Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My Name's Origin

Mummy was reading out Cody's blog entry to me the other day and told me I got tagged to explain the meaning of my name. So....ok, here it is:

My full name is Benhur !Xobile Setho. There's the first name, the middle and the last name. I shall explain the easy stuff. The last name is my Daddy's surname, so I got no choice. Poo. =P

My nickname is Benny, which is short for Benhur. Apparantly, Mummy wanted to get a corgi and was obsessed with our larger than life feet. In her crazee human mind, she got inspiration from the Gladiator movie Benhur and somehow related the main character, Benhur, with big feet and thus I got stuck with the name. If u don't get it, neither do I. I mean, this is me when I was young. Do I look like a Gladiator to you??????

As for !Xobile...that's a good story. Fans of Russell Peters would understand. He's a cool standup comedian; Mum and Dad are fans. His !Xobile joke had them in stitches and since we corgis are clowns at heart, guess we are destined to have goofy names. Its pronounced with a click of the tongue - "Dlock" (???). So its (click tongue)- Bee- Leh. No saying of the "x" and the "!" is the click. Bwahahaha! So there u go, my name's story. Whew.

Anyway, 9th July was my Mummy's birthday!!! What I remember most about the day was the CAKE!!! I mean, it tasted so great! (Mummy: Hagan Daaz mango sorbet chocolate cake!!!) The humans let me lick like 2 flicks of the mango. But it was great!!! I wish birthdays came around more often. =P


Ume said...

Benhur is a macho name! but i admit i dun quite get the big feet connection.
oni 2 flicks of the cake? dats juz not enough!

wally said...

Very interesting story about your name! And lovely photos. You were a cute puppy but I like the last picture the best!

Happy burpday to your mom!