Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bicycle Seat Face

It dawned on me lately that my Mummy and Daddy tend to break out into bouts of laughter when i look up at them without tilting my head upwards to look at them.

I heard mummy say something about my head, ears and daddy's bicycle seat. Not sure what is so funny but the pictures are posted here for your comparison. =P

Sunday, 25 March 2007

BBBB's on Treats!

Mummy gave me new treats the other day. The brand is Marukan and although the wording on the package is not in english, they put pictures there that is suppose to mean that it is good for my teeth. I'm not too sure about that, but they were good for my tummy!

They were a little strange at first so I just poked at them but the moment I licked them and tasted the yummy, I was hooked! They make me salivate alot so I have to eat them on the kitchen floor and I intelligently choose the newspaper to eat it on (much to the joy of my mummy). I like to nibble and them just let them soak in my saliva before swallowing.

These treats last only about 20 mins in my possession but they are the best so far in terms of taste. Not very cost-effective according to mummy, but if you love love me right? *wink*
These get 3 paws out of 5.

Monday, 19 March 2007

The Face for Licking

My mummy and daddy don't seem to understand that I like things to be clean. And i'm constantly cleaning my parents feet and hands especially after they exit the funky smelling room - the toilet.

I even proceed to cleaning their floor by letting my hygienic drool fall gracefully and generously all over the floor so that it can be smeared around later. I hear that it has a cleansing effect.

I sometimes try and lick the furniture. Sometimes cos when I get caught by mummy, she tells me to stop. I clean their knees and legs when they are having dinner too.

Anyway, I honestly think all dogs should get the award for cleaning by licking. Look at my snout and nose! Its made for licking! Even them flat faced dogs like pugs, have fantastic techniques you know. We are simple, cheap and easily motivated housecleaners. Where else can you find such loyalty?

Thursday, 15 March 2007

BBBB's on Bones - Part 2

In this entry we will discuss the different positions and techniques of bone gnawing. I think I'm almost perfecting the art of destroying one chew bone in less than one month. Not bad eh? I've also realised that Mummy can't seem to supply me anything tougher. Bwahahaha....

First step is to gnaw at the ends with the molars. In the laws of physics, the nearer the fulcrum (egads! what am I talking about???) the greater the force. Its sort of like using a nut cracker. I switch between the left and right sides for maximum effect and so I don't get a sore jaw. Once the knuckle ends are disintegrated to a point where little bits are sticking out... you then proceed on to using nibbling action of the front incisors. I sometimes practise on my Mum's finger nails. She doesn't appreciate it much though.

Anyway, for better understanding, see my pictures and you'll get it. Practice makes perfect!!!!!!!

Friday, 9 March 2007

The Gas-sing Technique

It is a true art and I think dogs should be accredited for being experts at gassing the area around them. If I ever release the air from my tummy, I like to do mine silently. You would never know what hit you until you inhale it through your nostrils and appreciate the full-bodied scent of me.

I think my smell should be bottled and sold.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who does more than produce gas. She, a cute little hyper Shih Tzu-Maltese cross, likes to do it with a tune. Yep, Puffy does it with a little extra finesse and her fart sound doesn't warn people who don't know that that's her special fart sound. Its not the human type of "POOT!" or "BRAAAHT--Tat" type of sound. Hers is a melodious high pitched and soft feminine "Peeeeeeeeeeee" sound. I'm not sure about the mechanics of how she manages to pull off the sound with such consistency though I'd put it to the tons of practice she had on my humans.

How do you gas your human? I'd like to know.... ;)

Thursday, 8 March 2007

My attempt at massaging

I met a real nice big uncle Golden Retriever yesterday. His name is Herbie. He was the size I think I should be - LARGE.

Anyway, Mummy was giving uncle Herbie a massage and he just lay there and enjoyed himself. He let her work just about everywhere with almost no resistance! She even managed to massage and stimulate his gums which is good cos older dogs tend to have poorer dental health. Sometimes I bugged them both during the session but uncle Herbie just fell asleep.

When the session was over, my mummy was talking to his mummy. I wanted to play but uncle Herbie was resting. Being the "apprentice", I tried my paws at giving him a massage. I think my technique is still kinda rough cause he lay there and sometimes gave me a weird look. Probably was thinking that I sucked after his professional massage by Mummy.

I hope to meet uncle Herbie soon. He was real fun and he let me play with his floppy ears! You can go to my uncle's blog here: It also links to his M's photography site. She has a cool camera...