Monday, 28 September 2009

My new BIG bed.... =)

I've been saying my prayers to the good Lord....please give me a big big soft fluffy bed. And for the sake of Daddy and Mummy, please make it cheap.

I prayed and prayed until i fell asleep...then suddenly,

WHOA! BED! Thick and plushy!

mmm....soft. Approved!

Sure is comfy. Thank you Lord! sleepable. =)

Even comfy curled up.

Yes, thank you Lord! =)
(Mummy: yes, thank the Lord for the really cheap big big dog bed we bought from Costco. hee...)
Oh, i still use the other nice yellow "cat" bed too. Its just in different places. =D

Friday, 18 September 2009

Smelling the Wind at Stevens Creek...mmm....

A few weeks back we went for another nice ride to Stevens Creek Trail. (Mummy: we went on a ride means we humans pulling his majesty in his trailer. =P)

Here's all the stuff that gets dragged out of the apartment just before we launch.

When we got there, Mummy made me walk for a short bit.

It was windy and sunny. I have a funny expression on my face. Mummy had funny hair.

See my gigantic shadow? Doesn't it look more like an evil hound?

(Mummy: Yah sure. The evil hound with the tongue dangling out. Haha!)

We finally made it to the water. I wasn't allowed to walk around here. Its for the water's "safety". So i posed with Daddy at the bench. Styloh pose.

Mummy said "Look here!" Oops. my tongue is showing. Phhht.

Ok, more handsome with a smile.

Mummy's turn. I was staring at the ground...thought i saw something to eat.

Photo! Oi! Mummy's not looking. So distracted. Tsktsk.

That's better!

Last shot. Where am i????

Until next time folks! =D

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Crazy Corgi Meeting at Shoreline Dog Park (Super Photo Intensive!)

Last saturday was truly the craziest corgi day here in USA thus far. Mummy claims she counted anywhere from 16 to 18 corgis at the shoreline dog park! How pawsome is that???? =P

When i walked in, many people asked if i was a cardigan cos of my fluffy tail. Haha! See? The other fella in the photo is a Pembroke.....i'm the one in disguise. Hehehehehe!

Isn't this puppy was cute? So small! His name is Calvin. Hope to play with him again someday soon! He's so small and cute!

He walked into mummy's camera. I think puppies do that alot.

This fella looks like a smaller version of Monty mixed with Trax (Singapore Corgis)! His name is Pogi. He's very friendly!

5 corgis here...more dogs than humans!

Let's see here: one tri-coloured pembroke puppy, one adult pembroke and one adult cardigan.

Bark! Someone's coming!

Watch Pogi launch himself! =D

6 corgis! 2 (or 3) of them are cardigans...i'm the one in disguise. =P

I think this is Archie. He's ball really crazy.

Sometimes its important to pee in unison but still maintain privacy.

Can you see the labradoodle? Oh and the tri-coloured corgi pup!

See? Puppies love to walk into the camera.

Here she is walking with Frodo the cardigan.

Puppy playtime! (the tri-coloured pup is somewhere under there. hee!)

Here's the 2 puppies having some time alone:

Here the three of us were aiming for the bouncing tennis ball....

And then, i'm not sure what happened. The corgis just went left and right. Haha, we're so distracted!

Half way through I heard familiar voices. Wonder who it is.

Look! Its Barley! He lives with Peaches in the same estate as us! (Notice the corgi butts in the background?)

This isn't Frodo...this is Evey (not sure if i got it right). She's a cardigan!

The tri-coloured puppy was on the way to less sandy ground to clean her face. She sure looks like Clare (Singapore corgi)!

Getting hot...Here we hide. From L-R: Me, Peaches, Barley, Evey

Head rub time!

And again, Peaches squeezes between me and the human i persuaded to rub my head. Hey!

Mummy wanted to get our tails in a yin-yang position. Haha...

Hot day...tongue hanging out. That's Frodo behind me.

Yay! I found another person to rub my head! Its Peaches mum! Peaches quickly found her place under her dad.

Yin and Yang. I'm the Yin. Heee!

From the reverse...

All the corgis aiming for shade...tongues hanging out!

Gotta join em!

Oh! I found someone to scratch my face!

Arrgh! Again, Peaches squeezes between me and the human...phooey.

Off to find another human head scratcher.

This one looks good.


YES!!! =D

Whew, did i mention its bright? *squint*

More doggies started coming by...look! A picture with NO CORGIS in it! WOW!!! Isn't the fluffy long-haired double dappled Dachshund (Name is Miffer Nelson) just so pretty looking?

Daddy took to the shade too...Pogi found him to be a great head-scratcher...

Hey! That's MY personal head scratcher!

Oh, here's another pawsome looking fella! WOOKIE ALERT! Haha, he is a brussels griffon. Kinda tall though, like me!

Let's not forget the mandatory posing. Mummy made me pose with Frodo. She says we look like alteregos.

Do we? I kinda like him! Same size, same poses. =)

Water break!

Here's a sweet fella! He has only one eye but that doesn't slow him down even in the slightest bit! Here he is blinking...

And this is his signature wink stare. =)

He went gaga over this super sandy tennis ball.

Uh, oh....all the corgis are distracted by the tennis balls. I'm too bz sniffing some wet spot to notice.

This is Daddy's fav photo. Captions:
Front corgi "BALLLLLLLL!!!! MINE!!!!"
Second corgi "Wait its mine!!!"
Third corgi "Oh, I see it!"
Last corgi "What ball? Where?"

Wowie! Talk about full body extension! Caption:
First corgi "Gah!!! I got it!"

I think the crazy first corgi is Archie... when he runs for a ball...he really runs! See the dust storm he creates? =P

Whew! Until the next super crazy corgi meetup! PAWSOME!