Sunday, 26 August 2012

Movie trailer starring...yours truly!

Woohoo! My very own trailer (and I even the movie version)!

We had tons of fun making this today and hope you enjoy watching it too! The world cannot succumb to hunger...we will become heroes and save the day! ;)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm injured...=(

Well, I've been fortunate that Mommy is kiasu and been giving me glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM supplements since I was a puppy. I'm about 6.5 years old now...time flies eh? So I haven't limped at all for the last 4 years or so even after long walks, fun days out at the beach, etc.

But last friday morning I can't explain what happened. My left back leg just started hurting a lot after breakfast. I was a 3 legged dog for a while and the pain got worse. Mommy was shocked to see me look like that. She hoped it was a "numb" leg from sleeping on one side (cos I disappeared into the bedroom after breakfast) but sorry to say it wasn't. 

This is me barely standing on my left back leg.

So off to Arroyo Vets I went. Dr Megan was nice. She was as gentle as she could be and I got treats. Ok, so I looked sad and needed love. ;)  She had to test my knee joints and said my knees felt really loose. And cos Mommy said I might have hip dysplasia as well, i was off to get xrays. They were nice and didn't sedate me. 

My xrays came back showing that both my hips have the dysplasia (boo...) but the left hip is much worse than the right. The radiologist said my knees while are loose do not show any signs of arthritis. Yay! 

So this is me on Rimadyl that friday night. See my the-world-has-come-to-an-end expression? Mommy promptly started physio on me too. Massage! yay! Ouch...cramps....

I got sympathy points that weekend from Daddy too! Nom nom.... i want....

Please Daddy...grovel...i'm injured...u love me...nom nom...

Yay! I got to taste a bit of the organic peach! Yummmm.... (no seed/pit of course. Those are dangerous to us dogs).

Time to snooze on the couch and support Daddy in his endeavour to slay evil!

Once the sun started moving away I went to my favourite spot in the yard to snooze...

Mommy said something about maybe, just maybe, needing surgery on my hip. Sounds like what many of her patients in Singapore had to go through. *zzzzz* Time to catch up on my beauty sleep!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Carmel Beach!

What in tar-nations....!!! It is already August! Yikes! Well here's a late post (again).

It all started on the 7th of July. Mommy had told Daddy that she wanted to celebrate her barkday early by us having a fun doggy day out at Carmel Beach. She read that it was a nice that morning, I got wind of it! Yes! Let's go!

After a SUPER long car ride (it was supposed to be under 1.5 hrs but ended up 2 hours cos of holiday traffic. Boo...), we reached! Nice beach! Weather was kinda cold and foggy that day though. My humans weren't too excited about that. Not that it bothered me at all. =)

The sand was REALLY soft. Kinda reminded me of the sand in Sentosa, Singapore. I spent my time wandering off with daddy...

...only to run back to mommy...

...and do it all again!

Soon Daddy muttered something about water and the beach so back on the leash I went, cos I ain't too fantastic a swimmer... I gotta tell you that THE WATER IS COLD!!! Something about the Pacific Ocean? Phooey.

We met this nice man who told us about a great place to bathe me. What?!?!?!

Why would he know that? Well these are his dogs and his family is in the background. His dogs LOVE the beach and the sand. Can you tell? (breed name is unpronounceable!)

No time to waste! I'm off again to explore this extensive beach!

Plenty of surfer dudes, dudettes and kids. The cold water has no effect on them. They must be aliens.

Seriously. Did i tell you the water IS COLD?!?!?!

A quick retreat to dry sand and a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta doooo.

And he gets his human to be responsible for his doo. ;)

What an awesome day so far...

I love this beach! Wish it were closer to home...

I think Mommy loves this beach too!

Pose. Nice trees in the back. 

What? The... ooo...actually this is pretty comfy...

I started getting sleepy. Zzzzzz....

Daddy thought it was funny. Daddy told me he likes being buried in sand too. Mommy doesn't. Haha!

Well, it was the BEST beach day ever! I know there's more great beach days to come! yes yes! I like the beach!