Friday, 27 June 2008

Zeus - my Samoyed wrestling buddy

I like Zeus. He is nice and fluffy and white. He is tall and huge and has long legs that he uses to swat me with. He tolerates a good ear pulling and will play tug-of-war with me. I like Zeus!

I can fit under him with no problem at all. He's quite a good shelther in the time of storm.

He learnt my ear yanking technique real fast. See how he practically mastered it?

Notice how Zeus has 5 legs! Yeps, one of them is mine and I've magically tucked myself away from sight. Zeus' fluffiness helped of cos. =P

Here's a video of us having a good wrestle. We play nice don't you think?

Ok, at the end of the day, I needed a better vantage point so I'm on the chair and Zeus and I are good friends just having a chat.

Hope to see Zeus again real soon! (Zeus is a patient at Pawsitive Sensations and he's hip dysplasia problem has improved quite nicely. He even plays standing on his hindlegs now! We hope that he's prognosis will be that no surgery is required. All the best Zeus!)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Flyball in Singapore

First, I'd like to wish Daddy HAPPY BARKDAY!!!! I bet he and mummy had a nice time going out today cos they smelt real interesting when they got back. Bah!

Ok, back to what is I want to show u this fun sport called Flyball! It isn't easy to find flyball enthusiasts in Singapore but Mummy finally got one and they even compete!

Here's the video of them doing it correctly:

Yeps, jump jump jump jump thunk-the-box, get the ball then, jump jump jump jump. I got that. No problem right? Seems easy enough...

Alright, I admit, I need some training. So here's Mummy luring me with a tasty treat. I don't like to jump over the boards much and besides, its much easier to go around don't u think? I had only one thing on my mind: Treat!!!!!

In the end, Mummy decided that flyball may not be my thing. I have a day job and guess that's good enough cos I have so many friends! =)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

MeatPie from Hammer's Mummy!

I really wanna thank Hammer's mummy for making such a wonderful present for me. ITS FOOD (of course). And better still its some kind of special pie that is Hammer's favourite. Yeah!

Here's the pie with a loving note:

Mummy making me pose with the pie (and she only fed me 1/3!!!).

Ok, still posing.

Can I eat now...daddy, help?


Thanks again to Hammer's mummy and her wonderful pie making abilities! Hiphiphooooooray!

Sunday, 15 June 2008


Mummy finally told me what the trips to doggy places has been all about - besides to bring me to fun places.

Apparantly, Mummy is the host of this new fangled thing that's a Podcast. No, its not edible. The show title is "It's A Dog's Life".

Hmmph. Yah man, they should ask me what work I do you know. I work hard and am the PR manager at Pawsitive Sensations, I greet clients and entertain them, I cheer people up, etc. Its practically a fulltime job! And unfortunately, I don't get daily massages from mummy for all my hard work. You tell me, is that fair? =P

Okok, nevertheless, my life is pretty good (Mummy: good grief!) and I get to guest star in the show. In the first episode you can even spy Clare, Barn2 and Lucky! =P

The main website that hosts the show is called and you can view the First Episode of It's A Dog's Life. Please go see and spread the word to ur friends. =D

Yeah! =) Oh, Mummy wasn't too keen on showing you the link to the bloopers, but hey, its all in good fun rite? BLOOPERS!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Chloe - my sister???

Egads! Mummy says that she's now a Dog-Ma to Chloe. (Chloe was recently adopted by Monty and Jazze's mummy.) Thing is, Chloe may actually be my real sister! We are waiting for her microchip number to confirm this fact.

Ok, so yes, we have some similar behavioural traits like grabbing food, ball crazy, ocassionally barkish, good looking =P. But, honestly, if she is my sister, I bet she's the younger "irritating" sibling. Heh heh...more of that story another time.

What happened at the Pawsitive Sensations store this time was first Chloe spied a funny looking butt:

Lucky wasn't partcularly amused and gave her the "look". =P

So Chloe hides under the chair and gives her sweet "I'm sorry" face.

Her cute happy face.

And her innocent face.

Ha! We know better about her, don't we Monty? Here's Monty almost looking like he's given up. Poor fellow.

Anyway, since then Chloe has improved somewhat is her training is going well. Sometimes we have sibling like quarrels but other than that she just follows me around. Honest. Not sure what she wants..maybe she's stalking me, or maybe she's just a fan of mine. Yeah!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Me, Lucky, Clare, Dopey

The title above in the order of age, of course from the oldest to the youngest. You will notice that Dopey is the most INSANE of the bunch. He's always "attacking" me and wrestling. Cute fella! Then there's Clare who is focused on the soccer ball and almost nothing else. And Lucky, who is smart and keeps herself safe away (most of the time, until the end) from the 2 wrestling male bodies flying across the floor.

Here's how it started. Clare and I were running around chasing the nice fluffy soccer ball that Aunty L brought over. Little Dopey kept throwing himself into the mix like so:

Clare is stunned. "Why isn't Benny chasing after the really captivating soccer ball anymore?"

Sorry Clare, but Dopey needed more training in wrestling cos his brother Roo is bigger than he is so I need to give the little fella some tips. Like how to gain leverage by being on his head (1 head 2 bodied corgi!) and how to drool all over the floor by running around with your tongue hanging out!

In the meantime, Lucky's chewing on the plastic bone and getting hugs from her daddy.

By the end of the day, Lucky decided to take a look around at why we are making a ruckus...she decides to go at Dopey cos he's the only one smaller than her!

Here I am breaking up the fight like a good kor kor. (Mummy: Rubbish! He was simply telling the 2 of them to include him in the fun. =P

Monday, 2 June 2008

What fine weather for SLEEPING!

Woof! The weather has been quite funny lately according to Mummy. I admit its kinda hot at times but with the fan or aircon on, or right after the rain, I find that its perfect weather for a good snooze.

So to give my respect to this fine "sport" of "sleeping", I shall compile my snoozing photos here. =D

Here's the classic sleeping face:

I can't fit into the bed so body inside, head outside:

This is what happens when I keep my head in the bed, notice the "floating ass" effect:

Happy feet, I got those happy feet...:

How curved can I get?

Standard "dead dog" sleeping position:

Rotate to other standard "expose ur belly" sleeping position:

This is my old den, between the fridge and the wall. Nice and cosy:

And the foetal position:

Yeps, its a sport right? After all contortion isn't the easiest thing in the world you know. Gymnastics is a sport, so I think sleeping should be too! Okay, I'm off to train now. Zzzz.... =P