Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Soft Launch for the Kampus!!!

Last saturday was a very happening day cos it was the soft launch of the whole area where Mummy's store, Pawsitive Sensations, is located. The current clients were invited to view the place and celebrate its opening.

I was put into the car that morning but the interesting thing was...Daddy came along! It was strange... then I was put almost immediately into the daycare area and there were so many many dogs and so many many cars and so many many people watching us dogs. It felt different.

Then I could hear the booming voice of uncle Josiah (he wears a cowboy hat), owner of K9Kulture and dog trainer. He started hollering loudly and was smiling happily the whole time. The people moved wherever he hollered. That was the next different thing.

After that the humans got herded into the dormitory area and agility was demonstrated. Then it was Mummy's turn to talk! She explained to them what dog massage therapy is for and how it can help their dogs. Storm was nice enough to be the "model". Haha! Here she is talking...

And here the humans are being herded from one place...

To another place...

At the end of the day, Aunty Sharon from US Doggy came to visit me at the Pawsitive Sensations store. She teased me!!! I know that she loves me...but why torture my poor soul with a treat that is out of reach...*wah!!!* Even Storm was watching me be miserable. Boo hoo... (Benny's Mum: the brilliant dog shows his longing for the treat. He scratched at the glass door, then licked at the gap btwn the door & floor, then licked the door itself. What a greedy dog!)

ANYWAY, Dexter came to visit later in the afternoon (thanks to Aunty Lorna for bringing him over!)! I was so happy!!! Boy oh boy, we played and played...and uh, played! Even Butter, Aunty Sharon's Cavalier, was in the shop. But (no pun here) she didn't interact much. Oh well.

Ok, back to snoozes...and sweet dreams! I can't wait for more events!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Cody the Gas-ser

A few days ago, Aunty Jace brought Cody over to the store to get a session of therapy to relief stress from the "husky attack" he encountered. For the account from Cody's point of view, read it here:

Anyway, he brought with him his brother, Chester and his friend, Nikka, from obedience class. They were cute but Cody was the most interactive and fun to play with. Chester was a "hider" and would sit under the chairs and watch was play. Nikka was a curious puppy. Very young i say.

Here's me spying Aunty Jace's bag for food with Nikka watching closely.

Here's Chester hiding under the chair...

This first video is of all of us trying to play together. See how every single one of our tails are waging and flailing in utter joy? =)

After a while, Mummy said that the massage session needed to start. So in went Cody and his parents into the treatment room. The session was good for Cody, but not so great for the humans in the same room. See, Mummy told me that Cody was bloated and with his digestion problem, she massaged and treated his stomach and intestine area. According to her, Cody was a fantastic patient and burped into his Mummy's face, then soon after passed a whopper of noxious gas into Mummy's face. Hahahahaha!!! That is the funniest thing I ever heard. Wish I was there to sniff it all. =P

Anyway, after all that massaging, Cody was allowed to play with me again! Yay!!! He was a happy camper and even ate one of the pieces of the pork loin done by Aunty Liz. Why is that amazing? He is the fussiest - pottiest- and now, gassy-est corgi around! Yah man...

Here we are roughing it out.

This is me with the upper hand.

This is Cody with the upper hand.

And here's the 2 of us just resting before the next bout. How fun!

Hope to meet Cody back here again soon...I can't wait! Miss you lots already Cody...just as I miss Dexter (saw him today!!!!). =)

Monday, 17 September 2007

The Nice Pork Loin from Aunty Liz

A couple days ago, Aunty Liz came down to visit the store and the whole area around it! And while she was there mainly to bring the celebrity cover dog, Yang Yang, for his massage, she remembered me!!! And she brought me pork loin treats! I like her alot...yeps. Yang Yang is cute too, and I managed to play with him alot, but in the end, I made his ears all wet and that wasn't a good thing. Hmm...

Anyway, back to the treats...they are just heavenly! Here's the treat.

Here's my posing with the treat.

Here's me eating my treat.

Mummy is saving it and giving me just a bit a day. Will someone please tell her to give me ALL? Come on...don't make me just sit there and drool... Aunty Liz...please come back soon...

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Lamb Pizza from USDB

Mummy was nice to me the other day at the shop. She bought me doggy pizzas from US Doggy Bakery that is also in K9Kampus. Wee!!! Here's what it looks like:

Here's me eating the first one...

I know that Mummy was trying to get pics of me eating the rest...but lets see, it took me 1 min to eat the first one and by the last one I was through with it in 5 seconds. Yah...well, that explains the difficulty mum had in taking the photos. Haha... Aunty Sharon from USDB has been real nice to me and she sneaks a pear biscuit to me every so often. I love her... =D

Ok, shop update. The Bach Flower Remedies are available at the store now and as always we have monthly promotions. =) Find out at Here's pictures of the can see the top has the Nelsons Clikpaks , then the Bach Remedies and the bottom has the creams.

Response is growing and I told Mummy that we should look out for other types of homeopathic remedies to help more dogs. Mummy says she might bring other remedies in soon...wee! I'm taking the flowers too... =P Its for me to focus. She claims I don't focus good. Pah! But I do now! I pay attention better, and mummy is happier that I listen to her. =)

More updates to come soon!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Swimming with the brothers

I've been going to the store and been a busy resident dog taking care of the place and watching out for humans and dogs as they go by. I like watching so many things and more than that I love playing with my doggy brothers!

This swimming thing with the water happened a few days ago... the dog handlers of K9Kulture asked Mummy if she wants me to try swimming. Mummy was gracious enough to say "go ahead and try but Benny is a terrible swimmer and water averse". Thanks mum, that was just a lame excuse. Haven't you read my entry on swimming and showers???

Here I am sitting next to a nice handler and there's another corgi called Rocky that's on the ground playing chase the small white maltese!!!

And here we are just roaming around...

Later that afternoon I heard someone talking about SWIMMING!!! Mummy came around again and this time I think she gave permission for them to take me swimming. WHAT?!?!?! So here I am running around the pool side trying not to get caught.

But here, Aunty Cheryl the top-dog-handler managed to catch me and haul me toward the pool...AaaaaaaaaahH! (Notice the Goldens having a pawsome time in the pool.)

Here's pictures of me "enjoying" my swim at the indoor pool. See my bug eyes?

Ok, so after a while it wasn't so bad cos its cooling but its too tiring and water in my ears is something I dread. I need to rest now...

Mummy took me back to the store after the nice people there rinsed me off and dried me. I was so concussed that I barely stayed awake. My eyes closed and I slept like a stone all through the night as well. Didn't even wake up to drink or pee or crap.

But, that's a dog's life! =D

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My Trip to Pawsitive Sensations' Store

Today was particularly exciting...Mummy said, "Let's go to work!" I didn't really understand what it meant but when I have the collar on, it means that I'm going out so it must be a good thing!

Here I am in the carrier in the car with uncle Gerry driving. I was in the midst of my attempt at looking miserable so that Mummy would let me out but it didn't work. Oh well...

When we got to the place, I was so excited to be able to sniff other dogs' presence in the area...there were plenty and they were close! Daddy said, open shop first then later play ok Benny? I got to listen to Daddy. The store was something new for me and I had plenty to see with the glass wall there.

Here's the store front! I'm the watchdog! I mean, I'm really watching!

Here's the Reception area...

And here's where the dog's get treated - the Treatment Room and also the classroom!

I got to meet some cool dogs who are day boarding's the big guy called Max. He growled at me for a while when I sniffed his butt. Not sure why since he was sniffing mine. Heehee...

Then there are so many doggies! See? I got to play with all of them...running here and there. Happiness! I even rolled around on the floor to get the smell of this lovely place into my fur. I wanna keep memories...

Mummy and Daddy let me play there for a couple hours then brought me back into the aircon shop area. I got tired....zzz.... You can see the view I have.

I like the shop. Please convince Mummy to bring me often ok? I wanna have fun, meet and greet all the new friends that come to the shop! Come and visit us!!!