Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (2008) PART 2

Boy oh Boy! I actually got MORE pressies. And this year, mummy was nice enough to buy me loads of toys from overseas. Hee! She must love me very much! =)

Is this just awesome? I got nice fluffly toys and more food and more chewing stuff...i tell you, i am in heaven! Ok, the temporary heaven but i'm a happy doggy!

I admit, I got distracted posing for this picture...the ropes smelt great to drool on...

Cheese! The doggy reindeer toy on the left is from a friend of daddy's. I think the gift is for mummy actually so I'm not allowed to drool on it or chew it. The other rope and fluffy ball toys are from mummy! *salivating has started!*

Dear God, I hope there's a great nice colourful and edible gift in here...

Look! Its from Pokey! (aka Coco)

Heyhey! Prayer answered!

In fact its more than answered! I got another colourful edible chewing thing from Lucky and the nice dehydrated home-made treats are from Zeus! thank you all!!!!

Ok, here's the weird part. Aunty A (Roo and Boo's mummy) bought a pair of reindeer antlers for me. Eh...why are they infront of my ears? And why is that blasted doggy soft toy giving the mischeivous grin at me????

Ah...that's better. The antlers are BEHIND the ears. Mine are red, his are green. I think I look better. ;)

Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for everything and God Bless!
(loads of hugs, noses and drools....from Benny)

Monday, 22 December 2008

My Christmas Beach Pawty and BBQ?

Monday the 22nd of Dec 2008 was a really strange day. First Mummy disappeared in the morning and took a long time to come home. I thought I did something wrong...BUT it was actually a SURPRISE!!! =D

She came back with Uncle Z (mummy's older brother) and Aunty J (good friend from church) and Aunty J's dog, Snowy (a jap spitter...oops i mean a jap spitz. hee!).

Anyway, one would expect to go out soon after friends come over right? Or play or SOMETHING....but no...we doggies had to wait while the humans did whatever they were doing. Luckily for aunty J, she was doing something with FOOD! Yippie! So i waited with her. Here she is giving a grin while preparing the food.

Think she will notice me?

How about if I face her and drool on her right foot?

Phooey...this human is too well-controlled. No food from the heavens here...and besides, mummy is watching closely.

After quite a long wait, we suddenly piled into the car. Mummy drove towards daddy's work place and when his work was over, he joined all of us in the car! Oooo!!!!

It was then that I knew we were going somewhere...somewhere FUN! And tahdah! It was back to the beach once again at Sentosa. Daddy was a great daddy and he changed out of his work clothes to join me in the water. See? We are both wet!

I now declare that I'm a lover of the waves and the sea! See me pulling daddy into the water? I'm a waterbaby! Woohoo!

Quack quack!

See? I'm such a good swimmer now! I bet many aunties and uncles are proud of me. =)

Here i am semi-submerged / semi-surfaced.

What? Mummy? Did you say food?

Chey, bluff me. I'll just swim somemore.

Getting tired now. Daddy has to help me occasionally. Its the short legs lah...not efficient for swimming u know.

Look at my little to swim like dat???

This is me listening to daddy. He is getting me to sit still so that the waves can lap over me. On the left is auntie J trying to con Snowy (temporarily aka Bolt...see it?) to go into the water. Haha!

Whoosh! Water over me...and uh, yah, Snowy running away.... hee!

I decided to be a good boy and tell Snowy that swimming is fun!

Soon enough I got tired. Cos I also ran along the beach in the sand alot...whew! Tiring stuff! Here's my tired face.

I promptly rolled around in the sand first. How's my sandy face?

How about this handsome angle? =)

Haha! Aw...thanks. I'm cute? =P

How about Snowy's wet look?

Isn't she SMALL????

We soon got rinsed off as best as the humans could manage, then it was back home for a proper shower. Then suddenly we smelt food! It smelt heavenly...thoroughly! yummmmm....

The human men (daddy and uncle L) were making fire. Aunty J hovered around, impatiently waiting to cook her nicely marinated chicken wings and kebabs. Snowy spent most of her time glaring and growling at the neighbour cat (looked strangely like Mittens) and as you can see, I waited patiently while staring hard at the humans and their food.

Status quo.

See the food? Well, Mummy made sure that I didn't get anything except a wee bit of lettuce and some dried doggy chicken breast treats. Which were all great...except, i mean, you know, it didn't smell like what THEY were eating. Phooey.

Happy humans!

Ultimately it was a long but eventful and happy albeit tiring day. THe humans mumbled something about bringing a full change of clothes the next time they bring us and also towels for the dogs and humans. There was also further murmuring about the amount of food, soy sauce and charcoal. Oh and three tongs.

I bet they'll forget. =P

I hope that we do this again soon! Especially the beach portion! Daddy .... I LOVE YOU!!!! *hinthint*

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Pressies!!! (2008) PART 1

This year Christmas pawties were great fun and the presents I got were even better! Mummy got some too and when she's happy, I'm happy too. Teehee! =)

The first batch of gifts I'm posing with actually had gifts with doggy or corgi motifs if they weren't edible. So I think they all rock! (just that I can't really use them eh? Mummy says they are all the pawsomest gifts ever!)

What? Mummy? Did you say that one bag has stuff for me? Which one?

Tah Dah! Here I am with the nice edible greenie crocs and a tough rubber bone for me to gnaw on. Yay! THey are from Hammer's mummy.

Isn't this cool? I can't eat it though cos its Choc Chip Cookies.

Here's a close up. THe corgi in the picture is actually Rusty!

Here are the presents unwrapped.

See all the doggy designed items? Isn't it just cool? Those are from Monty, Jazze and Chloe's mummy.

And this cute musical box with a corgi on the lid is from Hammer's mummy. Thank you so much! The tune is plays is "When you wish upon a star" and here I am getting a bit sleepy from listening to the tune.

And then I said a prayer to God... please send more pressies to me... and when I looked down... Weehee!!! I got more stuff!

I'm trying to look calm...

Haha, can't help it. I broke out into a big smile. I got stuff from auntie Lorna and sasha's mummy and Hammer's mummy. (big hugs!)

ANyway, big thank you to everyone for all your generous gifts and hugs and smiles! I am a very happy doggy and my mummy is a very happy human too! =)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

2008 Year End Pawty!

Saturday was rather different. Mummy decided to arrange the year-end pawty then and she didn't tell me. We wanted to invite the whole world of doggies but cos the shop is kinda small we had to restrict the number of attendants. Bah. I think i'll tell mummy to get a big big stadium next time. =)

Anyway, I will attempt to tell the story of what happened (oh and the photos are going to be bigger than usual too)... here goes:

We woke up super early this morning and went to work. I found Coco behind bars and joined her there.

The store had new signs declaring that a pawty was going to happen...

But before that we had to attend to Monty and Jazze's massage (Monty was ill earlier this week. Thank God that he has since recovered.) Can you see the 3 of them, including Chloe, staring at their human?

Us jail-dogs watching the massage...

New pawty guest! Lucky! Pokey went straight to work and I stayed out of the girls way. Dangerous you know...

Coco's showing Lucky where to hide safely.

Lucky usurps the position while I distracted Coco!

Hey you! No space!

Wait here comes another guest - Hammer! The schnauzer.

Come on over to the dark side Hammer! (Mummy: notice how much taller Benny is. Gee whiz!)

Hammer was wearing the angel costume but once he was in the darkside...

The angel costume came off and he joined us! Bwa hahaha....
Oh, there's another guest that Hammer's checking out - Rusty. You might get the two of us mixed up, but Rusty has a bob tail and he is fluffier.

Meanwhile, Monty has smiling happily and sitting on uncle Eugene's lap.

Back to the dark side - there's Hammer, little Lucky, Rusty staring at Hammer, Coco giving cute face and me (face blocked, but can see tail).

Heyhey! What do you think of my bowtie? =D

Finally, we have Roo, Boo and Paulo. All came together! You can see Boo staring at the daddy and her head is above Paulo's butt.

And here's Roo with Boo standing up to get something. Can you see Paulo's Adidog shirt? Isn't it just pawsomely cool????

Soon Mummy shouted for everyone to file outside for the group photo. Right...this was chaos and near impossible.

I was a good boy (after all daddy was taking the pictures). Roo and Boo chilled out next to me. Don't we look just great together?

Ok, say CHEESE! Almost perfect except for Jazze and Chloe staring off into the distance and Lucky giving us the backside. (Click on the photo to enlarge).

ANd then... a miracle! A great and picture pawfect photo! Yay!!!

Ok, time for a pee break. Everyone spread out!

Sniff sniff... pee pee...

Erm, notice the wet road. Its sloping downwards too so its a kind of a pee-fall. Haha!

Daddy calls this Chloe's alpaca look. Hee... i think its cute.

Paulo's giving a hamburger face with reindeer "horns" while the alpaca is sniffing him and Jazze's all zen-ed out.

Once everyone did what they had to do, we went back in for air-con and the pawty gift packs were distributed. Feeding time!

Uncle James, Rusty's daddy, was so happy and so was I!!!

Here we are all scouring the floor for scraps. *drool*

Look at greedy Lucky's contented face and Roo's tongue-in-nose lick! Yum!

Time for the mandatory butt shot. Let's sniff, from L-R: Boo, Roo, me (tail), Rusty (nice round bob tail), Hammer, Lucky

Oh, and not to forget Rusty trying to dominate Hammer. He tried his best but Hammer was a force to be reckoned with. =P

Another manic look in Rusty's eyes.......

Oh my. Erm, kinda crowded isn't it? Mummy told me this is like going to computer fairs.

Oh, nearing the end of the pawty. I smell food! The humans are eating!

And there are fruits! Can we have some?

Well, that's it for the photos and "report". By the end of the day I was so tired and sleepy but happy and full too. Thank you to everyone for coming and also for the pressies...that's in the next post. =)

Hope ya'll had a blast!