Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fun London Cab plush toy!

Weeeee! It has been a while since I found a toy I could really grin about! Thanks to Aunty E (Hammer's mom) for the Xmas present! So i got it and was wondering what all the fuss was about. Pose! (said Mommy)

OKAY! I will pose! Blink blink.

Then we started playing fetch! It was SOOOOO much fun i had to do a jiggy with it!

This thing had a squeaker that I just couldn't get enough of...*nom nom*


Ok, so i learnt you can't really eat it. Its more a fetch toy. After many rounds of fetch i was uber duper super ultra mega happy!

More! More!

Ah. My london cab. I think England must be awesome. =) i shall keep my cab safely somewhere and nom on it...
(Mommy: he has managed to gnaw 3 seams apart in a few days. Poor taxi.)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

What on earth happened to TIME?!?!?!

There's a crazy reason I wasn't able to post. Trust me I wanted to but this was beyond my powers.

Mommy is....pregnant! The little baby inside mommy has been draining her time and energy. And mommy has been crazy bz as well traveling back to Singapore before she got too big.

Well lots of change is coming! So quick catch up:

1. November weekend - mommy flew back to Singapore for uncle Z's ROM.

2. She came back for about a week then she and daddy went to Japan for a week for what they call their babymoon. I could feel them spying on me through the webcam at sweetdoggies!

3. After they came back, mommy flew back to Singapore again in early December to do tons of stuff for Pawsitive sensations.

4. Daddy flew back to singapore the Christmas week to visit family and once again I felt them spy on me via webcam!

5. Unfortunately, mommy fell ill with the flu, fever, viral GI issues, upper respiratory infection. I must have felt it from waaaay over here cos I got upset and sick with pneumonia. Thank God the team at sweetdoggies noticed me being ill and sent me to the vet for treatment.

6. It's now early jan 2013 and everyone is back home with me and I'm better and so is mommy!

So have a happy and blessed 2013 everyone!!! I will be posting again soon! Pictures await!