Sunday, 31 January 2010

Benny & Gilroy Premium Outlets

I've been meaning to do this post entry for a while. Its about a place called Gilroy - Premium Outlets. Well, it happened just before winter kicked in last year. I was scooched into the car. Quickly i assumed my usual position.

Ocassionally I do try to sniff the air. Can you spot me through mummy's side mirror? =)

Finally we reached. I didn't where to go cos there weren't any fields that i could see. There's alot of shops and more shops...

Here's what Daddy and I spent most of our time doing.

This is just 5% of Gilroy. Seriously. Fortunately, Mummy is a quick shopper and knew what to buy so she did precision purchases and didn't take that long. the end of the day i was so pooped out. Here we are driving home. I'm guarding the coat that mummy bought. Its the one she wore to Yosemite. =D

Yeah, did I mention I was all pooped out?

Hee...after just a few hours snooze, I'm back! Here's my power laser eyes! (Mummy: I didn't realise my flash was on! Arrgh. Sorry Benny, hope it didn't hurt too much.)

Until next time! Woof! =D

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hi guys,

I know its been a loooooong time since I posted. Its because I'm sick. =( Since I returned from the kennel I have been having diarrhoea and vomiting. And that was the first two days since i came back. (tuesday & wed). Thereafter, it was diarrhoea...and Mummy was trying not to get mad at me cos its not like I want to. I ended going to the vet for my annual heartworm test and since i was there, they treated my tummy problem. I got an antibiotic pill to eat and mummy went to buy OTC famotidine for my gastric.

Here's me just lying in mummy's nice pink chair. I usually greet them when they get home but this time i just slept in the chair... Mummy took pity on me and put her jacket over me.

Then yesterday Daddy sat in the nice pink chair and played PS3. He also took pity on me when i gave him a "please i want to sit in your lap" look and picked me up.

Soon after....Zzzzzzzzzz.............

Well, i'm better today. No puking at all.... I'm a hungry boy eating measy morsels of bland food. Apparantly its for my own good. Ah well. Can't complain. Thank God I'm getting better!

Oh, one more thing. I'm featured on this pawsome corgi blog today!
Go take a look and bookmark their blog for future laughs! =D

Monday, 11 January 2010

Christmas Roadtrip 2009 - Yosemite (Part 2)

I LOVE YOSEMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially in the winter. There's this pawsome thing called SNOW! Gosh, i wish I could teleport some snow to my friends in Singapore to let them have some fun too.

Oh, first up, Happy Barkday to my Grandpa! He is now 8.86 dog years old. =)

Back to the story.

Here I am at the hotel room. There's a sliding door that's supposed to go directly to the yard but that was snowed in! So Daddy struggled to open the sliding door to let me have my first touch of snow. Yah, i suddenly realised it was DEEEEEEP!

The next thing I found out, it tastes better than an icecube!

And whoa....its C-c-c-cold! I had to shake off the snow on my body.

So very quickly I was put into the nice wooly jacket that aunty E (Hammer's mummy) bought for my Xmas present. So useful!

And off we went! Driving through the South Gate towards Yosemite Valley. We stopped for beautiful photos too. (Mummy: Can see Half Dome in the background)

Here I am trying to pawfect my wilderness doggy look...

And then....WE ARRIVED!!! SNOW!!! Yumyum....slurp slurp.

Here's naughty Daddy demo-ing to me how deep the snow is....
(Daddy: Ready.......)

DROP! I was so stuck that Daddy had to help me out of that one. Nice soft landing!

Watch how I run around in the snow. Its hard work!

Mummy says i always look like I'm trying to eat my way out of the snow. =P Slurp slurp!

Chomp Chomp! =D

Its so soft! So fun!

Here's what my tracks in the snow look like (after photo enhancement). U can see why its SO TIRING to run around in the snow...but i love it!

Here Daddy even simulated a "blizzard" for me! =)

Whew, tired. Short break.

We had to go back that day...but the NEXT DAY, we were back in there once again!
First, here's my improved wilderness doggie look. What do you think?

Heh, here's the fouled up one. =P

This is our 2010 family portrait!

Once back in the snow, I went berserk!!!! (Mummy: For a good laugh, click on the photo below and zoom in on Benny's face. Its priceless!)

Gotta eat as much of it as I can!

Gotta smear it all over my body!

More more!

Ah....that's good!

Why is Mummy carrying me????? Put me down!

Hee....well, that's it for my entry about the snow. Did i mention how much I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Daddy, please bring me back here again....please please please? I'll be a good good boy all year!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas Roadtrip 2009 - Yosemite (Part 1)

A few weeks ago we went on a most wonderful road trip! I think this is my favourite one so far. (*hint* Mummy...Daddy...i loved this trip!)

As usual i was piled into the car in the morning. Mummy said it would be about 5 hours drive. Look at what we spied on the road! Harleys! There were so many of them...maybe about 40 of them? This one had a great big bear strapped to the back of it.

This guy was kinda scary looking with his full faced mask thing. Nice bike!

Anyway, in the back seat I was as usual but i had a stowaway join me there. Its Snowy's mummy, Aunty J. Uh, i think she was trying to make me smile? (Aunty J was here for a holiday.)

Well, like I said, its a long drive. So i entered straight into my "car mode".

Little did I know that Aunty J had a "car mode" too!

My other "car mode" position.

After many a winding road, we finally arrived at our hotel! Tah Dah! The Tenaya Lodge! Its dog friendly...isn't that just pawsome? Wonder what the what stuff by the road side is?

This is what it looks like at night. So Christmassy. =)

There was a giant Christmas tree (REAL ONE!) in the hotel lobby! I was rather googly eyed from all the lights.

Aren't the decorations just nice?

Onwards to our room! Come on Daddy! Walk faster!

We enter the room and Mummy stared at the bathroom/wash area. She's doing some kind of weird dance of happiness i think. =P

Nice room right? The beds were so high! I wasn't allowed on the furniture though. Poor me.

But they provided a nice doggy bed that Mummy put between the 2 beds. yay! Munch munch...

Onwards! Come on Daddy, we gotta go and see what's all the fun about...and i wanna know what the white stuff is.

I trot and trot along looking for our car...but my nose was so frozen i think my sniffing powers kinda failed.

Even Daddy had to point out how far away I was from every one...and uh, the car. Heh.

Back in the car! Going to Yosemite Valley!

There are other dogs there too and here's one of the Yosemite staff saying hi!

And of course, Mummy was saying Hi to them too.

Ok, photo overload. Wait for the continuation ok? Next blog entry will show u why I LOVED THIS ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!