Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Road Trip!!! (To Monterey)

The weekend started with a great anticipation! I saw Daddy at home and Mummy and grandma and Uncle M were all in the same place and there was packing..i saw some treats being packed, and drinks... then my leash came out! Woohoo! ROAD TRIP!!!

We piled into the car then drove and drove and drove straight into a traffic jam. Bah! Took us an extra 1 hour to get out of it. =P

This is me making faces at mummy while we are waiting in the traffic jam. Daddy's driving of course.

After a looooooooong wait, we FINALLY got to Monterey and first important thing to do was EAT! Lunch at luigi's. Hee...see me under the chair? I got a personalised slave to carry my personalised bag of stuff. Bwahahaha!

Oops. Sorry mummy, i was daydreaming. I love u Mummy!

Here we are! Having a nice meal alfresco style. Its really cold there but there's a well situated heater right above our table.

The humans were kept busy eating and watching artists on the pavement.

Nice view eh?


Finally after they finished filling their tummies we took a short walk. SHORT cos it was freezing! =P Quick pose...outside the sand dollar shop.

Quick pose 2 with Daddy!

I made friends with nice tourists too! =)

Here we are...a walking...

Ho dee hum, we are at one end of Cannery Row.

See the big big doggy? He tried to say hi but his human pulled him away.

See he's still trying to turn around! Hey friend!

Ah well...too bad. Almost made a really big tall friend there.

Quick quick! Yes... i AM pulling the leash. Its cold! Quick quick! Gotta get to the car!

Whew, we made it in to the car and drove to scenic 17 Mile Drive. Here's mummy and I on the 2nd checkpt. Ok, do I look desperate? Did I mention how cold it was? Hahaha....=P

After skipping a bunch of stops due to the cold, we made it to the sea and there was sand. Mummy was too cold so I got Uncle M to walk me instead!

See us? There's me...uncle M holding my leash and Daddy trailing us with the camera.

Sniff sniff. This smells nice. Alot of doggy smell.

Pee wee... (see the left back leg off the ground by a few inches?)

Proof of my maleness! Bwahahaha!

Alrighty! The beach! I never though i'd see it again!!! Let's go!

Uncle M put on the brakes real fast...luckily i got in the water. Fun!!!

Uh ok...fun but cold! Brrr.....

Ok, i think its time to leave. Brr...and now that i'm shaking, i gotta go.

Ah...if a man's gotta go, a man's gotta go.

Right Daddy? =P (Note: we always pick up after Benny. He's stench doesn't get left behind for long. Hee...don't tell him!)

My pawprints in the sand. Hee! Made my mark in many ways in Monterey!

I was so cold I jumped into the car where Mummy was waiting and got a treat! =D

Nice flowers yah?

Couple more quick poses! See the big rock in the background with the "snow-covered" top? Mummy told me its all bird doodoo. My face registered a shocked look for a really long time.

Lone Tree Hill.... my facial expressions are losing the smile eh? =P its the cold. I haven't developed my full welsh corgi coat just yet.

Yay! Back in the car! Smiling again!

Daddy calls this a Bolt-moment. Cheese!!!

Family portrait!

Then it was back home...Zzzzzz

Mmmm...i enjoyed this trip. Hope Mummy and Daddy bring me out on more! Hint hint!

Monday, 18 May 2009

My first Shower....in California

Great. THE shower. Actually i was kinda looking forward to this shower cos i was a bit itchy after the walk on the wild side (see previous blog entry).

So i almost jumped into this white tub thing. Ok, warranted, there was a nice juicy treat in it. But anyway, i didn't make it in cos its too high. Once inside...i felt a bit worried. Just a bit.

Hmm...the green watering can? I've seen daddy use it in the garden before! Hmm... are we playing?

Oh! WHAT???!???!?!????!??!??!? (please notice my pleading eyes!)

Now my face is just...mildly stricken with panic. Mildly.

Do i look miffed??? Do I???

Crumbs. Scrubbing....

Admittedly, my tail went up a couple times cos mummy was scrubbing my itchy spots.

There was a quick dry. My first QUICK dry! (Mummy: Yah, he actually dried in 15mins with the hairdryer. Record time!)

It was a loooooong day. Even I, Benny the active young adult corgi, ran outta steam. Time to Zzzz... the hanging head position works very well. The nose snot drool stuff just drips off oh so naturally.

Zzzz....i'm rather fluff eh?

Ciao ya'll!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Walking to Where?

(Image intensive blog entry!!!)

As you can see, my thoughts have been constantly a "what?" "where?" "when?" state of mind. Its a first of a guess numerous things to come...wow. Quite nervous. Hee.

Over the last weekend, Mummy and Daddy suddenly woke up late (finally!) and after I ate breakfast, I got whooshed into the car and we drove and drove and drove!

Finally i was allowed out of the car...i smelt...DOGS!

Quick Daddy! Don't waste time! We gotta go....!!!! (Mummy: Little did Benny realise that quite a bit of the hike was an uphill one. Heh. He ran out of steam real quick.)

Gotta make myself known here. Peeeee..........(note the tail up, funny back legs half-squat stance)

This is what the place looks like at the entrance. Its called Windy Hill.

Now for the mandatory pose. Smile!

Oh. THAT'S why i'm on leash. (Mummy: Yah, that and the fact that you'll go jumping into some random bush!)

Oh. Birds! I hear them but I can't see them! (Mummy: the genius almost threw himself off the cliff to look for them. Sigh.)

Sniff....what? Did you hear that?

(Mummy: Time to appreciate the nice scenery. Benny was too bz stuffing his nose into the ground to bother with looking up...unless he heard birds squawking in the distance)

Appreciate this Mummy! Sniff...sniff...

Whew. Tired. Time to make a U-turn and go back down hill!

Sniff Sniff....mmm...smells nice....think I'll.....

(this is what he was sniffing)

pee here.... =P

Its a great day! I made new friends! Doggy friends...

And nice human friends! The little girl said i looked like a fox!

She likes me! She called me a fox doggy. I like her. =)

Oooo! More friends!

Still more friends! =)

I'm tired...ok. Time to go home now...lets go Daddy!

I had a blast! I love the weather...its not so hot and I can walk and go further than usual without drooling all over the place. Miss you guys in Singapore! Wish ya'll were here with me!