Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Riley the CKCS visits us!

A while back (again) Riley came over to stay with us while his family went off to Canada for a holiday. He doesn't play much with me but its always nice to have a buddy to talk to and someone to tell when my mummy and daddy returns home. =)

I took him out for a walk at Shoreline to show him around like the good host I am. Ok, he had to sit in the back seat though.

The premium front and centre seat is MINE! =)

Well, Riley and I are kinda opposites...

Like opposite poles of a magnet. I'm sure Daddy agrees.

On superbly rare moments we sniff the exact same spot and discuss the importance of canine botanical science.

We occasionally walk nicely like so....but....

most of the time it was a game of "see-how-far-daddy's-arms-can-spread". Hee...!

Just before entering the trail Daddy makes the important pit stop.

Mutt Mitts! Degradable poo bags! Just like the ones Pawsitive Sensations sponsors at Botanic Gardens in Singapore. =)

Good thing Daddy took it cos a dog's gotta poo what a dog's gotta poo.

Aren't these nice flowers? =) name unknown (mummy is a flop when identifying flora...hee!)

Once again, Riley and I just don't face the same direction. We tried...seriously...like a 10 times to get the pose right. No hope there.

Back on the trail again....

And yet another failed attempt to take a group photo.

This was our standard walking stance. Daddy got in the groove after a while. Hee!

At the bottom of the trail i was off-leash for but a brief moment cos mummy saw me sticking my face into what could be foxtails and daddy thought he spied poison ivy. Apparantly both aren't so good for doggies.

Back on the leash again, Daddy ran with us!

Oh! A hare ran across our path. He was SO fast that by the time mummy whipped out the camera to take a pic of it...it was but a speck.

Ok. See my face? I was praying. Hard. There's an upslope here that's like a mini hill for a corgi. (Yah, ok...its the short legs. Laugh at us.)
"Dear Lord, gimme strength...else give daddy a soft heart and get him to carry me."

Notice that long-legged Riley has NO problems with this challenge.

He made it up first. What?!??! Jump up THAT????

My body is long enough for me to peep over the top...but uh. my leg? hellooooooo?

Well, at least i look nice in this pose right? After plenty of giggling on the humans' part, they finally coaxed me to the side which didn't have this gigantic step to jump over. phooey.

On the way back, Riley seemed fine and sat in the back with Mummy.

I got the all important front seat with Daddy!

And as long walks go...there's always the concussed ending. Zzzzzzzzz..........

Did i mention....CONCUSS?

This is Riley curled up near mummy's feet.


So i dragged my half-dead body over to daddy's feet and knocked out there.

Two snoring doggies is just awesome isn't it?


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bayfront Park

Mummy's been busy in Singapore checking up on her patients and not spending time with me. Phooey. Fortunately, I still have stuff to update about =)

Mummy & Daddy brought me out to a park called the Bayfront Park in San Mateo. Its rather pretty. Look...there's duckies! (by they way, they brought me here in late March)

Obviously first things first...impt matters must be attended to!
(Mummy: Benny's peeing and looking to his daddy for approval)

We are two guys having a moment...

And another moment...

And yet another moment...we have a strong bond!

Look! Met buddies who were leaving the park. But i quickly exchanged hellos first.

Another happy park customer. =)

On to the park. Daddy calls this my "Dr Benny the Botanist" behaviour. Mummy can't stand it. hee...

The sun was pretty powerful. I find Daddy's legs very useful. =D

Further along the path I spotted something.

(Mummy: Benny spotted ducks on a tiny bridge...yah..far far away.)

More mandatory posing for mummy. Yikes, can't a dog just WALK?

Up the path we go! Faster! Faster!

Oh, Mummy saw a stone mountain. Daddy put me on it. I just froze...I wanted to come down but I didn't know how.

Oh boy...its high. Seriously, i was stuck.

"Put on a brave face Benben!" said Mummy.... yah, easy for her to say. How's this face?

Ok, Daddy, its time to take me down...yes?

"Be a good boy Benben! Put on the best outdoor doggy face!" said Mummy. Sigh...ok, *deep breath*....POSE!

Success! Then Daddy joins me on the stone mountain! I feel much better!

Back on the ground I roll around in happiness!

I really was grateful to be back on the grass! I love the earth!

Alrighty humans, its time to continue on!

How about down this path?

I was so happy my tail was swishing so fast. Swish to the right...

Swish to the left!

Let's do this again ok? And I heard something about maybe doing camping this year? What's that?