Thursday, 28 February 2008

New friend - Sasha

I recently made a new friend. She's a nice puppy and I need to teach her how to wrestle and play so that we can play more together! =) Her name is Sasha and she's a lowchen. Doesn't look like a lowchen though cos she's shaved. Poor girl has skin problems that we hope we can help to relief and solve.

Anyway, here's Sasha and the big black dot on her left side. DOTTY. I think that should be her name. Haha!

She's trying to drink water but I wouldn't give her enough free time. =P

Play! Ack! She has the upper paw?

Rubbish! I'll teach her. Watch this!

This is my famous wrestling move. The pindown. This is her butt end.

And this is her head.

Ok, I'm actually quite gentle. Here's videos to prove my innocence...just in case you think i'm a bully. =P This is near the start of the game... you can see that Sasha is very very good at squirming. I think that's her special move.

This when Sasha started getting tired. She needs to improve her stamina and strength. =P

I like her. She's all bouncy and nice. She's kinda obsessed with this corner of the store though.

I hope she comes more often and makes more corgi friends cos I think she's a corgi inside the lowchen's body. =P Teehee!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Corgi Barkday Pawty! (Cookie's!)

Today was the craziest day yet at the store. Mummy brought me to the store earlier than usual then when we got there, she was busy moving chairs around and sticking up posters. I didn't understand what the big hoo-har was.

Then...Clare arrived (Barn2 too!)! And Ode came as well! I mean, didn't I just see these pals on wednesday? I usually meet up with them once a week but today seemed strange.

Well before I knew, so many other corgis friends started pouring into the store. It was just awesome pawsome! Here's the roll call as per Aunty L's nice collage:

Oh, None of these photos were taken by Mummy cos she was bz bz bz trying her best to massage and feel the corgis in the midst of the chaos. Not the best way to massage but fortunately, its was for fun and relaxation instead of for therapy. So anyway, a big thanks to Chester (Bond)'s daddy for the photos. And also to Ode's mummy! =)

Back to the story. Here's pics of some of the guests...

This is Barn2. He had his massage early. Before most of the guests arrived. No prizes for guessing the reason for that and why he is outside. =P He had a swim while we were all playing!

This is pretty Buta. Mummy likes her pixie like face and finds her very sweet. She was in heat so all the boys like her. =)

This is Chester (Bond). He is quite guarded but after a while he realised that we were all the same breed and thus it was a giant extended family, so he became relaxed.

This is Clare. We know all abot CLare....let's see...crazy dog, little terror, feisty gal, sister of Barn2... And good fun to wrestle with! =)

The one on the left is Cody. He's got more muscle now but still does the "honking" thing. Also great fun to wrestle with!

This is Collar. He and I look quite alike but he's so shy. Maybe its the facial markings of the "zorro" mask that he is hiding behind.

Here's the Barkday Boy (COOKIE!) with his Barkday cake and other treats. He is trying to reach the food and ignoring the candle. Ack. Dude, blow the candle then we can all eat!!!

Sweet Lucky here in her grandma's lap safe from Ode. =P

THis is the drool king and the "humper- thumper". =D Haha...Ode was strangely fixated on Rhubarb today...and uh, Rhubarb's a guy?!? Look at Ode's gaze!

This is Rhubarb. He is a very sweet fella and looks a bit like a Monty-Dexter mix. He was making himself at home behind the reception counter. Haha!

And here's Wolfie, the mini-corgi. He is so petite! Small and light but defintely a corgi cos he's a smart boy and obeys his humans well.

Alrighty...some messy corgi group photos:

Sniff...sniff...sniff... inspect...inspect...inspect... (front to back: Ode, me, Clare inspecting Wolfie)

Food food food food food food food food food food food food food food. Uh, did we say food? Food.

K, here only I was looking up for food to drop from the heavens. Eveyone else was checking the flor.

Humans still outnumbered us though. Hmm... doesn't seem right does it?

Well thanks to everyone for coming. I had a blast! And I was so full that I could hardly climb into the car. Yeah, Mummy didn't feed me dinner. Phooey. =P

Monday, 18 February 2008

Pear Pie from USDB

Ooo...I gotta a chance to be a taste-tester for everyone! Aunty S from USDB gave me a "prototype" pie to eat. I didn't know what was inside but it smelt scumptious!

Here's what it looks like and you can see I'm really quite well-behaved and have incredible self-restraint. (yeah rite). =P

I got to eat it for dinner that day. It was naturally sweet and juicy and just a great fit in my mouth.

This video shows my first sniff of the pie. I didn't know how to eat it. Lick here, lick there, sniff...then finally chomp and I now know that I can pick it up! Then ok...laugh at me, cos my legs are short and I can't hold the pie properly with my paws. =P But I have technique and chomp chomp, just bite and the pie is mine!

Here you can see that the best technique to eating the disc-shaped pie is to put the whole thing in ur mouth and chomp with the molars...yummy!

See the pear bits? *slurp*

Is there another pie in the bag?
No more??? *boohoo*

Great stuff! Hope it gets approved for sale soon. Aunty S, it gets my thumbs...uh paws up! =)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A cool biker-doggy

Today, Mummy got to meet somebody cool...doubt he would like me though. Anyway, I'll let her tell you the story.

A sweet little JRT came to my store today. He came on a motorbike. Complete with biker vest and biker doggles. Just way cool. Good thing benny wasn't at the store today, cos Benny would've just gotten him all upset by licking his ear flaps.

This cool dude is called Eddie. His Daddy likes biking and his mummy made the special vest thing with clips to strap Eddie safely to the bike's fuel tank. Its just awesome! Eddie obviously loves the sensation of wind in his face. (Just like dogs who stick their heads out of car windows.)

Lucky Eddie. Here are his pictures! What a lucky doggy!

This is Eddie tasting the air and preparing himself for the ride.

Isn't he handsome?

I love his doggles! (Benny's broken his. Bah.)

Monday, 11 February 2008

New Year Nail Trim

Mummy, Daddy, Uncle G, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. all have been saying that my nails are making alot of noise when I walk around the house. Clickity clickity clickity.

Mummy has noticed that my nails grow super fast. She can walk me on the road several times a day (especially when I'm at the store) and still my nails go clickity clickity.

So, today I kenah tricked. I know its a trick, but I can't help myself; I always fall for it. Why? 'Cos, Mummy uses FOOD. I am a CORGI. I LOVE FOOD.

Here's how my nail trims are done these days (note: when I was a pup I screamed, struggled and scratched my way out of nail trims. Was badly cut by groomers before. Mummy slowly desensitized me. Months later, my nail trims always happened in the shower...when I was "paralysed" by water. Now, just show me the treats and I'm a saint. =D )

Here's me in the "dead" position with the treat within sniffing distance.

Notice here that I have wisely decided not to look at the treat. This helps me to "ren3" or tolerate the waiting better. Smart right? =)

See? The nail trimmer doesn't scare me. I'm a brave boy! *treat...pls?*

Here's the pile of nails Mummy clipped out. Yep, I now walk like ninja in the night! You can't hear me! *silence...*

Yeps, I'm now all grown up! =)

(Mummy: Yeah right. Benny is currently freaked out during car washes still and hides his head and eyes under my armpit! =P )

Thursday, 7 February 2008

My Chinese New Year

If you are expecting a blog entry about all the great treats I got ... nope. Not this time. Mummy and Daddy were strict about the food I got to eat. So what I did most of the day was to scrounge around the floor sniff and licking up any morsel of food.

Here's where my "adventure" night, while the humans though they had locked the baby gate properly with me safely inside the kitchen and wash area...they were mistaken. =) I managed to push open the gate and luckily for me, the smells were strong in the living room. I headed straight for the interesting plant on the side table.

Yank. Pull. Munch. Yuck. The flowers looked nice but weren't particuarly palatable. They were however rather fun to pull at. =P

Oh wait! There's a can of nuts they left on the coffee table! Alright! Chomp Chomp... Gulp. Burp. Yummy! Here's the empty can.

(Mummy: yes, Benny ate a lot of macademia nuts. For those of you who don't know, these nuts are poisonous to dogs. Not as potent as chocolate or onions, but they made Benny sick.)

Yah, after a while, I didn't feel so good. Couldn't get up or stand...its like my backlegs wouldn't work properly. (Mummy: Benny exhibited signs of toxicosis to the nuts. Weakness in the hindlegs, general weakness and depression. He wasn't interested in food, play or anything. Just not himself. Fortunately, he did not have tremors and wasn't panting heavily. If he was, its off to the emergency vet for him.)

Here I am, last night having a snooze. I couldn't get up to go sleep in the kitchen...was starting to get tired...zzz...

So here I, this morning, just getting miffed. Bah. Now, excuse me while I sleep. Mummy! I wanna move...can help...please? =P

(Mummy: Beware of the potential food poisons to dogs. Fortunately we always keep items like chocolates in cupboards, way out of reach of Benny. May God bless all the dogs this holiday! )

Monday, 4 February 2008

Dogmark Dog Site of the Day!

Hey hey! My blog got selected to be the Doggie Site of the Day!

Yippie! =)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

I have Degree???

Something strange is happening...I must be becoming smarter! Last week, Aunty L gave me an honourary doggy degree!

I love it! Never been to school, but hey, maybe that's why I love it even more! =)

Its from this fabulous school called Springfield University (Mummy: ref the Simpsons for those who don't know). Sounds famous. I got a Dog-gree in Canine Manual Otology. Chim! Watever that is, I must be great at it... =P (Mummy: Erm, Otology has to do with the ears. Benny is famous for licking and playing with other dogs' ears...really! He is truly good at this and deserves it. =) )

Here's the dog-gree up close.

Here's me with my dog-gree on my back. Ack...i can't see it!

This is better.

Mummy asked me to look humble. Poo!

Smile! Last shot of the smarty pants!