Wednesday, 28 February 2007

BBBB's on Bones

This is the first blog entry on the bones that I LOVE to chew on. They all get destroyed eventually, its a matter of how long they last and which ones I prefer. I will occasionally put entries in to show you the progress of destruction and this will help you and your parents decide which bones are best for you.

The edible bones, mainly rawhide, really don't last long. I love them like crazy though...they are almost as luring as treats themselves. Mummy first gave me one of those tiny 4 inch long rawhide bones. Those disappeared within the hour.

Then I got upgraded. Now I get bones that are about 6 to 7 inches long. They used to survive 4 hours and sometimes even over night, but I've managed to figure out the technique of destroying them now within a time span of 3 hours. It does depend on my mood, so a couple times I'd gnaw off one knobby end and leave the other one intact and untouched.

(Note from Mummy: I give him those occasionally for variety. They are not cost effective though. I'll let Benny tell you about the most cost effective one so far in his next few BBBB's on Bones entry.)

These get a Benny rating of 3.5 paws out of 5.

My Bed Sprung a Leak!

Its kinda strange cos yesterday I realised that there's stuff inside my bed. I was nosing around my bed trying to figure out why it is so soft in some spots when I noticed that I could nibble on the cloth.

Nibbling is fun. Things get tastier the more you nibble. So I kept on nibbling on the same spot. The trick to being able to nibble without interruption is to do it silently. With cloth it was easy and so my mummy didn't see me or hear me nibbling skillfully at it.

When I poked the hole, whoa! There's itsy-bitsy stuff inside! And better yet, I can pull them out. And when I pull them out...there's more! I was so happy and I was pulling out the itsy-bitsy stuff and having the time of my life when suddenly, out of the blue, I heard mummy notice.

Yeah, she stopped me. At first I thought she wanted to join in the fun you know. I like to share my games and fun. But then, she scolded me and I soon understood that its apparently something I'm not supposed to do. Seriously though, why not eh? Bah to mummy for spoiling my fun. Phooey. My bed's gone. The itsy-bitsy stuff are gone too. Bah.

(note from mummy: I'm glad I stopped him. The bits and pieces are potential choking hazards. I do not leave him alone with bedding until he grows out of this puppy behaviour. )

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

I Sprung a Leak!

Today i shall tell you all about my drool. Yah, my parents seems to grimace everytime my saliva hits the floor, which is pretty often. I don't get what is so gross about my saliva. Its all part of our being afterall, drool is necessary for us dogs you know.

I realised that I can drool whenever it feels hot, whenever I smell food, whenever I fall asleep, whenever whenever. I can't really think of a moment in time that I stop drooling. Ok wait, I am not as drooly as the larger dogs with them big hanging jowls ok? Look at the drool is so little.

(note from Benny's human: yes, its a small spot but there are lots of them all over the place!)

Anyway, because i have the leak from both ends - yes, mouth and ass, I drink alot of water. And cos i'm a chowhound, I tend to eat and drink too fast. For eating, my parents have managed to train me to eat slower. For drinking though, they seem to interrupt me sometimes when i'm gulping the water down. When they aren't watching, I gulp everything down real fast and sometimes, the water comes right back up. That does not constitute drooling but I get a nice chest and calming massage usually after that happens. Fortunately, I am learning to slow down when gulping too so its been good lately.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

My trip to the Groomers

Look at me! Smell me! Hug me! Kiss me! I am clean and fresh once again. I just went for a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, shaving of certain nether regions and my paws.

I have to go for a professional one cos my mum decided that I truly needed the shaving for hygiene reasons so I'll probably visit the groomer every two to three months. Then my mummy can do maintenance showers, ear cleaning and nail trims every one to two weeks in between.

I love going to the groomer. This guy is real nice to me and plays with me all the time....and the best part is going on the road trips! Best of the best of the best! I get to meet new friends and smell new doggy and people smells. Hmm, think I'll go and get my parents to post the road trip we went on to the Dog Show at the Expo at the beginning of Feb. That will be a cool blog. Watch for it.

Anyway, right now I'm a clean mean loving machine, if you know what I mean. =) I can now silently and stealthily walk around the house and no one will know I am comin...ha!

Well, it is now time for my calming massage so I can relax and rest after an exciting day outside. Mummy!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 February 2007

My Chinese New Year Weekend

Well, I better write an entry on the long weekend of vacation I had! My humans went off somewhere and met other cute dogs (see pic) whilst they put me in the good hands of my human grandparents and uncle. It was fun to run around a new house and see new things, sniff new smells, bully new people...

While I missed my leaders and pack for a while, my uncle and grandpa was wonderful cos they would bring me for walks practically everyday! Of course, I tried my best to do things my way but hey, they do have a leash thing put on me so after a while I have to be a good dog. Or pretend to. I overheard my grand-dad showing off a video to some church kids about my newspaper tearing adventure in the kitchen. I couldn't help it (was throwing a mini-tantrum, I admit it). And my grandma was wonderful and so loving. I was spoilt to death and smothered with her love.

When I returned home to my family I was so tired from the long and exhausting weekend. I slept so much and pooped even more. It was all worth it! The only regret was not being able to meet all the wonderful dogs in Thailand that my humans met.

I am Benny the Great

Hello everyone! This blog of mine is here to share with you my activities, experiences, bone destroying adventures, food munching, belly rubbing, vet visits, park visits, my relatives & friends visits, my walks, my training, my sleeping and drooling, and most of all my thoughts.

Just in case you have not figured it out, I’m Benny. Yep, the beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is the luckiest in the world cos I got this human who likes to massage me ever so often. She is so nice and will massage me from my head to my feet and my back and even my gums! You’ll here more on this topic for sure. All dogs must have a try at this.

My other human is the Alpha Male. His ears aren’t as large as mine but I love to listen to him and get praises when I do something right. Feels good to get the nod and rub of approval. He plays with me and I run here and there. Sometimes I get carried by this tall human and I see things from so high (Yes, I do know that I have short legs). It is quite an amazing view!

Well, this in an introduction on me and my 2 lovely humans. I’ll write more soon!