Sunday, 30 January 2011

Retractable Front Legs

Its almost the end of January. The weather was quite nice for a while cos it was sunny and in the low 70s...but the wintery cold gloomy rainy weather is back.

And since I have been getting furminated, my ability to withstand the cold is not as powerful as before. I have thus learnt to retract my front legs into my body. Mummy calls it the Corgi-Tortoise-Kungfu Defense! (ok, admittedly, she has been playing too much Final Fantasty and she also just watched a bit of Kungfu Panda.)

This is me...and yes, that is my Tamago Sushi toy at my tail. Brr....

View from the top and more proof of my heat retentive defensive prowess.

I'm suspiciously eyeing mummy to ensure my Tamago stays with me.

Last looks! I can tell you that my front feet are nice and cosy. =D

Anyhoo...what is up with all those pics? Hope all the corgis in the super cold, snowy, wintery places learn the retractable front legs technique!

A corgi's gotta snooze in peace. Back to the usual corgi snooze photos.

February is coming our way! Chinese New Year of the RABBIT! Wee!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

My 3rd Furmination in 12 days

Since mummy came back home, she's been complaining to me about my flying fur.
Me? Flying fur? Where? *blink blink*

I have no say in the matter and got furminated that very day...and then again 6 days later...and one more time yesterday. Apparantly, the pile 'o fur is still quite big.

It is? Really? Does that mean i will have to be furminated again?
(Mummy: Benny, please look at the evidence...)

Oh right. Ok, you win. All THAT came from little 'o me huh.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Christmas Corgis Update!

Updates on the Corgi pawty and my pressies from Singapore! =D Weee.........!

So here's what happened on Christmas day in Singapore with some of the crazy corgi owners. At Aunty L's home it was held and she filled the tubs with water! And there was FOOOD. Ok, there was more human food this time around (something to do with Mummy and Daddy's presence so I heard), but they still fed us well.

This is one bowl of food from the dog bakery!

Lucky and Asher immediately went swimming. Lucky's legs are so short that she really swims in that tub!

Here's mummy carrying the other puppy, Ariel. I think Ariel and Asher are 6 months old.

This is their papa, Barn2, watching from inside the house.

After a brief bout of swims and water flying everywhere...the food is given out! (*drool*) My pal, Dexter getting fed by his dad.

A relatively full Dexter posing with his mummy.

Aunty A smiling goofily and embarassed cos Mummy was watching her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't over feed. Her corgis, Roo & Boo, are eating from her hands.

And I was there! Well...I was there vicariously through my "brother", Rusty.

Like his UBER fluffy butt? =P

Seriously, doesn't he just like ME????

After the initial feeding, some dogs tried to scavenge. The pups in the middle of picture below do NOT belong to the 2 humans. Roo belongs to them and he is the one corgi walking away!

Lucky's eating face. *nom nom*

Clare's eating face. *chomp chomp*

Ariel sniffing for bits...

R&B (Roo & Boo) trying to look innocent and cute. Amazing how we corgis can become so "sweet" in an instant. hee...

Then presents were being given out! Uncle E, Lucky's dad, is holding the orange box and giving out presents. Uncle S is on the couch and feeling just like Santa!

Group photo! Wowie, I really miss you all back home....*sniff*

Thanks to you all for remembering me! I am so grateful to have so many nice uncle and aunties and corgi pals who love me so much.... *giving thanks to God* Look at the loot that Mummy & Daddy had to bring home!

So many gifts...from everyone! (Thanks to my mummy & daddy, Dexter, Lucky, Clare & Barn, Rusty, Roo& Boo, Hammer, Jazze & Chloe & Timmy, and Puffy's owners!)

I really wanted to open them all on the 12th day of Christmas....but Mummy says i would probably kill myself after eating all the treats and playing with all the toys.

Well, many thanks to everyone's generosity! Come and visit me if you can... *sniff sniff*
And thanks for taking care of Mummy and Daddy while they were back too!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Secret Santa's Gift!

Mummy and Daddy just got back yesterday night. I immediately showed them a nice box that I was SURE was from my secret santa. =D

This mysterious box from amazon came by a while ago...

Its still Christmas. Technically, today is the 12th day of Christmas! So i'm still celebrating. =D

Faster mummy! Open! Open!

Tahdah! So many nice gifts from my friend Hank and his humans, Mike and Debbie! Thank you SO MUCH for the gifts!

There's an incredibly pretty gingerbread house with a good looking corgi at its door. I think if the gingerbread house were real, the corgi would've eaten it long ago. =P
Mummy says she's SO HAPPY to receive the book! She's been wanting to read it and can't help but be over the moon about it. I'm happy that she's happy!

And my curious gift? See it? Its a really strange looking thinga-ma-jig.

I think its a fetch/chew toy. Its a funny shape but its super soft and bendable.

Bendy eh? Haha, mummy finally figured out what it is...its a Conewango product...not meant for doggies though. Hee....check it out on the website and you'll see what I mean. ;P

Many thanks to my funny Secret Santa, Hank! Love all the gifts and the laughs it gave us...hee...
(p.s. I've since started to chew the toy to bits so mummy has temporarily hidden my toy. Bah. hee....)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! Its 2011!

Woohoo! Its 2011! But Mummy and Daddy aren't back yet. Bah!
Its ok, I just have to wait a couple more days or so and I get my humans back. Not that I'm having no fun here with Aunty Ruth.

This is me on Aunty Ruth's bed. Heh. She told Mummy that I was taking up her space whenever she got up from the bed. Its the corgi-way. I'm just training her. hee...

And Xmas? Oh, I had a lovely Christmas! I went to Aunty Ruth's daughter's place and they even gave me gifts (nylabone & Busy bones)! =D

Yep! I love the year end and the new year! Can't wait for Mummy & Daddy to get home with all my other pressies. Mummy's really lagging on helping me post here but I forgive her since she's busy in Singapore. No excuses when she gets home though! So folks, wait a week or so and my blog will be updated regularly again!

=) *HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*