Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dah Hippo

Lately, my humans have been busy working and preparing for the new store for Pawsitive Sensations so I haven't had as much human time as I wish I could have. I think they felt guilty so they let me play with my hippo. Yep, its the one that I got for my birthday this year. Mummy kept hiding it cos she says I'll destroy it in 2 hours. Bah.

Well, I have many ways of gnawing at my hippo. Let me show you. =)

There's the nose bite:

Then there's the neck bite:

Oh and there's the ear bite:

Don't forget the front foot bite:

And the back foot bite:

Here's the intimidate the Hippo stare:

Finally how to roll the Hippo:

And just for movie's a look at how I gnaw the hippo on my beautiful soft blue bed. =)

And here's how I like to run around with it!!! My Dad and Mum keep trying to catch me, but I'm fast! Like lightning! Wooosh!

Ok, I give the Hippo 4.6 paws out of 5. I would give it more, but Mummy says that its expensive so we have to be objective and take away the 0.5 paw points.

Update on the store...See? The glass is up! The furnishings are going in! Isn't this exciting? Wee! Check out our website: for a map to the place called K9 Kampus. More news coming up real soon!

Monday, 27 August 2007

My Sample

Yesterday Mummy brought me to a nice lady. She was real friendly and all that but I gotta say, the thingy up the butt and needle in my thigh was unnecessary. (Mummy: He went to the vet, got his temperature taken and his distemper vaccine)

Anyway, Mummy also gave her a present from me! I was so excited and I think she didn't mind it cos she took my present and walked out the room, came back with a smile and was real nice to me. (Mummy: Benny's fecal sample was clear for worms! )

Here's my shit-in-a-basket. My Daddy and uncle find that funny. Not sure why.

Here's my posing with my pressie for the nice lady.

Cheers to everyone! We are counting down the days to the opening of the Pawsitive Sensations store just outside Turf City along Turf Club Road!!!! This is the shop in the BEFORE photo. Stay tuned for the AFTER photo ok?

Monday, 20 August 2007

My Father the Bone Hiding Machine

I love playing. Dexter is my bestest friend but I haven't seen him if I wanna play tough and rough, I have to go find Daddy. He lets me play rough and gnawing on his fingers, unlike mummy who howls in pain so easily. Daddy only complains about it after we've finished rough housing. I use my paws and my teeth to get what I want. =)

Besides the whole "China Doggy" playing, Daddy likes to hide my bone under his feet. He has BIG feet for such a thin human. Mummy's feet can hardly hide the whole bone, but Daddy's feet covers it and then some.

Daddy first tempts me with the bone. We play catching then the bone magically disappears under his humongous feet and I have to nose at it or dig it hard to pry his feet apart. If I try hard enough, Daddy will give up and show the bone to me under his feet...and if I'm fast enough, I'll get my bone.

Watch this first video...I've decided to take a break but am a wee bit camera shy.

In this second video, I've occasionally yelp in frustration. Mummy says it becos I"m a sore loser, but that's not true. Humph.

In the third video, after I get my bone, I like to give it back to Daddy so that we can play somemore. See? I'm a sharing and loving Pembroke Welsh Corgi. =)

For this bone hiding/ searching game with my favourite toy, I give it 4 paws out of 5! Mainly cos, the bone is meant for chewing but hey, who's taking notice right? Teehee...

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The FIlming that won't be aired

Oops, ok, was getting excited in over my head. But you see, just a couple days ago a whole bunch of people walked into my home! I didn't understand it...cos Monty was around for his regular therapy appointment.

There were 12 humans and 3 dogs. There were light stands, camera, and a nice fluffy thingy that was the microphone. We dogs started going after the fluffy thingy but the soundman was quick to protect it. Oh well.

These humans spoke mostly in chinese. I didn't understand it much so I simply played and ran around until I tripped over cables and Mummy put me in the kitchen. Not fair huh.


Anyway, here are just some photos of the cast and crew, interview with Auntie G (monty's Mum) on our dog massage business and the last one is of Mummy with the hosts of the show. was supposed to be aired on Channel U's "On The Beat 2" .

Last complaint: I'm hardly in the show!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *Bah* Mummy says its because I was too distracting and couldn't sit still. But hey, how can you expect me to sit still when there are so many friends to make and play with huh? =P

Oh , the reason why its not going to be aired is because the TV company decided to be on the safe side and avoid getting letters that they had recently kept receiving from the SPCA over animal stunts that were done on other programmes. So, too bad. No TV air time Pawsitive Sensations....YET. haha!

Regardless, Pawsitive Sensations aims to open store in September. Wee!!! =)

Friday, 10 August 2007

Farewell to my Dogfather

Today I found out from Mummy that Trax, my new - dog- father, had to leave us to rest forever.

I will always miss him even though I didn't know him that well just yet. My heart goes out to Auntie Lorna, his human. We'll all meet again....

Here's Dogfather Trax's blog:

Sunday, 5 August 2007

New Bed!

I used to have a nice soft cushy blue bed but after a few weeks, I kinda....destroyed it. Yah. Mummy wasn't happy with me at all. This was what my nice soft bed looked like after I began to pull the stuff out of it. (By the way this happened before this blog even started. So you can imagine how young I was. Not my fault right???)

So I got the basket with my favourite towel inside. But I usually give Daddy the "I-need-a-nice-bed" look and it worked! it took really long, but Daddy remembered me while shopping in Ikea. He thought the bed was nice so he bought the new one for me! (only $25)

Daddy likes to tease me. I love Daddy alot. I like the way he teases me too! Gimme the bed!!!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease......? I'm a good boy, really!

Finally he dropped the bed...but it wrong? Help! Its upside down!

Finally...this is the way it should be. Me and my own soft bed. I can flip and flop all over it!!!

I'm kinda flexible eh? Its probably from the way I've chosen my den space to be. Its currently between the wall and fridge. But Mummy's been telling me we are moving. Well, as long as we are all together I'm a happy dooogy. =) I love Daddy. He's the best...thank you for the bed Daddy!!!