Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The M-O-T-H

Have you seen the little black flying thing???

The last time I saw one, Mummy freaked out (Mummy: it was a flying cockroach!!!!) so I immediately got scared to and ran together with her to hide. Ok, I know I'm not braveheart or whatever. I'm just a doggy in need of protection. =P

Anyway, the story goes like this. I saw the black flying thingy again! This time it was on the ceiling of the living room. I remember Mummy pointing at it and decided to be safer than sorry. I promptly went to hide in the kitchen at my sleeping space.

Mummy and Daddy kept calling me but hey, why risk the danger right? I firmly stayed put. No way am I coming out with the thingy outside.

No way...no way...oh! Crumbs! They are using food...cheaters. Fine, I went out to get the food, with my eyes constantly checking the ceiling for the THING. Once I got the food, back to safety I go.

See now Mummy dragged me out and I had to hide under her arms. I protest!!!

I decided that under the dining table or in my basket with human feet touching it is ok...for like 2 minutes.

Anyway, Mummy finally chased the THING out of the house. I didn't see it happen but she claims that it is gone. BUt better safe than sorry, I occasionally check the ceiling just to make sure the THING isn't there.

And this is what I say to the stupid THING....

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Bloggin and Taggin

Some of my bloggin friends have been doing this really strange taggin thing.

Ume is one of the culprits. Haha...she tagged me write about 5 of my favourite books. The problem is that I prefer TV. Paper stuff I tend to, uh, use for crapping & peeing. =P

Anyway, I shall tell you about my humans favourite books and one of them happens to be the same as Ume's! Its the series on a chief medical examiner by Patricia Cornwell. Love that. Mum has alot of the books. She also reads the series by Lee Child. Its great stuff!

Dad loves to read the geeky stuff and the comic stuff. I like the comic stuff. Its colourful! There's the whole bunch of Dilbert comics to poke fun at engineers and the corporate world...and the geek stuff includes The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Mummy buys these books (both comic and geek) for Daddy as pressies.

One more book eh? Ok, I'll tell you what I like. Its called the Straits Times. I like to roll on it and eat my food on it. Sometimes I tear it up. Ok, so its not a book, but it has words. =) Same same. Teehee! Mummy though...she loves to dress me up with it....like so:

Ok. Love ya'll! And I shall tag my great doggy pal, Dexter!!!!!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Bach Flower Remedies

Hey everyone!

Mummy told me that the Pawsitive Sensations business is going to launch a new product line. We haven't sold actual products yet so this is our first product line. Its homeopathic tinctures and stuff that will make both us doggies and you humans feel better in times of distress or injury, etc.

Yay, Mummy has gotten around to updating the Pawsitive Sensations website! Finally...*nagnag* You can go here to see the details on the Bach Flower Remedies. =)

Thanks! Email Mommy to order ok? zoe@pawsitivesensations.com

I shall now try and zen out. Mummy thinks I'm a bit neurotic....though some other "repeater" hotdog takes first prize for that. *wink*

Well, here's a big smile from me to everyone for your support!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Phuket Part 2

I really must complain... I mean, how can my parents go on a holeeday without me and then PLAY with the dogs there? *sulk*

See? Here's Mummy playing with a lab that looks like a bundle of energy and fun ...and i'm not there to join in! His name is six-pack. Isn't that cute?

Here he is in the WATER....I think that part of the playing, I'll skip. I like sand though. Mummy please bring me to a place with loads of sand... (Mummy: Benny doesn't understand that after sand it means a SHOWER!)

Here is a place they call Pee Pee island. I like this island. I bet all the dogs love Pee Pee island.

Well, I complained enough for Mummy to show me that I have a FOOD stall named after me! I bet if they brought me there I would've gotten free food you know. Yummy....

Well, that's that. Tge next blog entry will have pictures of ME. I shall proceed to napping now and dreaming of Pee Pee island. =)

Monday, 23 July 2007

Dogs of Phuket!

Mummy and Daddy finally returned home from their holeeeday in Thailand. They spent the weekend there at Phuket along the Patong Beach. I think Mummy kinda got carried away with the dogs there. Guess I have to work hard to get her attention back to me. (Mummy: I will always love Benny, just wanted to bring all the Patong dogs home!)

Here's some happy pictures of the doggies up along a vista point. They seem to like lounging around. Wonder if they would play if me.

Mummy says this doggy was having fun with some papers he got. Mummy says he isn't tearing them (yah rite!) and that he is just hoarding them.

Here's yet another lounging bunch on the beach. They are probably old dogs...no fun. =P

No here's someone who looks like fun! Play play!!!

I sure hope that someday, Mummy and Daddy will bring ME to the beach, so that I can make paw prints like these in the sand! =) Please Mummy...please Daddy!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Going away to Grandparents' again!

Wee! I got news from Mummy that I am to stay over at my grandparents' home over the weekend. So this morning Mummy started packing stuff. I saw food and treats go into a bag. I saw my towels get packed with shampoo (NOT a good sign). I saw the baby gates get dismantled and all that.

Wow, now I get it. When all that happens, it means I get to go to GrandMa and GrandPa's home! Uncle Z won't let me into his room....just he wait. I'll get in one day. Bwahaha....!!! Then there'll be drooling and shedding. =)

Here I am sitting next to the stuff that Mummy has to bring.

And here I am again sitting next to the stuff in the lift landing waiting for the pet taxi to come and bring me over.

Well, you can bet I'm going to make my grandparents and uncle love me lots!!!! I hope they forget to give me a shower. Seriously. Forget ok?....=P

In the meantime, I will miss Mummy and Daddy a little, but at least I'm with family and friends who will shower tons of love and affection my way so not much to complain. Teehee!!!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Collages!!! Part 1

Mummy and Daddy's been real busy working and considering expanding Pawsitive Sensations to a new shop space at a new dog place near Bukit Timah area. So, we haven't done anything fun lately. *complain*

The good things that happened to me this week is that I got a change of dog food!
From Lamb & Rice to a different brand of Salmon & Oatmeal! It smells just awesome!!! I love it! Then Mummy even topped up the number of greenies in my stash! =) Boy oh boy....so I forgive my humans. Teehee.

For this entry, I will show off a bunch of collages from Auntie Lorna. She actually made one of me and the actor of Benhur but we won't put it up cos of potential copyright issues. In the mean time, take a look at these!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My Name's Origin

Mummy was reading out Cody's blog entry to me the other day and told me I got tagged to explain the meaning of my name. So....ok, here it is:

My full name is Benhur !Xobile Setho. There's the first name, the middle and the last name. I shall explain the easy stuff. The last name is my Daddy's surname, so I got no choice. Poo. =P

My nickname is Benny, which is short for Benhur. Apparantly, Mummy wanted to get a corgi and was obsessed with our larger than life feet. In her crazee human mind, she got inspiration from the Gladiator movie Benhur and somehow related the main character, Benhur, with big feet and thus I got stuck with the name. If u don't get it, neither do I. I mean, this is me when I was young. Do I look like a Gladiator to you??????

As for !Xobile...that's a good story. Fans of Russell Peters would understand. He's a cool standup comedian; Mum and Dad are fans. His !Xobile joke had them in stitches and since we corgis are clowns at heart, guess we are destined to have goofy names. Its pronounced with a click of the tongue - "Dlock" (???). So its (click tongue)- Bee- Leh. No saying of the "x" and the "!" is the click. Bwahahaha! So there u go, my name's story. Whew.

Anyway, 9th July was my Mummy's birthday!!! What I remember most about the day was the CAKE!!! I mean, it tasted so great! (Mummy: Hagan Daaz mango sorbet chocolate cake!!!) The humans let me lick like 2 flicks of the mango. But it was great!!! I wish birthdays came around more often. =P

Saturday, 7 July 2007

It was Corgis @ Dog Cafe Day!

Today was so much fun! Dexter's staying over this weekend so Auntie Lorna offered to bring us out today! =) I love her!

Here's our day...we are sitting waiting for Auntie Lorna to come and pick us up. Can't concentrate on posing. Waiting for car ride.... =P

In the car was Barn2. He was free roaming at the back with Trax (the samseng) and we all think he looks like Darth Vader.... =P Haha. I can say that now cos its safe. Teehee!

At the dog cafe (Dogoholics), the humans ate and we ate too! There was a triangular shaped thing...I think its called samosa. I helped Dex eat half of his. He didn't want it. Honest! There were tons of flying fries too! I love fries!

Anyway, here's Auntie L with big ol' Barn on her lap. What a big baby!!! All the hugs ... wow... And the other one on the floor is Trax. He is old and bossy. But I like him. He just talks alot. Teehee! There's Daddy giving him a pat on the head.

Here's Mummy giving us the french fries for doggies. She always makes us sit and wait for a while before giving us the food. But, hey, with such tasty stuff going around, I think the short stay and wait is worth it!!!! Yeah!

Finally, here are 2 videos. It was impossible for Mummy and Daddy to take good pictures of us playing cos we tumble everywhere...so videos made more sense. U can see us playing but you can HEAR Trax bossing us. Isn't he funny?

Well, I'm going to rest for a brief moment so that we can continue playing in the house later. Until next time!!! =)

Monday, 2 July 2007

BBBB's on Treats - The Greenie

I love the greenie!!! I wish I'd get one every day. No...every meal, but I think mummy would go broke. Bah.

The greenie is this funny looking, uh, green thing. Mummy says that it is in the shape of a toothbrush, whatever THAT is. It doesn't smell as minty as the other breathfreshening treat, but I like better because its simply bigger and that means more to eat!!!

I usually bites of pieces of the greenie. You can start with the larger end just like so:

Then simply continue down the end. I tend to finish my greenie in about 5 to 10 mins depending on my mood. Mummy wishes I would slow down to enjoy it more but I wanna tell her that I am enjoying it. Teehee!

Eating the greenie takes alot of focus too. See my eyes trying to tell mummy to go away?

Anyway, Mummy likes to give me the greenie. Something about good breath. My grandparents and uncles and aunties all say I have nice breath and always praise me for it. Not too sure why, but as long as I get tons of hugs and kisses, hey, this treat gets 5 out of 5 paws from me! =)