Sunday, 7 October 2007

In the Front Seat

Mummy and Daddy used to keep my in the carrier during car rides, but recently things have changed. And for the better!

First, they let me ride in the carrier but with the top flap open. So I got to stick my head out the top of the carrier. Problem is, we corgis got short legs so I got tired of sitting up and would end up curling to the bottom of the carrier anyway. Of course, if I tried to climb out, I got one of 'em big scoldings from my parents and threats to close the top flap. I'm a good boy. I stayed in the carrier.

A week after, Mummy decided I was an angel enough to let me sit on a towel in the passenger seat next to her as we drive to and from work. I got the big "DOWN" "STAY" commands. Everytime I nuzzled something beyond the seat area Mummy scolded me. So i had to curl up tight. (Mummy: Benny has a great wet nose. I don't like a soggy dashboard/ gear shift / etc. )

Anyway, here's proof that I'm a SAINT of a dog. See? I'm sleeping. (Mummy: Benny SNORES!!! and LOUDLY!!!)

Until next time! Zzzzzz.....*snort snort*

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Barn2 said... look so sweet and peaceful. How about a sweem with me one day? heh heh....