasn't there!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I missed the pawty. (grrr...mummy!!!!!!! How's could u???? *bawl*)

Ok, fine. I shall take this opportunity to intro you to the corgis and the one collie. The collie is of course, Jazze. Monty's sister in the house. Chloe just joined the family and is the larger of the 2 red and white pembrokes (besides Monty). The smaller one is Lucky. The sable puppy is Roo and his new sister in the household is Boo, who is the black and white one. No need to intro Monty right? =P

Alrighty, where shall we start. Oh, its just while Monty's nice mummy (MnM) is out of the store buying the meat balls for all the doggies that Roo and Boo come to the store and check out Lucky. Sniff...sniff...

They corner her to under the chairs. Here's a beautiful butt shot.

"Come out and play" says Boo, who flops on her back.

Roo gets notices that MnM is coming back! and Lucky takes a peek!

And it starts! The feeding frenzy. Here's the names of the dogs in order of "head" position from Top to Bottom: LUCKY, JAZZE, CHLOE, MONTY, BOO, ROO

Do you notice that Lucky is perpetually on MnM's lap so that her face is nearest to the plate? Wah!!!! That's MY SPOT!!!! Also, note how calm Monty is and he patiently waits his turn.

I love this photo. All eyes on the fork and the meatball on its end! =P *drool*

Watch this video. I must say that MnM has excellent group doggie feeding skills as she smoothly sweeps the fork around the "hopefuls" until it reaches the correct doggie.

Well, I'm must meet the MnM again soon. I miss her and I sure hope she misses me! =P

Monday, 4 August 2008

Hazy Home

Mummy has been sneezing non-stop lately, could be all the ash, haze, dust that's been stirring around. =( She even has a teeny fever so there hasn't been any blog updates for the past week.

"Dear Lord, I pray that Mummy will be healed soon. I miss her (she spends most of her time sneezing and sleeping). Please take care of Mummy, thank you Lord." - Benny's Prayer